TK-421, do you copy ?




TK-421, do you copy ?


Copy This !?!

=====When E.F. Button talks===========

If you know me you’d realize my best jokes are self-deprecatingly projected…usually at people as awkward as I


==Sometimes when you get what ya sometimes….==Ricky quote==


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Fool Cue  

Hi, I’m Recently Rehired Trailer Park Super-Wiser Ricky. SuckMoff ……. huh, who row tatt shit??

…. Ricky, read the cue cards….. >>

,,you got any smokes??? –ok.okay..


20/20 ,,,,, 5 years early, Fuckers!!!

                                                                                                                                                                                    here we go…….



First they ignore you,

                    then they laugh at you,

                            then they fight you Then you WIN.

Ladies and Germs,

                    a Real Pussy,  a Real Riot !?!

hence a real ( pussy riot)

Number 421 in your Hearts



outta your pockets




Thanks, Your Lord-Shipt, I mean your Majestic Heir!! Here….., here’s a few hash coins for ya .I know it sucks being away from the park and your peeps…. <Sunnnyvale Salute>…

Hey, for full disclosure Dude, I Banged….. Lucy



in my backseat while going through  the Car Wash Man !!


what a lathering 

Now i remember,,,,  we went around and did it again….


So………..i guess i banged her good twice !


(adjusting tie)

I Tell Ya




This blog is what I would tell/show an

Incoming College Freshman … then ask them

to Please test out these postulates !!!!!




The Catch-22 is we need our                                                                                                    VERY Corrupt and Hypocritical Government                                                                 to Legislate the Changes to Fix Themselves !!!


Blind Faith is, after all things are considered,

still a form of Ignorance !!



If you Don’t Appreciate Deviation                                                                                               from the Norm …. (in terms of approach to life) ,

All You’ll Ever Get is the Status Quo !!
.. ie. A Corporate Ho                                                                                                                          who doesn’t even Know !! . (well, now you ….. NO)


Intellectual Integrity Ignorant Ideology





——Kids, Don’t Forget to Tell All Your Friends About this insightful blog…————-discuss what these things mean!!—-

Intellectual Integrity ??
Ignorant Ideology ??

—————- II, Mateys———————————

You gotta love my situation, cuz the shit‘s hittin da fan !                                                                                                              behind rich doorways!!


Bam !! ….. bean ~~~~OZ free weed~~monthly~~~~~-oh!yeah!


=====> and their biggest problem now seems to be the fact that this blog isn’t easily disposable nor deflectable media.. it’s going to BE Beautiful,…..+.. Funny cuz all they envision is change ,                                                 more like $$$$$$$$$$$…                                                                                                     they hate change more than strippers do …….

They Have to distract every waking moment now!!!

I guess the truth was in your pudding,, WHacks!!!

and now that recipe is out


WHY NO MEDIA HAS COME A CALLIN ??‘, LOL….a big hairy red/white/ and Blue flag to my dick tracy, bitches!! heck, pussy riot got more press from prison in siberia (Heroes!!)

Journalistic Integrity – ware !!!! wtf,,,,,, take notes journalists of future MNC or Conglomerates…

I’m not going anywhere, mofoes..The only thing i ever really feared was their Lying. That’s ALL they can & do to me!!!!!

Check Matey, BS Lickers!!!!!!!!!!!!

… Li LI Li their lips are brown just like what comes out.???


How do you lead ? You fix your house FIRST!!

(for your family, correct?) checked!!

<—–Lonestar……, I see your Schwartz is as big as mine…. >


Bonus Round .12…peeps..

Everyone’s Happy when The Wizard walks BYe








–note to self: 2 lists…one of great for humanity things that Capitalism does that Socialism won’t and vice-versa———–>>>>>


How to tell southern boston blacks that they are poor and are gonna stay that way with no change or worse under the lady candidate…or   a jew is gonna be a much, much better choice than a harden lady of commitment to the status quo…

 ∑    change  ≅  0         or        chump change


WTF-rigged !!!

Southern church leaders are gonna tell their worshippers to vote for a JEW to make their lives BETTER !!!!

+++++I gotta Stop now cuz my Ghetto Card Application was declined For.. Sufficient Funds !!++++Outs++++++++++

If DumbTruck ever gets elected,

the over/under (in months) before impeachment is 19

funny cuz that’s the age of his new first child, i mean fiancee





—It’s Not Democracy that I am against,,,, It is the Capitalism aka,,,                  I am the Slime…!! ——-u kNOw dem————————




If Bernie Sanders ran versus Donald Trump in ’16

It would be a true idio-cracy test for America !?!

(way more poor to low/ middle income people than rich,,,da)


update: the dream ends after Paris was attacked.

MJ aka. Trevor: Hilton ????

dumbLord Ricky: Sadly, No !!! You Genie-I-Ass !!





As a Collegian,

You need to be confident w/o arrogance

(a fine line—hubris is—->’ ) not a fine whine!


Please try not to dwell too much on minutia.

College’s Reward is about becoming proficient at identifying problems and having the confidence to adjust and adapt to find real well thought out (congress, not!!) solutions and this confidence branches out into all aspects of ones’ life…

(or in congress’ case, manifests itself in the clusterf@ck that we “cherish” as the greatest country)


————-StarDate-less-421 Mission Statement——————

My mission statement would start out with a circle (of life) and as your parents or someone their age (me…) goes around said circle, we learn the way she goes, boys (& girls) by the half to three quarters “pole”…. All that i’m outlining within..

It is here where the cognitive dissonance and family-centric BS becomes over-whelming in the minds of parents… it is here where we continually F the next generations by keeping them oblivious to the BS.

So, my theory or premise is to take all you youngins from the first post directly to the third post and right on through the other F’n side!!!

(ends up with a circle with a checkmark through it with vector arrow pointing NEast) ie, my mission diagram

Thus, breaking the chains that bind you to their centrism and its factories of shit-ropes that drive ALL you Angry Birds eventually back towards the oligarchal castle confines with only their world view … a circle of dreams/illusion/candy canes and $$ but not enuff for power but enuff to make you believe that u r ALL preciously speciall to them!!

== over the moat of …. onto a new vector!!==( status quo) == >

X squared plus Y squared equals Shit castle with radi length leashes on worker bees and other human working force

a shit circle of slavery (or shamery like the hypocr-ooked Mr, Lebowski. to the Dude!!)..

<<<I like the whipping out of the gravity / angry bird analogy >>>







You wanna know why TPB is such a great show ….?!?

Fuck the fuck – Off !!


first, try & disregard Ricky .!?!.. as he is basically insane fodder

never listen to ricky peeps………evahhh eh!!                                                                        they rarely/never play on the EH stereotype

next we have a functioning alcoholic who only sees money and the clank of sucking cess against his class (sic)

Then we got Fucking Smith,

how the fuck did he get on board,!!!!

Dr. Smith with his evil robot accomplices aka, Kitties….

Keep an AYE on him ………………(sic to the fuck)

Then we got the Engine of the show!!!

Lahey as a “Stand-Up” ….Kinda non- Functioning alkie

‘Couple of Drinks, Randy that’s the difference between you and. Couple of …’.

and his enabler, Randy da GuT…



JPT (Julian) writes most of the Shittisms that Lahey uses..


so sez JD (JL)








I wanna move next door (town) just for the jokes !!

Where ??


Exactly, How did you know??

You moved to Exactly ?

No, Ware!!

So, you didn’t move !!









It’s Official,

I AM an Aspie

with a

Master’s in Math ED: Community College Track !!

No Hidden Agenda Here …Just 10 years in actual college…

Failed  1 class and retook it… enjoy college !!!!  !! !

’99 DBCC (Math) ’03 (Comp Sci) & ’07 UCF Grad

GRE: 770/800 Math, 480/800 Reading..(a) . Left Handed

FU Establishment Present here in America !!

I Believe in, At Least, FDR’s Second Bill of Rights !!!!

You Know, The Real Grand Bargain !!

This will be playing when, I actually finish this blog

) An Old Country for No Truth (

===>> Fini


Yadda Yadda, ……






Don ‘t End Up With a Mad Ho ….


Don’t Be A Whore <—> ABLE Person !!!


Know your Narcissist !!!

Narcissists will do just about anything to “climb” the ladder of ‘Suck-cess’. Snitching on acquaintances and even “close” friends. If someone in your clique can’t be trusted, it’s the NARCissist.(hopefully you’ve trimmed your trees)..!! Problem solved.. Look around.. Having them as relatives is hardest because you can’t get totally away from them but I mastered it,,,,, Call them out, if necessary!! They will start to avoid you back…

The recognition and hopefully, the isolation from these Narcissists may be my most important message!!!??!!!! Y’all can probably figure out this stuff eventually but I just want to make sure my total argument is heard because it is my “Thesis”!!! —You all are my peer reviewers!!!!!!

I’m gonna leave the religious criticism to people who relish being called a douche,.. like……….. YEP, he’s a half-narcissist himself, Bill Maher !!! Right, Ladies of L.A. !!! (Go Fuck Coulter, or Yourself … Diff is not as big as presumed!! )

You #Closet Centrist


Butt I’m Not Wrong


The religous talk was really deflecting from my main agenda (PE1 in da MACHine gumming up the works!!) which is a huge FU to the right winged based Establishment Present here in America because of the way that they are (semi-clearly outlined here)!! The pen or the blog in my case, is CLEARLY mightier than the sword!! Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck,


The problem for kids, today is that the Grinch stole all the presents for the foreseeable future!!! and their fracked land, clean? water,,,,,,,, and icebergs will soon have new names, icicles ….bye bye old coastal properties… hello … Atlantis…

look out for those rogue waves.. ~~~~them and the current

—–LA, them there Status Quo  EPA (methane hot-boxing against da champ makes us chumps!!) is really helping you…Napalm in da mo———–Our system is the only reason that we are emission fuels!!——————-transport useless shit cross-country ——>> ——>> making useless shit…. ——>> acting like we don’t shit nor give 1

————–>> We R Da SHit

Whenever you get 2 sides fighting like Cats and Dogs, Middle East, Take Note !!

and whenever I say Middle East, I Mean Chicago!!

What is needed is a mouse to align the others in mutual distaste…

A Mighty Mouse, in my Justin case,,,


In America,

Both Parties fight like cats and dogs and by Fighting, I mean Sucking each others Enormous Egos. and by Egos, I mean… Bank Accounts and by All Accounts, We are Bankrupt !!!


All unJust ——–>> For the Want of a Nail


that’s a moral, eh !!


————-Lennon Not Lenin !!———

Taking the time to re-analyze stuff after awhile can bring about interesting new perspectives of things,


Perspective !!!!!Bitches


how about changing those ALWAYS F’n ANNOYING sirens into something distinct but CHEERFUL,,,


equip all cars with a monitor that alarms only in vehicles in proximity to the emergency vehicle(s)

=======Problem Solved eventually===<<<

(cool idea, huh !!)


It’s always a f’n fear factor, people!!

Live under it or Write) to change stuff !!


—-but 1st <<——————————


a sad but greatly overdue fu to howard stern for mailing in the check for another 5 years of jumping the shark tank bs.. lost his relevance when he went to pay-radio but to most folks it happened when that corporate minded psycho leech talked howard into no longer allowing gilbert gottfried on the show anymore !(fork)! U

Really, Howard !! What was that like in your head ??

can ya no longer see the Pig Vomits anymore…

Faa Faa Flunky (on the intercom): Captain Obvious is waiting in the green room

Dis-Associate much !!

====Chop, Chop meta-421-ish====

===he’s now a White Hack—–>>> Whack !!!

==ok, so what does a black hack look like???

Clarence Thomas!! Scalia’s also a big fat hat of rec-useless hot air

===Bam– ….. booz(L)ers ,….. Say no more! ))==as if!=>>>

Powerfull (for now) boozers and looseners ….of our rights, 2

our own precious, House of Wax ……

We’re gonna get Centrism as Far Left as the money goes!!!

When Humanity TRUMPS (sic) Dolla Dolla Bill s..

Come See Me!!


ok, another story to tell:

just before Halloween ’15, i went to Quabbin Reservoir and Enfield Overlook for the first time after hearing about ST2 being shot up there. Well, i go up to the overlook and there’s a couple of college aged kids on the bench as i parked on the lower end of the parking area by the sign. There was also a BMW (NY plates) at the near end of the lot past the sign , There was a guy and a girl moving about on the far side of that car.. So, i’m sitting in my car smoking a bowl when i hear the kids riffing lines from ST… [littering] And [littering] And…

to be continued …..

The Whole U.S. Capitalistic Economy is like a

. Huge Fucking “Led Zeppelin”

. with

Madison Avenue constantly painting new facades across it.

Those Turd Blossom-ers team up

with the Mainstream Media (Ho-Ho-Hoes)

to constantly fix leaks on the Mother-Ship

Blowing tons of hot air up the ass of

Uncle Sam’s Bitch whilst simultaneously

giving the Public a …… Reach-Around

This flight (or Experiment) will however, only end one way

. and Gravity Wins …..




a little bit of Orwellian (1984-ish) vision:

As soon as machines can do most jobs in the world

Shit, a decent food machine would send half of massachusetts to the line !!!

Socialism BEGINS !!!!!!

A Revolution may Precede it,,,,,,,





What did one Socialist say to another?

Got Any Gum???



btw, Our Future Socialism and Russia are not the same!!!

ex. No Dictator,




=======/ /========>>>>

Me & My mobile sidewalk cafe … kinda like /i \



Numan !!!!!/ \!!!!!!

—-Jackass 4.21: The Search for Curly’s Gold Is in town—

btw, almost all of those Jackass / Newmans that “follow” me are said Alcoholics/Addicts (with GOV benefits??).. it takes a lot of juice to get oneself to believe the shit they do..

Whores, Bores, Tools & Fools for the $

so, Here is my toast to them,

A BIG cold glass of Chocolate Milk and a hit from my O-pen!

==============/ i ~~~ \=====

====check, check check this out===========


Since, Most of my “fans” are young folks,

i would like to have been a fly on the wall when BO’s kids asked him about this webpage!!!!!MFn!! Check-mate!!!


the story:

just before Halloween ’15, i went to Quabbin Reservoir and Enfield Overlook for the first time after hearing about ST2 being shot up there. Well, i go up to the overlook and there’s a couple of college aged kids on the bench as i parked on the lower end of the parking area by the sign. There was also a BMW (NY plates) at the near end of the lot past the sign , There was a guy and a girl moving about on the far side of that car.. So, i’m sitting in my car smoking a bowl when i hear the kids riffing lines from ST… [littering] And [littering] And…

and i “yell” out in near perfect time…

Smokin’ “da” Reefer

and they turned around and saw me smoking and laughed,,, All well and fine…

(….popped his head up about now!!like da gopher in caddyshack)

The story is what else was going on…..

there is also a mustached guy (same color as Chandrasekhar …Chinchilla!! hu … ha !……. with a camera or 8mm motion picture camera on a tripod setting up a picture supposedly of his large Ernie (not burt) with a mustache … hand puppet. some people asked him what he was doing and he answered he was making a personal video.. (BS, …he was mulling around waiting … he had the camera ready for the money shots…)) he had a couple of new clapperboards with

Marry Me

on one;

So, finally the kids leave and it’s just me the camera hand puppet guy and the 2 “NY-ers”….

Now, ….as i’ leave….

I realized later that it was ….. Emelioooo Estevez…..!

j/k Rabbit from ST with an actress!?!

All Coked out looking with thin thin hair made to look Doc Brown-ish


I was already giving the tongue out, metal horns salute …..> I See Ya

He’s giving me this real deep evil look as i idled past the BMW

=====I’m thinking End Credits film work ============

There was a SUV that was farther down the hill that started up towards the overlook as i passed the BMW. It may have been more ST2 cast/crew ?

btw, the name rabbit

Is that an inside joke about his real life situation?????

Lucky Rabbits Foot, (







Red Flags 101 aka (FEED My Head)

Definition: Flags are made when things are not as they should be logically without bias. The more power the entity has the darker the flag.

(A lifelong continual loop)



Storage / Recall

Re-Analyzation for possible/obvious connections

(keep mental logs of Outliers, Liars, and Out-n-Out Liars)


———-Class Dismissed —————

Welcome inside my Truman mind

Blackouts are Dangerous in many ways !!

..  Arounds Narcisists…. (red, white and blue flags go up)…

Just Sayin’

Stay Aware, My Friend,

……. Stay A  ware !!



Can we as a country, Please do away with coins!!!

Change for Change !!!

Nothing does less for workers and less for aging hipsters hubris hangliders than the tinkle of change hitting the bottom of the tip jar..

The way I hear it from my eyes on my ears to the street

is that:

Dolla, Dolla Bills, is wear its at!! (

Get away from me kid, ya bother me, ya ….

————-and maybe Go F’n Metric this Century!!!———–






So, weed problem here just about solved, Now how about admitting as a country we coddle small-mindedness. That is why politicians can never admit (..anything meaningful). They are playing all sides for the middle which is their function by “def” Hillary

CENTRISM !! That’s what is at Play Now !!


ObamaCare, He should have started the bidding at one payer option.. however, A Centrist wouldn’t do that because it actually might go too far in the “wrong” ($$) direction. He played his hand badly (like a true centrist #$@$@$) and we still pay as a country way too much for the healthcare. Should that or anything essential be for profit… SLLLLLLLLLOWWW Down there, Cowboy!!!……..

What are you Sayin””””~~~~




I’m just trying to confer that their core constituency Love “America”, Stand “their” ground to defend guns/Gun Rights/One of them there Amendments, ……


“Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are suffer-able, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

What about that,,,, DOI, is it DOA ??

Kinda !!




Look, If College Teaches You ANYTHING…. IT Should BE Critical Thinking Skills !!! ……Then Start Questioning Everything and ‘One.




=========Let’s Play A Game, Shall We ???==========

It’s called ‘Back to da Future’

I’ll go first……

Would You Rather travel to a reality where:

(knowing Hendrix Rules to me)

I would be up close to the stage while Hendrix played at Woodstock


the Patriot’s Dynasty (the strive for V) never happened


My answer: NO


OK, (insert name)

Your Turn.

Would You Rather travel to a reality where:

Life was just as good and probably ten times better and you only had to work one day a week volunteering at what you like to do to help. Never have to ever worry about money. Life is about family and…….. Humanity on the seventh day.


You had to give up Dogmatism, NO not the movie Dogma, DumbAss




Take your time and talk amongst yourselves ……….???>>>>.



America Today ===>

The Lyin’, The Bitch(in’) (M or F), and the Wardrobe ( we all NEED to retreat to eventually to deal with that experiment that we are forced to take part in…..)

<====I’m sorry, if this offends fans of the book… I am a fan also… But once the book is finished, it’s fantasy back to reality, peeps!!!=====

Do addicts choose that life because of being forced into the experiment!!!

it is said that the root of all evil is money ===> greed..

and is an inevitable ‘buy-product—–> s’

Who/What excels in this experimental system??

Good Folk, Caring, Kind …….??


Why do we support an experimental failure with our lives?

Veterans begrudgingly admit who/what the GOV cares about and that’s Tomorrow, F the Past!!

Do we know any other way?


I myself, an autistic, was forced into the experiment and continually failed!!

Am I a bad person because of it? Strange?? Wow!!!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I am a MUCH BETTER Person because I am not a “slave” to said experiment. I obviously couldn’t be molded into said guinea pig!!

I have Perspective NOW since my mother passed away in 2015 that cannot be OVERLOOKED…..

It’s starting to show here  !!!!  !! !


Everything is different, yet y’all are still the same !!

Now, my focus is helping y’all !!

By attacking the experimental ClusterFuck that is USa


======a Socialistic Integrity Commercial =====

Imagine This…

Robots/drones delivering needs to all households!

Future Reality !?!

How about watching sports or anything on tv without any BS ,,,,,,,,, sales Pitches!!]

ie. commercials of any kind,,

any necessary info (weather, transit updates, events,…) is scrolled on the bottom of the screen (can be blocked/muted) !!

Free Scheduled Transportation via Flying transports (V) (keep that Red Barchetta…….)

….. food, shelter, healthcare, a college education, fast internet, and clean, efficient, transportation via computerized flying cars were all provided to every household Gratis.

Usary of any kind is Banned as there is no money, Imagine!!!

Each community has a water desalination plant and gardens galore….

When something necessary is invented every household will have the specs sent to their 3D printer for creation.

Everyone can then only be judged by one’s true actions as monetary issues cause no problems nor stress !!

—> To Be !!!!!!!!!!!

Lennon Not Lenin !!

Lennon Not The Lemon we’re served !! __ !!

=======Is It Live, or is it Memorex? (eraser?)=====



Try not to think of any of this as Dogma !!!




. When we try and think outside the box (on a large scale), we inevitably, end up

STILL Carrying Around THE BOX

on a small scale, you R almost inevitably pushed back into said Box like a sucking drain

…………….<<fight the current.>>……………


Call This What You Will I’d say it’s .Started out that way ..

Some Biting and Slightly Derivative

First Amendment Social Commentary !!!

. -OR-

An outline for my Unfinished Doctoral Thesis on

. “Reality” !!(Getting Closer… .. .)!!

Some . Oligarchical “De- Constructive Criticism”

and is only meant as preparation for our next BIG step for mankind.

The experiment has shown us where we went wrong….

I had this thought while reminiscing about seeing ‘World War Z’

at a theater, I’m like the “100th Israelite” ………..

and This would be my version of

. da Contrarian Repor(t),


You may never know what results come of your action,
but if you do Nothing there will be No Result.

…. .. . -Gandhi



So, Fuck Off all you Pithy Pinheads

and soon to be Sell-Outs !!!


You WILL NOT get honest debate around family members

…. (especially under-educated ones)

Just a note: Every human interaction has an agenda , ie. is Political.

I’m Just Sayin’ …………… (i know, it’s a lot)

So Please, ………like with everything………

Just Wait …. /| |\ and “be weird”

Test all your thoughts and beliefs in

post-secondary (college) Academia !!!!

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” –Mark Twain

If you don’t plan on going to college,

.. Welcome to the Machine !!

Keep Your Head Down and Try and Stay Soulful,

. Peace and Good Luck !!


some other “petty” criminal just needs basic shelter services and proper medical/mental care which he can’t afford because the capitalist system is unjust, in that it is

Lottery-winning difficult to turn a dollar into a million as opposed to turning a million into 2 million ….

(a monkey could turn a <million> dollar into two.)

Even the game of Operation (oOPS),

I mean Monopoly gives EVERYONE

the same amount of money to start with then you’re on your own .. sounds like a fair deal.

A Grand, Grand Bargain = A Grand ^2 Bargain!

OH, How I dream (this close to Milton Bradley) !!!





Mental Health providers/in-patient facilities are overwhelmed and with less money to spend due to austerity and its ramifications. Add to that the criminal (IN)justice system which needs to be overhauled or at least, updated to meet the needs of a pragmatic future, the system Fails America Daily!!

Nevertheless (fortunate), a lot of 1%ers salivate at the just the sound of the word, Capitalism and thinking like them (after which Congress asks How High?, Sirs) with their Austerity pushing, Greed is GOoD mentality.

It first effects the vulnerable

which then effects the middle class

and their sliding glass doors and un-barred windows…

Oblivious, correct?

too many dots to safely connect??

what’s your limit?? 2-3 probably!!


Look out for rogue waves______/ … ( ____


A Perfect Storm (kinda like The origins of this blog)!!

They saw the storm of Da Century comin’ !





Shock Doctrine This, MaFKs!!! (Nyuck)



We R… I am…  

                                    Wyld Stallyns




uhhhhhh Yaaaaaaa,                                                                                                                                “butt”, Ya Can’t .. Get .. There .. From a Hear; )!

uhhh Yaaaa

‘Special’ oOPS .. Fire Somebody? .. LOFL!!

Make it seem like someone is awake at the wheel,

Oh, that would be admitting something, wouldn’t it ??

Chop!, Chop! !

They Connected the Dots a tad but they missed the info on the chad(s).

===> F Bush-League/Cheeeney/Rimshot! <===

What’s that saying about Military or in this case, NSA Intelligence it’s an OXYmoron . Their refusal to deal with ‘Da Truth’ and the intellectual red flags that occur daily which these civil servants overlook just to keep the Status Quo. (Rich, RICHer ,,,, Poor, poorer!!)

They Hate Informed people, They Love Informants!!

Informed Citizens Not Inform=ants !!

This effects everyone eventually but people WON’T put the pieces together… They are working FOR YOU only when you are as confused as them… Intellectual Integrity is Non-Existent in Just about all profit based entities as well as a lot of non-profits…

Intellectual Integrity Ignorant Ideology

( I, I, Captain, They’re Oblivious !! )

“WoWzzzzzzza” annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd


They just continue on using masking tape to cover up defects on their







Zeppelin of

Integrity and







—-Ain’t IT A Peach ?!? —-

============Wow, I just saw the Martian in 3D and when he used the masking tape, I almost peed myself!!! =====and then the tarp as he left mars==============


Why do ‘Latino’ women talk so fast? I can;t understand the necessity to constantly do so..


What are Latinos looking for in the upcoming debates ??

I Don’t Know, but I’m looking for the remote!!!

// drum shtick // (My nickname for my vapor pen)

Speaking of which, I’m hanging out sitting on a bench when this couple approach and the girl jumps on the guys back as he walks both of them by me and i say: Is that what you call a Hickshaw??? ,,,,,,,,,,,, No offense to Hicks!?! —


We miss ya , Bill!!

Did ya ever notice that these new “dodge” “mustangs” (Nyuck) (Visualize a slot machine with the winning sequence being Nyuck, Nyuck and Nyuck) always seem to have 1 person in it… besides the trunk,…. thus legitimizing the title of Douche mobile……..A Low life douche gets money under the radar, they need the Ego boost of a “New” Man!!! What better than a shit throne suited ONLY for them… I’m Just Sayin’——–>

——-They’re——-Recruiting these Psychos——->

Do you have what it takes.., Are you a, get it done, no matter the consequences, kinda person….Do you look in the mirror and see an American Hero looking back? You can be that Hero, to the Admiration of all Real Americans !!!

You CAN Do This !!

We Can Do this together!!

Sign right up!!

Down the hall at Narcissists “R” Us, (….oops) I MEAN the Recruiting Office!!

They’ll give you a small task which will pay you a thousand or so dollars.. (but you’ll have to get disparaging info about a friend!! )               Can you do it? There are many “riches” awaiting you, if you can!!

Sign Up Now!!

Where you ask??

Homeland Security/All GOV surveillance

but for the purpose of this reality check,

Arizona Pies at the Newton Mall (where we are tobacco and Fig-free)

References?? (laughs)!!

No Need,!! … mumbles (we already know)

Glad to finally meet ya !!

—-New-Man!!—>>–(portrait of a naked hell at the end of the Departures Corridor ), ……. oooH !!—->>

All Aboard!! Have all your Soul Paperwork Ready!!!

Just Kidding!! (sns)

(hint: it only goes one way and it eventually turns into a slide…….)—<

…….’BoBandy’,,,,,,..Noooooo,…Oui?, …..Oui!,

TPB translation:

<Yes, Mr. Lahey, …… I just pissed myself too>…….;)!




The government payroll for these types of douchebags has skyrocketed since 2001!! They recruit people who won’t develop a conscience.. There are very few souls within these agencies!!! That’s an outdated concept to them!! They bow to their true God, the ATM.. They respect no one (not even BO deep down inside and not only because of was the same for Bushwhacky ). They believe they could do it better ……


……………….Edit: Wow ————————–>

.. anyone with a conscience could have been better than W! So, I guess he was no different than them!

WOWsa, Think about that …

We’re hiring Bush Clones to

fix the messes that Bush and his Silk made !!!

Crazy, is What ???? same thing, expect diff results ??

“I thought we brought the black guy in cause they’re always called in to clean up the mess the white man makes. I guess we found another tall tale that needs chopping down !!”





(.. The NSA/GOV will use ex-military (operation Eagle Eye, for one),, utilities workers, convenience store clerks, noise polluters ====>


really anyone that they can manipulate whether it be more veteran benefits (which they should get gratis!!) or anything that money can buy)) towards their goal of eliminating dissent, or anything unfavorable to the REAL AMERICANS that hold all the cards)!!

Except this Joker!!!


It’s not USa they’re protecting, it’s a/the System and if push comes to harm, you’re all potential. collateral damage. is I believe their MO …. (it’s supposed to be an Experiment, remember?? .. I didn’t think so, because that wasn’t taught in my school!??! (red flag))!! and the results have been known since before most of you were born and has obliviously or maliciously been under-reported.!(RED flag)!

Some might say the ship sailed on Capitalism and ultimately, our Republic, when the Gold Standard was forgotten.. We are now just

An Old Country for No Truth




What do you think?

Stole the Land from Sitting Bull with bullshitting

Fucced up said land with a smile on our faces while watching the commercial of the indian crying.

our sic crying games!!

(you know what I mean.. an orchestrated distraction)

using a Rich Republican means He’s all in cahoots!!

A Shock and AWwwwzzz “Doctrine” in utero

btw, FU ESPN/Disney for another Distraction..

Hey NBC, Jerry Springer is available to host Meet The Press ( no mo Club Yoda Kenny)

What a Compassionate Conservative/Centrist Clusterfuck,

GO Left, Peeps !!!!

College-educated Autistic Only Politicians ?

care (sic) to comment, Lord Trump !?!




An Old Country for No Truth

which has clearly been shown here to have

Deep un-repairable (catch-22 ish) fault lines that reveal the core of the Death Star….



==>>>Follow Costanza’s motto of leaving on a high note<<<===

Can’t Standz Ya to alot of folk….

aka. You Can’t Handle The Truthers!!

This would be my ThunderousTrain stop…peace and I’m out



——(insert Rushmore speech again)——

“Take dead aim on the rich boys. Get them in the cross–>hairs and take them down. Just remember, they can buy anything but they can’t buy backbone. Don’t let them forget it. Thank you. ” !!


===========Personal Blog===========



I’m a People Person,

What is wrong with you people??

I have people skills!!.



i try to be approachable through a haze of haze..

My cheap sunglasses are my insecurity in public                                                                  (plus light bothers me )..


Autism would be my main “excuse” ..

which makes me FEEL LIKE a real alien.

(ET, … No Mo )


Guess what?, I’m under stress

It’s a Heavy Weight taken by my shoulders

Ultra Stressful to be around people outside

(blink sometimes, if i remember, ….. anxiety!!)

I am a Big Hig Ham to deal with said anxiety !!

Overall the stress is the Key, And I need to Peele back the underlying anxiety to be true to “Myself” …..

I write this blog/outline to get this shit off my shoulders …



If you haven’t figured it out.

I’m not like any other guy around!!

(no hidden baggage here!!)





btw, the marijuana strain formerly called

Green Crack (kids, don’t do Crack, That’s …)

shall from here and forever onwards

be dubbed or budded.

Green MACHine !

Green Machine, Green Machine, Green ……… !!

Truth be told, I started this digital ride with some primo honey bud and about 2 ounces of GC, now dubbed GM (sic)!!


—–end of my Personal Blog—–>>





Sunday TV Funnies:

–Real or Not, the viewer can’t determine…—

—–Breaking News, This is Fembot Sum Dim Bulb reporting from the Mothership for Foxy News where we are getting word that ……….. (overheard over the loudspeaker, “Decompression suits, STAT !!”)

————————unaired outtake——————-


Code McCartney-ism, I meant (zzz) McCarthy-ism.

Clean Up, Area 421 ( or Aisle 421 )


Someone just dropped a Bon……g!!!

<the Walrus shows his tusks> (SnS)

—————end of outtake————————–

Scotty (wearing a kilt)

///getting older but still hangin in there

Code Plaid, Get the Friggin Masking Tape

…. and get me a Scotch !!!

(now on his telecom)

(ice clacking against inside of a glass)

Damn It Jim,, ….. I Don’t Think SH……


——(static / interference)/ /———

(SDB): Ohhh, my

Cut to—–>>——>>—-station break —>>

ad for a new Foxy TV show:

Young Lady speaking:

/ How long can they go on …

As If it doesn’t madder!!??!! /


A NorthEast-Urn State of Mind

aka. What Really Ma”DD“ers!!

(low key announcer)

Starring BigHig as Justin Case



Dream Girl (“Justine Time”)

=== and We’re back from that quick station break ===

=== we’ll be right back, folks===>


Meanwhile, …?????…. back in Gotham City,

——–< ? <———–|

They’re constantly having to reshuffle the deck(chairs) on their Titanic ……. but in this case,

—–> Da Hindenburg


“Da” better Stay Away from Jersey!!

bada bing, ………….. bada ….. BOO_!?!


(Who, Who said that…Jiffy they call me Jeff, Jeff, What What !! Who the Fuck is that !! …… OK. So, I’m Jarring with Martha Stewart, yup.. Jiffy Jeff, Jeff (oh, you get the joke) Ja .. (yaaar) “R” (yaaar) “R” .. Gabor……..I Love Her, She’s Fabu-u-u u me me (yaaar) Who me?? I didn’t do anything, I’m just up here practicing (onwith) my putt—->s, , (Duck)… Sorry, Mam .. (I think if you use … dab it with a little (hint: A LOT!!…) tonic water, that should maybe help ,,, ;( Sorry………., I Mean It)!!!!!

(yaaar) Anybody Else Hungry ?!?



You been here foo houwa, you too bigggg

you eat lettuce…you like whale..

You put me owwda busy-ness!!

You know come back!




– We miss ya, JP








We like to think they’re all Jack Bauer. ,,,,,, more like half the brain and null empathy….. Whilst they still have smoke blown up their psycho asses

(un) Just to allow “True Americans” to sleep a tad bit better…behind/within their Walls of SHame!!

Call Them ALL Out!!!!

Get their Attention …. They hate that Attention, Believe Me!!

Do these New Man get health insurance, 401K, Stocks, or other Pension benefits???

The Public has a RIGHT to KNOW!!



side note:

I don’t watch much scheduled tv, nomo…


and your “CONE OF SILENCE” methodology…
There’s cracks in your perfectly “legal” dome, Fellas, !!!

oOPS!! Intellectually Speaking, that is….
The courts may back your S(hi)talking!!
But will the People (?for how much longer?)




You got me blacklisted at Hop Sing !! (to elaine benes)

delivery guy: She, Name Name<s>!!



—————We Shall See !!————



Hack-ism (capitalism’s reply to socialistic endeavours)

, and its soldiers of HOPEFUL FORTUNE.




—–and now a word from our sponsors.

Who In NO way wish to Slander


Cheap Sodium-Pour Food,


Comfortable Sleepsets!!….———-


America asks (via twitter):

Sluts’n’Slop (Trademark Pending):

Can you serve me my Anytime Breakfast

delivered right to my home ??

Voila, Next Morning, (commercial)

Folks, if you download our

Sluts’n’Slop’n’Sleep (TP) app TODAY,

you’ll Never, Eva have )–< you met Eva?,

(scratching motion, “Meoww!!)….)

nevahhh have to leave

your diamond dust dusted mattress ,.again.

(cue the ? music)..

while sublimin-ally projecting


Stay Asleep America,


dream about those sluts ….. ….

that other thing will be over soon enough!!!!

NE (NorthEast and his Urn-ing) will be dealt with by ME!!

(static as transmission is briefly interrupted)

(Who Threw Those Pies???? ,…..(slight pause)

(DA MaN …D is looking side to side with big eyes)

Whoo Threw Thoose Pies???? )


(whilst wiping whipped cream casually cross his humiliated head!)

Sleep Sheep, Sleep!!


(Yoda): Failing B<—aaaad!!–ly, they seem to be!!!

. <<——<<—-



———————–ANFSCD———————————————Anything, Just————->>




Big Business’s S.S.D.Decade approach to


Ya know, More Truth than they could ever swallow!!

(ask me about sunday night oct 25th &breathing!!)

(I want my “firm” footing back!…) (check!!!! !! !)

Toto, We’re not in my back yard Anymore!!!

The world’s-a-changin and I don’t like it.

I Don’t like it one darn bit !! and

I’m not gonna take it (jabs his cane into dirt)

I’m gonna call my Representative and give him an earful….

—Good, Go Ahead–> Stay in the 50’s DUDe!!–>

You obviously won’t be missed by anyone

Forward Thinking…(

Keep on …..

Pushing Forward Back !!


Would God put us all here just so Mr. Walmart and the like (true CLAN ) can live in Mansions while others sleep in box shelters on the streets// Whilst Congress belittles these people by default…(“antecdotal BS to them”?!!/ outta sight of their bank accounts outta their thoughts…sad but we know that!! next???)

Kripke from TBBT: When will we wise (w)up …

an example give all the recouped offshore tax money to build and staff monitored Housing of low risk Hardcore junkies Always moving them towards better decisions ie. rehab….and screw business/money decisions (ALWAYS) the money would be found if we were at war,,,,

Well Captain Oblivious,

the war is being fought Intravenously on the streets outside your walls of Ob scuram a,



Intellectual Integrity, where? and when?






also, this wouldl not leave my cd loop, … No Surprise,

The Winery Dogs: Hot Streak 5/5*

(..don’t be oblivious to the obvious)

~~~~~~wavelengths ~(Amp it up!)~~~~~~~>>


Try NOT to ” li ” to yourself !!


off to AMS Aug -Sept 2015…

update (2 weeks in):

AMS has really jumped the Shark, people …… and he’s left on a Massachusetts highway…

Just as Noisy as Before (Those whiny little moped/scooters can Fuck the Fuck at its worst;)..Don’t try and watch a new movie in the old city without subtitles (English is not easy to find on tv) as the noise will make you miss a bunch of dialogue..Cool, huh !!! Pissah,…..LOL only after leaving….. Walking is a F’n nightmare with all the different traffic from millions of people on bikes, motor scooters, trams, horse carriages each moving at different speeds and direction with no real ‘directionals’.. .. all the whilst traversing the ankle breaking cobblestone “pavement”. Luckily, I never got to see a Dutch hospital to find out the number of daily street accidents that occur there. Then you have people with their own agendas purposefully bumping into you or “attempting to”… Bye Bye City Life …. Cue The Green Acres theme ………)

Thus, My perspective of AMS City Life is

Total Madness (Sundays usually less) with Hookers to relieve the stress…D

It is truly a ‘City of Inches’ ( cm doesn’t work as well)

Where I need a mile…

It is becoming what it wants to be, as they have closed most of the coffeeshops and a lot of the window shopping and you can see the biggest Chip falling near the “smallest street on earth” and the other street by the bulldog/north church. Alongside the girls are now some “wholesome business/meetings taking place that just use security to keep watch. You know that these businesses moving into the Heart of the RLD have been told that the change/elimination is coming or they wouldn’t have signed the leases?!?…………

Striving to look “wholesome” is their right..

(Ray): The Way She Goes, Boys. TFWSG


Leavin’ da Jordaan…..D


I made a short stop in Dublin and checked out Phil Lynott‘s statue and traveled up the coast to Sutton to leave some mementos at his grave site.. What a Rainbow I saw approaching Sutton … must be nice seeing those occasionally…(sides that were a mile wide plus)



So, if I was born a girl, my name was gonna be

Wilhamena !! (which i always thought was awful but just realized that my nickname would be Wilma)

Which makes me “Fred Flinstone” from (see below)


->–Woody WoodPecker,

To the many Enemies of my State!!————–>


Back in my hometown of Holliston, MA, (aka. Holly-Rock), I’m thinking of starting a really crappy Twisted Sister cover band called

Dee-Sist R (the R should be Reversed)



Actually,I’m not a big fan of Dee but the show Holliston was kinda cool and “about” my hometown. Brian Posehn played the clerk at the Cumbies where I hung out in my High school daze..


D–< —-/ /——–> PE1 , Public Enemy #1



More Likely,, my cover band would be called:

The D—andy Woodheads

or just

Danny Woodhead

–> (might get sued for that one from “Mighty Mouse”)




my new t-shirt:





(made to look like an eye-exam)



“Where would i live                                                                                                                           if i were a man of golden words                                                                                                                                       Or would i live at all?” ..


Hampshire County,

Here I Ham……..D!!









opening night of the Winery Dogs tour..last saturday 10/3/15.. nice…..really good cd, amazing band!!

edit: Excellent CD 4/5 *

re edit: AS Good as the First, wtf!! 5/5*

//// \\/


my fortune cookie said:

Time is Money.

My reply would be:

And Life doesn’t give a POS about Either!!


and then that other bit:

Who Threw Those Pies (with da feldman eyes)

Corey: Corey???

<No, Not Corey, DumbChucks>,

Corey, Trevor ,, trunk!!!!



Has anybody realized why I think of myself as a Mirror ??

?!?must be my anger management courses!?! Right?!?

=====you like Kurt Vonnegut?!?=====

Sociology is interesting, Lunchboy!!



saw the oddball comedy festival a few weeks ago…..


my favorite moment that will not be easily forgotten…

‘Bounce Bounce Bounce’…………WoW


R.G. Jeff Ross was his usual funny self, roasting people with the crowd camera ….I’m 6 rows back, directly in front of the stage..Smokin’ weed all night with my shades on… Can’t be missed… He never Roasts me… Just looks my way with sad eyes like he wanted to smoke MY joint!!

I was toasted before, 3 – 4 years ago, Whitney Cummings spent 5 minutes ranting to the kids, literally right down the street at Wheaton College, to stay away from me.. All because I sat down next to the bitch before the show and messed up telling her a joke (Sorry, I didn’t recognize you nor your EGO!! Sadly, she got the checks to back her ego soon afterwards..( . We all now know, Crazy Bitch, hangs out in her bra, (it had to accessorize something!!) ready to pounce pounce Pounce !! ..Wow__..


So, I’m disappointed that I didn’t get roasted again, which would make it easier to say ….

Here’s my Toast to the Roast-Master himself,

Jeff Ross,

Jeff, the way that you looked at my joint that night made me better understand your “obsession” with Bea Arthur.. You must look at her naked portrait in your house with that same glazed hOOles stare.. wondering..

Do I wanna Fuck Her or Do I wanna Fuck Him??!!??

Pick a hole, Jeff and go practice you(r) Putts,



She’s Dead ……. She won’t know the Difference!!










Too Soon?


There was x-rated material all day but very shallow on the main stage, ……. playing to the diverse crowd——-except, ——————————-Jeselnik brought his Hubris!->


AJ, or should i call you Anti-Jew, you Nazi Bastard!!

anyways ….

My Prayers are with you and your Family, … Sadly, after hearing about your parents being imprisoned for the third time and this time for dropping their latest baby, On His Head !

(down the toilet)

…after your stints in Excessive Masturbation Therapy for lack of attention, affection,… and for that dry skin rash that you’ve now tattooed over (Smart Move).

All BeCUZ You Wouldn’t Eva Take ZEE bath . (GER, fred norris-like)


Foolish boy, ….. (GER)

Foolish family, …. (GER)

An Inspirational Story !?!?? (GER)


Up Next (by court decree)


All Jeselniks must wear Space Helmets

(like in austin powers with the lady yelling)

Cue the Space Helmets !!

(S H displayed)


If they puncture, you could utilize a little Masking Tape,

….>> )

toilet water can’t get through MASKING Tape,

Can It !?!

( maybe, add a little ASH to the toilet bowl , clearly just for Nostalgia. )


and now MY thoughts

will return to smokin’ some (OG willickers)~~~~

yabba dabba dooo, mofoes!!


and speaking of bad jokes……


Amy Schmoozer was eye closing-ly droll..

Earache MY EYES !!!!!!!!!  Blind !!!!

I wonder who has a larger Bunt,

Amy or Whitney? …. Would rather watch Jeff and Bea go at it then F either of those cold Sushi Rolls!!

—>>—no thanks, next year,Odd,,. I like it real edgy!!



A short R&R encounter story (i have many):

1992 Orange County Fairgrounds, Cali…The second night of a 2 night “career ender” (farewell tour (sic)) for Ozzy. Opening up were Black Sabbath (Dehumanizer) w/o RJD, who refused to play these 2 gigs (I was there for both) maybe because the BS comparison talk would’ve had some footing. So, Sabbath recruits Rob Halford to “Fill In”. (He messed up the intro to COTG, but was more than adequate) The plan was for Ozzy to play his set and Then the original Black Sabbath were to Re-unite for an epic performance….. Well, night 1 goes by and no epic-ness …. So, night 2 comes around and I get there early!!!! I’m walking around the amphitheater and there’s a couple of tour buses. I stick around for a bit and when I wasn’t paying attention 3 people emerge ..the paved ramp was 30 feet to my right…There were 2 black pants and leather jacket wearing geezers and a leather vest wearing dude walking towards me/ramp. Smiling, I watched as Geezer, Tony, and Vinny Appice went about their way to soundcheck. I watch as they start down the ramp…. I, of course, being a purist, yell out.. Where’s Bill ??.. They kinda looked my way and as true British Gents, Said Nothing Aloud,….!!.. Vinnie kinda gave the look…. Ok, so they went on and played the epic show and all is well…… Fast Forward to today, BS farewell tour (sick of a diff kind : ( ) and I want to say once again to Tony, Geezer, and this time to Ozzz (intentional sic)… Where’s Bill??????????? Really, not even a short tour with him, ………. Really!!

and No F’n Boston show?? Digital Bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisley “infers” you’re both ones!!!

next story:

SRV/Albert King: Phantom of the Opera

Boston Opera House 1985

got there early!!!!!………….

hanging out with the BOH attendant at the back of a long entrance corridor that runs the depth of the venue…. The attendant had a bass guitar that he wanted Tommy Shannon to sign … Well, down the corridor and right by my face strolls SRV (cowboy hat, smiling a bit), Tired is what his story tells afterwards.

followed by who i assume was the manager…

Well, i go out the back door and out back is the truck/crew bringing in A.K. gear.. So, I enter the venue through the back, like i “belonged there” … and I walk out on to the stage and check it out. I then go over to the stage right and that’s where the “hidden” stairs go up a level which is where i believe the dressing rooms were , i went inside for a few steps then went back out.. I then proceeded to go up to the balcony where ushers were getting “instructions”. i must have just missed him on the stairs but SRV just appeared on the stage for soundcheck ===>

smoking weed outta a pipe !! (He Rules!)

I sat down and watched for the 10 – 15 minutes ..

and then he left and i waited a bit and proceeded down the stairs all the way down to the stage area and i went out onto the stage again and Smiled…

I left out the back stage area door and had a great afternoon in town and watched an amazing concert that night!!!

followed by:

Deep Purple: Providence Civic Center, RI

My third show of the Reunion Tour ’84/85

got there early!!!!…..(“snowstorm” coming)..

Soundcheck: went in the Civic Center main floor elevator and went up to the offices and then pushed the lowest level and it opened up on the floor at the far end away from the stage where Ritchie was playing ‘Hey Joe’ while i walked up the middle of the empty civic center. He ended soundcheck when i was halfway.

Afterwards at the Biltmore: (one of the groupies’ brother who i never met before said the band is at the Biltmore,,,We all (6 of us??) walked over and met ritchie in the lobby. We shook hands with him and then 2 of us went and “Hung out” at the hotel bar with Jon Lord , Ian Paice for 30 minutes while i drank my orange juice with no vodka,,20yo and 5 months…..Finally got up to leave and as I’m walking out I noticed that my top 5 idol, Ian Gillan, had taken residence over in the corner with 2 or 3 chicks all having the Time of their Lives!! It was surreal!!!

and then a more detailed version of…

Don Henley (with a lady friend ): Meets The Dude!!

In the back of a Ralph’s supermarket at like 1 am in Sherman Oaks (the year of the RK Riots), …Right out back from my old apartment near the now demolished Sherman Oaks Mall on Ventura Blvd. which was used to film ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’……


How about this one, up until I was 12 years old, I lived next door to the family house of a lead singer for the Joe Perry Project . I was friends with his younger brother and played at his house occasionally. I wonder if I saw Joe Perry there??? The brother played in a band called Thundertrain and they played at one of my middle school dances. update: Further research shows that they probably didn’t hangout until ’82.. Still kinda cool..

Technically, that was my first concert, and not the Moving Pictures Tour, Boston Ga….den ’81/’82



Kinda disgusting one (what would bill hicks think of his friend doing that? probably laugh,…..What else can you do,,,?? ……. (duck)

APC at the melkweg ’99/ ’00 (i posted this on the APC chatboard the year that it happened) the short (sic, right) version is this…. Maynard jerked off into a towel onstage not 10 feet in front of me..

——————How you like them apples—————–


——–Inter-Mission is Now Over—————–

We will now return you to ‘Amazed and Confused’,

————– Already in Progress ————->>


Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

3 strikes and it’s out…?

Life – only after a 40+ hour week by family members and alot of luck (family travel can be enriching but only with a solid vehicle and gas/spending money)!!

Liberty – only if you agree with the E.P.A. (aka. the Establishment) otherwise you are a “terrorist/anarchist” to the Overlords and then you are gang-stalked/terrorized in your own country by your comrades (sic mofoes)!!

Pursuit of Happiness – See Above …. This is mine and look at their reaction!!

Case F’n Closed !!!

Next Batter (we live in a perpetual On-Deck Circle Jerk ) &

Don’t be a Tool, Swing Away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe, Start back at the beginning…….


oblivious to the glass ceiling, reaching towards their guild ed “cage”,,,,,,,,,, and the real problem with that is that our capitalistic democratic/republic only has room at its peak for only a minute few more


and unless silver spooning, the criteria for breaking through to the other side is pure talent w/ some luck or the morals of Roger Goodell, our “true American”.

Tax the Shit outta Them, People.

Do they care about

$$$$ <<<< the Outside(r) ? >>>> $$$$$

Tell them to tear down those Ivory Trump Towers…and walk in our shoes for awhile (or something like that….










You “true Americans”, Oligarchs. who don’t want to pay taxes with your off-shore accounting and your 15% tax on “trading commodities” or some BS !! have No SHame, Real Americans work is taxed at rates for the non-rich that is equivalent to pushing the vulnerable down the yellow brick road to lifelong usury debt!!!! Less money in an ever increasing inflationary marketplace pushes folks into the evil claws of unscrupulous lenders.. Do they care???

<hint, they are the boogeyman lenders>

The man behind the curtain: (overheard exclaiming) Pay no attention to such trivialities, here’s a few bone scraps to gnaw those teeth down…


==========technically i’m Pussy-Riot USA!!!============

——-Calling All Lawyers with Brass Balls

——- (ie. Nothing to Lose and the Game to Win!)——-


I didn’t just pop up on the scene….

oooooooH, I have stories to tell !!

I’m still looking for my attorney, Dr. Gonzo !!

So, we can start suing for release of documents pertaining to surveillance (unjust is an understatement….) It just goes to show who and what the government really Whores FOR!!

Any lawyer willing to help (Pro Bono or a %) against the government.. lmk The ACLU are whiny bitches when it comes to gang-s(hi)talking, NSA bullcrap done domestically…

(Yoda): Part of the Problem, they seem to be!!!

.. The NSA has a room full of files on Moi!! (now digitized, I’m sure)

Doubt ME ?!? Ok, we can talk…..

… PE1, (Public Enemy #1)..

Chipping away at the stone, for you people!!

You are the Future, NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!