Anybody Uneducated and Proud of it ? Stand Up !






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America’s Most Wanted: Those 25% errs!

















































































Q: anon

DEJA VIEW; late 1950’s




Space Talk

New Maga….

Everyone tells the jokes but Nobody Reads IT

Everyone heard the ReRe: new$,     Seen the AEffect§.0 && $.00

Literally,   Great White Elope


he has to seclude himself from Ma & Pearl Kkkettle who SETTLE

without Crown.


#Redneck PRagMAtism




Wooly been ,                   VanquishED

                      BullyZ+z+z  ON PARADE




 sSHackkkkKkkkk  B: ÷LEAD÷in



 Weight      or       WAITpill


HUEY ZEU$ job choice.$0$ !  Especially NOW;

No more Red Foreman Ass@holic Family Circle Invasive Threat$

//mY vote is n/@ in workplace, union, or gov.

You have the power to fire me, I got ? YouR WoWorD,     U caRe:

” Great Healthcare, huH,    Boss of my Famil. ?””


Account 4   ::::::::::::::::::::::& ∑me∑kids therapy ?


 rRed ribbon₩on Repression is also your Therapy Ribbon,

2 \∀/void the “Bonbon$” and stay clear.


they got ya cornered by .love and seefood diet

} // ER±r,   ₩illPO₩


Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!