whatt it wiz fisa u?

hey u



gotta play @Champ /  Pain \


aaron > peyton ?!


mad men all of em


&and….we covered it   $up



2 EZ

2GreeZZz  y?!


taco shell ta pacific brim rye singinn

pic purr


chammie is taking upp all my cognation …cards anyone?

khanne ! murdoctrine in per riff



=====man…he’s a mmmmm Man… MmmMan look Out

adjustments but hat leaves the middle open wide.err

snifflEZ   w/ colbanks

our MEN

D====D   fence or wall between


give that guy a vacation hu ……H


—-i guess all signs point to a mystery blast from my blunderous Past

saw a stunnah from past fence last night…..w BF…..[


====great catch …28-3 28-3


crowd noise is ……..deaf

BIG team.. Jack


butler is the front door

cuter than payaton!


wtf with these pods???

Shove’m up ass seemz healthi err..don’t play with chemicals meatheadz

—head  hunt afta tripp

burnah on oh no protocall going bad??

foul in EZ ..? game play .. IDK

EZ = end zone… oooh      not…..funny wimpy midget

===============if ya got’em===========gronk, that sucks  ouch=====


tough sport but Gronk …and MEN def realize that…


==============smokin’ play ====gay commercial w/o jamie kennedy malibooze=====


===============no comment archie ?====


tough 4 yards======

caught in a drafting

i know nuuuuuuuthing ! //schultz, sgt


post gronk blues bad timing for hat brady commercial on vacation.. just….


i can relate miss ameal

cheap joke doesn’t helll p !1 I know !

Σmime gotta shake stuff up to reset emotionZzz

===========Peace and thatz what my pantz really look a light

all lefty noW

tough terrain

D========D===========enter potomac====D


biggg trucking stopp?

big receivers

playoff action

hungry hippos


short field contain.breath..mints

””just like Few



bbbbbCooKE Y open mids or sum tim

got him 4 hat

turnovers hot outta oven … huh, cold?nope


pick please….buttla

========akg====Turban GeneRALLY=======

speakeasy of a Rally




wrong foot

amend my opinion from early time..always knew he can play but so valuable and how

snl listing timbutt2’s 1st year accomplishments with an all Republican dread lock heed martin I Congress

==================MIC is Warring Tin

nice recept..huh?

broke broke or  ?

checkov old Bloc

is anybody out fair-wayz?

under cover minimal

then heirs tower covertiblez

rubberband man

BIG  Hippos





field position greeeeeat


=========amendola @4:21..catch?===========yup!======


Falling Jags..

breathe deep..or is that trademarked or Hut  WOW Danny Man Oh My Goodness

Knotts Over


should be inter-no-rest-wing geek

//never use gleek

last minute of play==spaceballs=thank you ⇐. last..pods off

vacate-shun/// my pseudo life

4 downs need 6




testy jags great team…

Well Deserved Victory !


I claim Ignorance of the NFC, weren’t the Jags the toughest of the remaining 3 potential patriot’s opp. ?

ouch that guarantee fom Jacksonvill a.ge

def Not …… JV  No’ mo

——should prob watch nfcgame ignoring it is me….


////dinner time ?


========are your hands clean for Dinner?—reaches under His chair to where  a small container is attachED…and pulls out a wipe [mumbled] ..        .saved 15% on mY water bill…..