What’s TextN?

What’s Next????  ?? ?

IDK     ……..   that’s the coolest party sass I leave the details to Y’all

MissionImpossible     Fuck Use(   R,D s) !!!!  ~~ ↑



Hey sUis


graffitti @ h2ofall/  ….    why do we lie ?

Top 5 answers on my whitebored…


Insanity (pathos)

Love / Hate

in Job description

Perceived Peer Pressure


we lie cuz ……we hate our TRUTH


=btw, Good to C that my pals trying to back moi R hacks=ru really tryin’?==


Eric Gales Rules ! don’t miss his show!!!!  !!

====Davy Knowles 2=======

HypoCrites…aka Haters.. “perventerrs” ..are rampin up Cher BS ...

don’t worry about your precious nightspots ..I ain’t no Socialite!

one and won = Won….digits be flyin @ gametime….will students be here for 1st game..26th…??.

21+ PLEASE have digits for me..a pix helps…




====Is this Summer or Fall ?? (Weird August in NE)=========


 Women  ….. Game Mon

Peel away the Night ……private “partying”** w/o any ottah guys….

C… I’m my own Weakest Link….no substihoot~

=====Vulcan “Peace Sign”===\\V/==


=gave away my playbook==>Adjustments R Crucial in anything>>=>

==Comrade Detective on Prime is Cool./.”Isn’t that, Redundant”./.==


—-why aren’t seamstresses called sewers????—–Sorry to all y’all————i’m not looking for a shitty one, though!——————–>>>


What might go through the mind of an ordinary e-liquid user/blower

==picture this: insert asshole’s, i mean user’s < WWF name >, coming down the arena Tunnel to a packed and screaming crowd of <insert user’s orientation> and he exhales a huge cloud #9 of smoke/vapor and then < WWF name > Rages 2

a Thunderific entrance wherevah/whenevahhhh

=======Quitting Cigs is Cool.. Rock On ============

i tried to check the trump news loop-duh-louie but once hit with these kinda “headline” polls……… stating

65 percent of Republicans would be in favour of postponing the 2020 election because of “Voter Fraud” !!!

my mind vomited !!!

=====but that’s their game steppin’ on our collective throats while we are perceived to be DOWN …bullypsych123


=======I M finally Down to ……….Lust a double chin=======

21+ PLEASE have digits for me..a pix helps…

for the Younger fans (MY fastest growing base…)

I don’t wanna DO Anything to Really Piss Them Off, once again…give;N way my Playbook !!!

I will have an ASK ME Anything…. drive thru in Reverse.. Lot 22

Anyone have an Extra ticket ????