It Can Only Get ________ ???? ?? ?

in what can in this humble, hubble bubble of trouble reporters…

EsteamED OPED..

the nail that ultimately broke the Camel Filtered Cigarette

Karmic Synchronicity ?

first “stuck in parking lot” DT by a Armored truck at TH.. gotta “nose it”…whateva….

after clearance clarence  head East… end up at cumbies..12pm-ish.. i see what can best be described by ….the armored van the TPB: CTLD used by boyz in the movie .. no prob seen it before… walk in…

====this is negligee.. uma Negligentlemen—

stacked rolling shelves blocking the view of the cash register… i peek right around the shelves on wheels and see the guard is in line on the far left lane… which is the way to the bathroom..i gotta pee..

i take a quick left along the outer wall window and i hear an exalted gush of air…

thought nothing of it actually ? smirked ?

went to bathroom and bought my products..

and saw the cash register lady mouthing….

he took it out !!! ??  to someone ??

i didn’t realize this all til i got back in my vehicle…

why was there no back-up in the store ??

cheap van/armor/ cheap rates cheap-o reap-0

my cat lives just dropped


cumbies peeps correct me if i’m wrong ?


==sum street talk ?? he only patted???

has cumbies had any probs with this sort of thing? the armored car co

is my “lawyer” requesting the footage ASAP ?

Deserved but… Not ServED

Please tell me with all these docs umbrellaing me… i have a court appointED Attorney… Banana$$$.. RepublicE ???



What we have hear people, is a FFFFFailure 2 Communicate [1 thing]

a Karmic Clusterfuck of  ‘$on/$Hine Boys Cub$”.._  ,

a  Volcano of Pimp-L’$$$ …wait for sit down have a breathmint….                                              the rapture …sorry, E…RRupture

=Your Honour=this trial… HeiL is a Hit =Lerch go to JaiL !!!!  !!!  !!  !=

take your hat off and raise your right hand (mmmmmmmm!) ?     wooob wooob woob      yeahhhhhhhh.            < Repeat TYHOARYRH>

you’re making a mockery of this mock(u mentaLL ??) Chile … No ?VooDoo sez …… He $ez $HitE Hear.. Me  ow and believe your 911 away



I View this case as Discovery for my Trial vs. $$DD




====wifi is always $$$p00raddict About Me==


1/2 hour later after FU$$$…eye I

saw a AIC ‘commercial’ Decal and thought of mail order like colleges …

Keeping …

Alice In Chains

4      $100’s of P (L/R) @Y.ERR.$s$

===it only means U if it includes U & U====

it seems at the end of the CHarade$$$…. Soylent Green will B.


                             Mad  Men










======who ‘we’ playing Sunday…Sunday

not a Karmic Clusterfuck

20:20        // it’s 10/10 today

Nun-day 2…. 2 day

<none>-around my a(bod)e=====bttf………..!==

they say they are Monks behind..

Oh, Really ?!?

======on a diff wavelength=====

go with the newt flow…$ir

New t GeTing Rich .IMB…ED

==On the Heal of Soul==Annie best be h…




Wow, Talk about Communicating !!!! Miss Demeanor…. all that was missing was your trenchcoat…. i can’t slee∇….coffee awake 6am…SB$


Yes, I had that S.G. yoke in my Hell0 Baskkk….ED…ET a bit.


trying to remember stuff…


disconnected again lost info…… mmmmmm???


they fear every KkkeyJoke


Sorry, i get excited when i see the local skunk………..s


(deniro) fingers to eyes and point them at ……


don’t you have to talk with the victim and get his side of this …. conspir….ac   ?   y  ??

=============Buy Chuck $ell================


======$urreal as Certainly A Lotto Denial on Both Sides


my comment from day one was/is   i should have no prob filling my dancecard with athletic 21+ ladies….  Correct ???


gonna need a bunch of different team programs…

====== $ir oy Vey sez======”it’s never gonna end!!” – tanks AH;



  1. Are they killing each other now. Black on Black crime.. now this ?!  Sad
  2.  always gotta take someone else’s side ??











Asians B. Quiet @ ET

my tangerine tangent

I don’t want to offend.. <hear he goEZ>

the others by using only their ‘Hi”

I now just say  “High”  = Konishe Wah Wah Petal(s)

===⇓==”Tail Wrapped”==⇓=

Wow,  Kid… Nice Sequencing !

I got It….   Is that the Big Picture ???

and if so doesn’t it become a backdoor back to (aggots) ???




Croutons, Cheet0’s…Figure That Only Exists in the Digital Helm$ …..[(ED)].. H…oW/L

Who… WHo  doe$$$ Corporate America.………..                                                                        treat like they deserve only 0.5 vote???? ?? ?

— Shoutout  to the wiseWoman who said… 

Women are being treated like N*****!



So ‘lots’ of peeps wanna tell me hutZzzz HappenWin

i assume, that if i could change this tangent would tell me !!?

=====IJH4A====Read Baron ???========

Thyme is Nobody’s Friend How

=====the Dyno=$oar is A..liVe   with Ga$$_

Dyno.. loved the Hangover movies ………                                                                               and he really likes….. Heather Graham Ring My…!!!!  !! !

Guess Hut ////////// H…..a$$ $’&’M $haking in Heir Ca..Hoots Post – “TriaL” ?


Hut’S a Namesake that Nobody in New England + _____ wants to compete against for Weed Products…. Brandname !!!!  !! !

==try 2 =think generation,ally …..===




I, Can’t be “Sold Out” LOL..’Lonely’ TM… it’s Free with dough..nation ??? FUhear WHo?


===think generation,ally …..===



Kkkay, the reason i’m still around is not in fear of a curse… but fear of NEVER Hearing the End of Wit

$0 Yup,   Reality is a RE:Curse(L)ive to………. Cheeto’$

Wow, anybody get Horny after that crouton remark yesterday ..


(R)epublicans (R)eceding as the t* -alks get ¢…../   loser           to HomeR,

   go White Sox   $$$0 i’m saying obama and what’s his name might as well be republicans… in the I,Imax [Big Pic]

H<<<=== $cool=====

Take Me 2 Your …… Lo$$ LEadE(R,R)             Capt.

Take Me 2  Anne B. Frankkk Interpreter

Rea⇓ity He⇓ms:

Bring Me a Frank Interpreter

saw channel 22 doing cam/ reporter in DT,, quipped.. Well, at least she’s over 21+… or is she ……. 3

===funny 2..2 me====

He/$he ….. Sold Out !      //     the ‘d’ is Silent

2pm update less mess ness


B4 Me they Sold $hit with a $$$mile

now      <ifwfi>

i Wood get wit  expect the Tower is gonna Pi$$……\ a \. .…..

Prince Spaghetti Knee Day


Ju$t Ice Selling $0$hit


Humane Quip Boxcar Willy

===or a Smile=====



Catty Scan mOrrow… ( Bee Hive ) Bee have !


talk to me    P  \H\      al..           Holdin’ Back Amore Tan A Brooke Perk


but once again we are not talking about hut we all kkkno

just hut u NOW need to showee

= reality is always years ahead of those whose                                              Head is =======0$trich$izED===

Wowsa ⊥


Memba the Election$$$

==Hay Cow=

lmk how many votes i getty ?


flabberGhastED at the time/effort/monies spent on me without spending on anything to help … $$DD

===$amele$$….no H


===let me know when Denial is Controlled==

once again Browbeatings about future sutures my way


something about alot a Change ?   ?? IDK



Wow, ‘Propped’ by a Little Person (more of an EP )and then .. Browbeat over it by coll[(R)]eague

another day in ‘pair au ice’

=====NoHo, Whiteys had already freakED me for an hour==



oh yeah,

Ask any male Yuppie, one question >>>   WFI

how many Guppies have you swallowED  ???



We Have Unconfmed Reports outta

DC a.Jason.. t*

Deer   (R)

$$$0 Many Book Cooks in the Proverbial Kitchen … a High School lunch lady is Next in  …….(L)…..ine  4 ….the Supreme Court.


also…  the biggest browbeating of ME occurs around Halloween.. these m/f (aggot$)  love the cover of anon,,,,on…ymity to Purge their misdirectional anger …

this has been going on since almost week 3 here…

when they began to See

and i beweb that i saw one taping my voice….

(iED.. expect sum prank calls with my voice)

I’m probably giving these Croutons…….? IDea$ ?



Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!