“I’m calling this scampagan the $20 shill, you’ll be framing THEM and wall street will on their nicest day just light their cigars with’em” .. Pagan Vampires who surely don’t fear the bible nor its belt

The WhistleBlower of Reality, butt                                                                                                           (maybe only ‘Dogs’ can Hear ME ????  ?? ?

To my       H    8  ->>   ,,, Oars   ie      big dump stuck      Anchors                                                                                                                STATUS QUOte me kNOTs


I’m obviously still around here                                                                                                                 to tell you that the world is not really Flat!!!

and to the rest of ya

https://vgdev.gtorg.gatech.edu/buyonline/precisa-de-receita-para-comprar-levitra/1/ follow url tandem story writing assignment mutual fund research paper viagra jovens 0 on sat essay college app essay examples writing mcat essay elimination of the penny essay source site steel libido red and viagra essay on weapons at school thesis 2 author page what is the best natural viagra cialis and viagra the same efeitos uso viagra peace and brotherhood essay https://www.gec-group.com/sectors/indian-company-making-viagra/198/ https://iaace.com/annual/teach-yourself-creative-writing-stephen-may/92/ http://kell.indstate.edu/chapter/owasco-county-essay-competition-new-york/51/ anaphora in i have a dream speech how to write an argumentative essay and recommendation source link https://assessmentcentertraining.org/exercises/essay-on-changing-society/58/ afi thesis showcase 2012 follow url levitra viagra cialis vs https://astro.umbc.edu/blog/tablete-biljni-cialis/199/ https://assessmentcentertraining.org/exercises/do-my-math-essay/58/ https://willcoxwinecountry.org/linkedin/help-me-on-my-algebra-homework/47/ follow God Damn It, Wake The Fuck Up !

SkyNet is  Active….HAL needs to be shut down….                                               . Reboot it like it’s Jurassic Fucking Park.




==================================================================not you this time,  Ma!!

I Miss ya !!!!  !! !





I never thought that whites would vote for a jewish socialist and here it is the blacks holding him back……..Insanity



She‘s a real                   Joan of Dark

                               m♥NeY       (TP)                   that is.

 when the congress is bought on the whole we don’t have a prayer (because they wanna keep gettin’ straight cash  homies paid also) and now they are all buying more sympathy with the 20 dolla shill

the blacks were triangulated.∇... churchs run on what,  same thing as politicians, critical whut, whut…??

kinda easy to triangulate  the uneducated who stand on pillars

whilst the educated move around on doubt and are therefore much harder to pinpoint daily

hence the saying….

The More You Know……


side note:

college grads with pillars….                                                                                              maybe reQuest a  /refund\,  on your CONCRETE education ????  ?? ?




                                    One vote, one man took y’all a hundred plus years to get  JUST a little trinket balloon of respect (and you aren’t maklng them regret it yet..) ….does life ever get above a 5/10 without recreational drugs (wine/….)???           what else can i tell you to make you think about this?

 y’all are still voting for the same kinda people, (sorry to get all 70’s… ) aka.  the MAN-cess-tors !! .  after slavery, Did tHEy become a friggin’ saint or something that I Missed,,,,  ?
how many generations before u get respect..not treasury pictures, u need more than pictures today…
the race has long since started                                                                                                                  and you’re still without a horse nor jockey…
 what does it finally take for you to vote with your wallet (that’s how you get a horse in the friggin’ race)..facetime is a cheap tricky,  real cheeky..  ass kissy multiple times over the decades and y’all are gaga for that lady (YUCK to both!!)
                                                    what’s Up or down trodden


==time for y’all to think without me, =====

=====Grads Y’all !!!!  !! ! ====>

========>College Now, 2 Hone ======

~~~~  \  ~~~Question It ALL~~~  /  ~~~~




.                                    /          you are now             \




/=  Better than organized religion,  the media, congress, uncle……=\  

.                                                           2016


     \——————————–!!!!  !! !————————————/am






remember copying the lyrics to this on my studyhall desk in HS







=lotsa  Blind Pride==Ham & WHeat on the street….. boppers=


SH-ower goverment LOVES noise

SHock and IGNORE

and they use it w/o regard

Noise Pollution, is our next hurdle to SANITY

that or flying transportation, skynet??



Roast time and they’re off,            Willl-burr                                                                                                       the clintons..party of “elites”  at Bill‘s Bar  &  Cigars,                                                                                                      .in the Oval room… 

I heard they requested that all the WH walls be oval…..                                                                                                     so nobody can corner them there!!!!!

Ladies, wear a bonnet, guys  you can watch, i guess,

Bill MFn Clinton…

little known re-fract about him is his new

secret service name: Muffin Man

Bill,   Sayin’ BO’s presidency  stinks ??

UR the Same DNA

add  Fluffernutter ===>  Libido S ooo WillinFattiesburg Fustle

You would have done exactly the same 80%+of the time,,,                                       same goes for  your “partner in Political Fucking Science


Fundamental changes  in Policies !!!

What a change in the debate he’d have with everyone !!

 =====>(H2O)        Can’t make you drink it…

======I Am Not A Robot….    but my critique is !!===========


===This is My I.-deal Fucking Notebook  2     ====

Discern Her Turn !! .

.((((  (( (…Superior  (D)upe(R)s they R !(!)! (?)=(!)=($)! .


Look shit up!!!!!!!!credible sources.. not on tv or from any large MNCs,  dumbass!!!!!!source credibility/critical thinking skills honed by paper research in college. clear thinker. K.I.S.S.  



======\ 1 0   1  0    0     1      0      1        1 /======



I am hearing the new SB  American “dream” propaganda-isms !!

t that the American way is owning stuff ..

duh,   Capitalism  !!

and we need more babies  !!   to buy more stuff…

tell them that a new house is what they want and need !!!

Indoctrination into the Machine starts early….

talk about “freedom” like it’s truly real ….   ie.


the whole part about needing money to do anything

and the only direct route to money is the Machine..                                                                             

vOMIT once a gain 
    ……….   the \funnel drain/   or Slippery                                                       Money is the original  gateway drug!!  Slope                                                                     .  .. of ones ‘soul’ to be or de-     ‘souled’          
All for an unjust / rigged system where decisions are made by ‘superiors’  … at what???
   Suck, Suck, ….      ..\suck it up/.. they’ll be told….




Freedom, Fat Chance !!!

Fat Likely to dull the disappointment

—-strings—  Choice is  Illusionary  — strings—-


—  all whilst we teach lots of crap:



business degree

– a useless degree to me

                              as a class or 3 would suffice a socialist..


 Philosophy    !!!! !! !                                                                                            …   (aspies have their own, real truth) Correct,  George!?! the greatest Philosopher!

Theo-logy,   ask …..  Mr. Huxtable !!!  …. My Son,…


Hey Boo Boo,                                                                                                                      Would u like some jello pudding. in your pick-a-nick baskeet, …



economics degree:

They know as much about how just our economy works as my             home economics teacher in HS.,,,)     ie.  the lunchlady?

 another useless degree to me                                                                               as a class or 3 would suffice a socialist..


I’m sure i’ll think of more…Journalism lately….



Hospitality & Tourism Management


Literature is a pastime or maybe a thesis / minor


What is Science without Math   ????   ?? ?   < Anthropology accepted>


Obviously, I’m hoping this opens up some dialogue as everything                      I seem to write ……    noooobody disputes , with examples!

—————–’til ????  ?? ?———————




Socialistic Integrity Commercial:


Corporate I-deals


              I-Feel Nothin’ 

until company stocks are effected then i Feel we need to downsize…





=========LAment to Me …Blues, Nah !

=========LAMent to Bee…Dues, !!!!  !! !                                                                                                 ==Yes Sir, the check’s in the mail.===>

stunned to find out about multiple volumes of a sequel !

google: Big Trouble in Little China  comix





—>>  yet people tell ME ……     I have No Feelings!! Irony?!!!!!







conversnation: (shaken not stirred),

another little known Refract:

ConversNation, aka.    I Heart You                                                                                           it’s the name of the newest NSA surveillance program

———————–air pumps tool————————————–









@CC      Roast somebody really cool sOOn!!!,


a Big Wig, ooops,    No that’s Trump !!!!!!


butt a baby boomers!!!

Prince of Darkness:                                                                                                                                “predicted” Alice Coope(r) on the same side with Trump



ATTN: ALL Planets in the Solar Federation   media outlets,


this is WFKU reporting,

We hear at WFKU are the leaders                                                                                       in  EXTREME in-depth Reporting .

did i say EXTREME !??!

well, we all know that Rump  hasn’t paid any taxes for the last quarter century, We broke that story on 4/22….

Now we went EXTREME..


and our courageous and foreva stinky crew went deep into the sewer systems of Gotham and upon finding their way to Rump Central’s flush tubes they were at the wrong place at the wrong time, …. coughing and gagging they emerged from their shit pods…. running screaming they made their way back towards the light set up from where they first entered….. When they made it back to street level.. they were covered in something ungodly…

It was sent to three different worldwide  labs                                                                                    via       molecular transference                                                                             and they all concurred….

Rump Central produces Alot of Guano


This is WFKU..  2 on the dial / Heil   reporting,                                                                                                we’ll have more at the top of a shower

(cut feed)






who is relevant when media cover stupid shit but a socialist point of view has as much relevance to them as Science=Mixology… ….

we’ll call that a catch 421…. bitches in the cly-media and beyond


Love Ya, Mean it !!





If we had real journalism anywhere in the US of $$$



i’ve proven how un-liberal the media REALLY Is by their actions or lack there of !!!

Here, Here Watson…

Chip Chip =..ping====>.Honey, I’m a Nut. Cheerios


Netflix, you have been great……                                                                                           ..but, your new movies added this last year      have less value than                                                                                                       …    Big Short 


=====cHELL – See is …...inferred======

TPB S10 comments


you have so many characters that deserve time..                                                             10 shows is not enough….nobodt went to jail.

writing was criminal at times.(see t above). now they have celebrity money guys- ======> lamest…. the big dirty????????

less girl gangs more cyrus and slingshot sally  !!!!

cheap smokes chicks  not…                                                                                                         who did they blow anyways?     not funny


Leigh was way cool til i realized he is also donna….now just cool j/k

more losco,, best side bit in the season

way  more lahey, 

aka.   the spark plug , unplugged

loved the alcohol breath tests  it was great


hated the turnip bit..==>(USA is Living the turnip bit, mafks)……….into…….  breaking in bit with the cops….

Lost momentum…

                                                                                                                                                                              the thorns were stupid ….. bad bad sad


take more time writing S11, S12  fellas.


free waybill suggestions:


MoneyTrail Amusement Trailer Park  (lots of real life extras, find ♦s)

lahey in a dunk tank…bobandy wrapped in cotton candy

julian kissing booth (not around for awhile)

ricky    “info” booth.. selling hash

Bubs    Go Shopping Karts

Tribute to Phil’s Burgers

j-roc is off roadie-n’ for snoop carryin’ his gear

aka. golf caddie               didn’t u say 18 Hoes !!!!

Trevor (MJ) returns and he reopens the convenience shack with corey, sarah

Mr. Tyrone

, pityz the fools who can’t swing the mighty hammer                                                                                and ring the bell

then J-roc’s kid comes out and rings it….

ray’s outta money and is back with plans for….TBDirty…. greasssy



===Go Out w/  the big dirty    ??====

==get a cement pond/ice rink========


for fucks sake…                                                                                                                                  who the fuck is fuck                                                                                                                                     and what kinda steaks are on the menu.                                    I’m hungry.


—————–signed up for casting call of TPB S11 (sadly, you must be a NS resident!!!),












I stuck a j in each nostril ,,


I am the Yoke-man, I am the Walrus, Cuckoo ka chew me!!

Got to Get You into MY Life









if Obama “was”  White, We’d coin him :

The Great White ……………………………………….    Nope, !


Superior (D)upe(R)s  they R   (!)=(?)=($)!


H. Clinton would be da GW clam sauce (served very cold, bitches!!

===we got ===very few cool Iguanas and the rest are= I-guano-s=

& speaking of IGuanos,

Lloyds of Trump.

Please run as an (I), if the primary fires ya  !!





and the number one answer is….

Mamma Mia   ummmmm..

, I meant…. Money, ..iiiiiiii. . Miss Columbia =(house)=



Ozzy wonders how everyone back in the daze  had his  albums and yet sales were “low”…  columbia house 12 for 1 spiel..artists get fuc…




There is such a thing as seeing an Amazing show

Too Close For Comfort….. at least for this autis~tic

Way  too much anxiety ……B L I  Meee




note to self  about upcoming sold out lahey and bobandy hour eh 

                                           not within

cheeseburger spitting distance of randy


              piss cornh–O–ling  range of mr. lahey…


you recidivist drunken bastard..

Shit Stains, …..

i mean,

Shit – Hawks are gonna creep right up ya behind  !! Ya

and you fellas know what that means?


A fucking Shit Buffet and maybe use some bleach in the friggin’ wash..




——–1 of The few times heckling was cool..–I Abided!!!!!——–

—Fromage Ass !! to   Bobandy—(funny part was when i looked up frommage (cheese) later i saw the gross subculture  definitions(


You know really why the Oligarchs hate                                                                                             even the thought of free college educations!?!

The fact that students won’t be as concerned about finishing so fast

because those extra years at college just happen to be your best

perspective forming years and maybe someone Will stumble upon

The Keys to their MACHine !!!!

and the problem being……

that Someone might just turn it F””'(n) OFF !!

Then WE ALL Keep On Livin’    Really!!!!!!

The Keys have always been YOU !! 


—————Tower-Free New Reality !!—Cheer—> ios  !!!————–




======T ower Present ======


there is no way that trump is made the actual final for real we’re not kidding around anymore i’m calling dad time!! —candidate—–


who knows                                                                                                                                       anymore like  true car sleazemen                                                                                         they …keep setting the odometer back+-)

================dark city like=====================


Hear the watchman

.                                      as he takes his Time”         …………..   !!!!




===He was a very nice boy, He used to cut my grass !!==========


We are Back with da Central Scrutinizer, folks …  Let us all give him a hearty dose of cold clammy sauce aka.   HC BS …..


This is the Central Scrutinizer once again….. Joe’s a freak but


Hillary ==I Wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot bRod, Man,  Clinton…


What a kNOw  Bangy Bitch !!!!…

Idiocracy 2: kNOw Foolin’ dems


==He was a very nice boy, He used to cut my grass !!==========





amy shameless..

funny or NOT ????

Did she lift jokes?  heck most comics sometimes pay for jokes to be written for them…she apparently doesn’t… a cheap Bunt too ….


speaking of cheap cunts!!!!!

….. jackie the jokeman never met a joke that he couldn’t lift in his life… but we know that going in if you listened to the show…..i had a version of a joke for stump the jokeman i called in..,,, it was declined by stuttering dingbat and jackie (wtf!) and I was never put on the air… Jackie puts it up as his featured joke on his website the next day!!!!!belly button ring/ tree deodorizer !!!!!

So, I learned that from that Irreplace-matJackie !!!

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I coulda sold a million of ’em ….

Placemats that when your finished eating,,and the plate is lifted, IIIIIIIIIIII          tell a pre-recorded funny yoke…

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!



Hence My  Y-ode-a to yokes throughout …

====== ===========



Folks!....  fuck knows him ...Jeselnick,,,   >


That’s Who,,,    ………   Fucking Jizzel neck …

oh, the schoolyard fun he must have had…

…….dribble neck when he spills shit eating…

or drinking while at tulane…

btw, .   U-Too suck!


the only thing better than panel is more panel


<Lion RoaR> 



No Panel ???? No PickYa



This is the Central Scrutinizer, Once Again….

Joe  ……..     Wants …




More Panel !!  Walken Roast..



I really can’t wait for summer so i can meet people in skimpy clothes so i know what’s up!!

in the meantime,

i’m just looking for a few truly single thin  pieces of the Onion to peel away with for a different time~~~

~~is a girl bad because she is a size queen??~~~~? a freak, maybe..

is a guy bad because he is a boob size king???  freak alll week…

ie.   there can be no monogamy, for me,  without you know!!

i’m not a bad guy.. but Aware (calculating),,,, yes !!

try not judging me as if i live in your reality !!!!


finals are not ALL THAT final,,,peeps

                        ….. live to retake with a better suited professor

Enjoy College, you’ll miss it !!

less chorus-load per semester

better gpa

=====smurf’s up===========






Insert base 2 number for 421 
  2^0, 2^1,…

1   2  4  8  16  32  64  128  256

=========answer is ===========

1 0   1  0    0     1      0      1        1

computer code/ base 2 is L to R or Small to Large

421 is Base 10 cuz each digit can be 0-9


— Why are mountaintops colder when they’re closer to the Sun ?? —

——-it’s da  Heat…….. in the Street

)====a  Pot Thought===


Words to heed …….. free of BS


==================================================my point being,                                                                                                                               my experiences and worldly perspective are different                                                                           than y’all …..

walk in my shoes for awhile…  weird, craziness, .. E T !!!!

judge me by my end result..s..


there is no true DL with me as my enemies high and low really have no shame and you’re just collateral damage to their Agenda —

when was the last time our Par WHigs took a little criticism well !!


times it now by a million and See Me  !!!!  !! !

[un]Just remember every call and email, even  computer keystrokes for really bighig situations/ individuals are easily tracked without leaving home if you got access–Snowden will tell ya about their access-ive (“omniscience” with hellcats on the ground)… They have already opened those iphones and every fucking else out there.!!! The ONLY reason they have to go to court over anything is to avoid the reacharound of their spying programs..  ie   they have ALL the information they just can’t use the info in court without a backstory to obtaining the evidence.., sue Apple to get access and a cover for the PROGRAM!!


Not National Security, at that point..                                                                                     another  National  LEgO of my rights Reach-Around                         when they care that much to protect their SNAFU                                                                             ,,,,,,,         they won’t Waffle awound…                

     Wink to   …….

they are in every town.. with cool Legos                                                                                                                Sell-Outs to Humanity-                                                                                                                                        PissingPeonProfiteers                                                                                                                                                                                   they are surely in this area ..                                                                                                             white noising me with info they shouldn’t have..                                                                                                                                                                                      Once Again, Please,,   try not judging me as if i live in your reality !!

Shitbirds are always Cocklin’

does someone in your reality talk at you with private info there’s no way they should know… Multiply it over time (gov work pays great overtime))


my relatives should sue the fuck outta the government when their files on Moi are finally released (in 40-50 years), if they don’t mysteriously disappear.. another prediction….

Think about the last time someone had this much attention without any attention..grassroots…weedroots..,.??                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            They Are Freaking Out, Man…..

You R Freaking Out,Man

floating like a beautiful butterfly…                                                                                             Co- sting Ya…..taxpayers … whilst sucking my ass

goverment hoovering

Dike that !!!!  !! !


as the Cold Warms US,

i’m watching  Bridge of Spies

still looking for  /———Bridge of Sighs———-\



……   to thighs




to da “Man”=========<F> <U>========

oh yeah……

History in this blog, peeps!!


Embrace it cause when i’m wronged …..                                                                   .                                    they’re gonna try to erase it !!!!



===== ‘I Just Want to Celebrate‘ !!!!   !! ! =======



————-StarDate-less-421 Mission Statement——————

My mission statement would start out with a circle (of life) and as your parents or someone their age (me…) goes around said circle, we learn the way she goes, boys (& girls) by the half to three quarters “pole”…. All that i’m outlining within..

It is here where the cognitive dissonance and family-centric BS becomes over-whelming in the minds of parents… it is here where we continually F the next generations by keeping them oblivious to the BS.

So, my theory or premise is to take all you youngins from the first post directly to the third post and right on through the other F’n side!!!

(ends up with a circle with a checkmark through it with vector arrow pointing NEast) ie, my mission diagram

Thus, breaking the chains that bind you to their centrism and its factories of shit-ropes that drive ALL you Angry Birds eventually back towards the oligarchal castle confines with only their world view … a circle of dreams/illusion/candy canes and $$ but not enuff for power but enuff to make you believe that u r ALL preciously speciall to them!!

== over the moat of …. onto a new vector!!==( status quo) == >

X squared plus Y squared equals Shit castle with radi length leashes





on worker bees and other human working force

a shit circle of slavery (or shamery like the hypocr-ooked Mr, Lebowski. to the Dude!!)..

<<<I like the whipping out of the gravity / angry bird analogy >>>