Shy, Stir. ~~~~~~~\\ [(drama.mime)] // ~•~~~~~~~NEIN, Nein.. [MILL.[= .00]]






Aft the Reconcile Ph…

You know too far, ladies. ÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷=empathy

Was Early on and always since for Scum,,    Jabb@ greek ^walkie talkies*,

Talk on the street pointed up to the ‘neural backkkphone’

Huey ~  2  ~ Ovah Duey ~~~   &      ~~~ @Chew akkka P$I, ‘Sy’

Every laugh you all made was ‘iLLegal’…#bee’s kkknees.

Then you wrote about me in the frat meeting notes [ book ].

‘The Milli’ and  Van_illi,

Absolute Breach of Ethics to factor in a ‘hit’ / brawl that hasn’t occurred into a settlement.

Take the hit for a million, ‘taunt’.

Ethics, biz majorette$

Bar Humbuggy, ala Cheney

And “Ho₩” did you think otherwise..

Adulthood and engine

Value, [Universal juvEnilistic].       ,      Absolute BubkKkII$$

Yence, the B(L)@nkkk  (L), or Achille$ Custard Pii÷÷÷[‘ Danno.],

– ‘Dusty Cover’