Trump, mr. Pez, RU Threatening ME ? /// mental health experts, ring in on my Defence // ungluey


Due Pro¢ess  ion


3rd World Igno(R)amu$


by bringing your  ‘Police‘ into it,

you crossed a

======Big Fucking LiNE======


showed your CARD$$$, lol


i’ve always said iff the police want near total Respect… boot the Republican$$$



Republicans with badge will put their morals before the law..

========Buy & Buy==============

morals , i mean $$$


Republicans steal my weed, steal my money, steal my fuckin”””’ Liberty’ Zzz


 Why (R)espect any of Yahoo’$$$  ????  ?? ?


¿ what’s next ?    Invade Liechtenstein


$$$Huck L&O, huh!


United  $ociopath$ of AMEN.


—–Vroom, Vroom—— bugged


can you feel the repercussions rolling down the strip to

==========i’ll be here all week.==========

3rd World TTTTTalk, Mt. DoDo

how the West was $tunnED.

The Empire is HackkkL & JivED