State of Irate /no/ Communication

=====Coming of Old Age=======


how am i doin’ ?  ………  Nation !!!               – Alien


I haven’t bought any property yet and already A Lien

US Steel, huh??    Douchebag…that is fucked….

U Just PlatyPussed US with IT (<==clown) ASSHOLE

u should bee A-SSHAMED


..OOps, we ‘foeget’       most and 4hour host,   neo polly “scientist” zzz


lotzzza                                         sHARMin

=========know how they use commercials and much to counter any my points.the iceberg is ‘hear’??….laughable to me butt USE==diff story=\

==(Luke, not Puke)======    ¬

—————————————–(Thermal Exhaust)————

 ¬      =  monkey with the typewriter/paper ==>  Shakespeare

Imagine the money and coverage i’d Bee getting if i had any coverage…

never a request for an interview..


===State of Irate=Analysis====


Trump is our nextus  9/11….11/9ish

we let it happen

we are to blame

we are at   Ground Zero as a Nation,,,

……….You CAN and MUST .

Carpe Diem


===my theory is that FDRs latter days were driven by his wife and all her Lesbian friends… socialis-tact thoughts..2nd B.O.R.====== =======I Have FAITH in ==>females….===

Eyes Wide OPN


Ladies, if you C me, Deal Me……IN    ====Poke Who ??======

Things I Recently can’t /UN-C/


Mike Smith (Bubbles) EDM dancing (do they wear that shit????)                                                                                                                                    $ 4.20 canadian to subscribe if you wish….to  Ketchup on all kinds of cheeseburgers …

Congress               EDM Cocklin           they put mayo on their idahoe fries






==Kudos==Dante S., the G.O.A.T.. ????                   Cannon Fodder??                                                                                            we have 3 plus on the team…=====

Republicans have trouble Grasping Conflicts of Interest…(Scalia Flu)

They think it’s what they do after they fuck US….                                                                   . what to do with the interest on the cash they just made




Drainin Duh Swamp right into our collective cement Cond…NIMBY, Ladies…



If only he was a real Vet…..                                                                                                                .he might have been a betta Vetta and not a  crony phony                                       U ain’t no Apprentice Hair big pantys !!                                                                                what is your Excuse???, no RRecuse allowed

Democratic Reply…

and he’s a centrist, clearly………….imagine                                                                                         a revolution of true sufferage people !!!!!


Go Left, HARD

Fuck Perez and Centrists…make the change now peeps

this, i believe is why i …..  !!!

aye mateys… PORT




Same (R)ecipe as ‘Soylent Green’

// Trump’s Full Diss-Clos(ur)e Tour…..aka…. A Fire Sale Chat…i had Fun, Folkesy btw, FU MSM as I Fuckin Rule, Britches

.if U Must Watch ..Live   (i will try not to hurl..15 min o/u)

 i soo dreamt that was british parliament but that’s next month…..

bernie writes  HE’s a jerk off


what about your dc hotels  ???

 stupid is as stupid does… fuck the land,,, fuck fraCKING









homeland lunatic fringees  GRD

==no time to upchuck sez the mirror  sir

they heard iceland

steaks on

orgasms scalia…ayn anne rice rand

trillion is million squared… honed


millions to trillions         //after reading transcript?????

he compared                    // ?

the MIC is a Given      //

infrastructure just not cronies like the big dig

frack you…single Payer.. we talk

frack you.. relative jerkfest


single payer or dust

wtf, does bust mean… back on hone

safety net for capitalisms high wire tapped….act…..weed

not across state lines peeps

exhausting…. left

go Left

4 weeks vacation

can’t be replaced while out for…….

projection 101

film at 11

everyone else is a statistic peeps

country club

rents too damn high

laws good

lies…they break laws daily by omission…

lose ..balance..sum

xmas card black friday gc too

prey they will


cut defense programs      computers where it’s at and satellites.                             //      and “Freakin’ Lasers”  (throw popcorn at the grad student with braces, amazingly FUN movie)    //            ships planes are waste


will i get laid tonight????  ?? ?

got her… want her bad          boy…  (jo)

what’s up ??

why couldn’t it be……..why ??

to my offshore dj biz




to the offers

cheese steaks…mmmmm watson,,my butler  get me 2

not likely under comm, i mean.

yes, i mean capitalism

alien ?


populist jerk my friends and moat you

classic   jerk offers !!!!  !!  !



Zen Outline for  a WTF part Uno game

Choose any below and/or Add your own==>>


Every time Trumpea sez/mentions:   (w/ some suggestions)


‘Beweeb Me’  =  I ASSure you     =>>                                                                                                              ….        Do a John Stewart On WEED bong/dab/mass hit

the  WALL                   bonus if Mexico is ‘gonna’ pay for it

…     throw nachos at screen..omit condiments for best experience.

….Going to Jail                                                                                                                                                    look for Hillary….then middle finger them both

Bad People..guys..                                                                                                                                                mirror…….looking in DickCHENarY under bad guy is………     pix of a mirror                                                        Twin Peeks

Fake/ Nice TITS                                                                                                                                            Everyone must go topless

Fake News                                                                                                                                                                         :30    bathroom break

Inherited a mess...                                                                                                                                                          . a blunt toke  ……. lookin into a mirror

Grab ……. by the …….Pussy.                                                                                                           …              everyone lifts up (2 fingass) a 6 pack of..cans..& then  drinks 

Ronald Reagan                                                                                                                                        ….        simulated orgasms abound

Roe vs. Wade  / Abortion                                                                                                        …  2 teaspoons of honey (silver spoon) for his mutha’s bad choice

Sit Down…..  bonus for Shut Up                                                                                                    …..     Stand up and give him lotsa  little middle fingass

Highly Qualified                                                                                                                                                 …. Trump U diploma as a rolling paper

Dating                                                                                                                                                      kiss the person to your right                                                                                                                              whilst wet fingering the ear of the  one on your left                                                      …j/k don’t try this w/o extendead  warning!!

Tom Brady

hey, now,   he is cool  !!!!

The Swamp ….                                                                                                                                                      … a Gravity Bong hit


Darkside of the Loon sez   Get A Room…


I might need a Drink,    make it a DDouble     (buttoff )


Yes this is FUCKing REAL !!!!!


What kinda Dense RU   ???

ReElection in 2020 (a nutter term)

N, Plezzz

Black Friend(zzz)                                                                                                                                             Call out for   YOUR Butler!!!!

New York /  NYC                                                                                                                                          GO outside and Piss on the Foundation

Chicago                                                                                                                                                 look for coach ditka…..then shove a bratwurst down  hatch

Florida Vacation  ..bonus for.  …    a Tan                                                                         .stick your head in a sandbox while addin grey PooPon to your weiner

Tired  (from workin)                                                                                                                                                dump a beer over the least f’d up of your party


His IQ

………  we R Fucked… kegger !!!!


Words he will NOT use:






Military Industrial Complex


??Good Question??

I appreciate your Honesty

Tax Returns

Saudis  ??

Chapter 11

my butler

my sources

For Full Disclosure


itiz baked like ziti dekab

Sorry, butt .. back to ….GZ     lull libido needs a kickstart…                                                                                            (zoloft/Increasing Age/Weed/F@ ))

====NO Disrespect,,it’s Me…meet some otta Aspies   ======

============ /  / =====================

====Trop Hotel==>>==U Kan’t Have A Kitchen W/O A Hen ====

============ /  / =====================

You can’t change where you were born…………NJ edition===

Jersey, NFL fan:  Fuck Youzzz, moat fuckers… can keep da Jets…

Jersey F’n Giants Rule !!!!

–that’s my take.


..why is every out of state  minivan iccccccc… from jersey??

====================/    /====


====WTFries hold the salt===

No More puttin….da

Urge in Burger (TP)

Purge that Urge to  Merge   …NoMo…libido  where RU hen I Need Ya

=====ASSurge to Merge=======>>




======Spoil Her Alert=========================

So, i’m dating this chick..alright…and she sez to me…...take me someplace i’ve never been… so i blindfolded her and spun her around…. and i took her to the dish-filled sink… and bent her over it whilst stickin  my jammer right up her poop chute//  i gave her the jellyroll

To the Moon,   A-list…  Thru your Fuckin Moon…

her name is alice but i don’t call her that…

===========guess alot dreams awakened ========= 

                                          50 shades of ME


Trump and his Repukes are the ==Derogatory Definition==>>> #RealNiggers

C U Racist MothafuckRs,..                                                                                                                             …NOW, We GOTZZZ A nigger IN OFFICE !!!!  !! !




Great Sign at a Rally:==>>=  Alternative Facts Are  √  -1  ======


===============>Imaginary Number(s)<==================

‘Trump: Administration running like ‘a fine-tuned machine’

like  a self-playing piano on the deck of the Titanic..

like the house band on the the Titanic..

like  a self-playing piano rockin’ and rollin’ on the deck of the Titanic..

like  a self-playing piano waltzing aground on the deck of the Titanic..

wasn’t that Thelma and Louise’s next to last words?


“inherited a mess”

if only you could see our view  ⇑



=======He Projects more than BOREilly====and ME==========



—————————————————-                                                                          btw, sure????  ?? ?

The press is bowned by Capitalist/ McCarthyist Homers like yourself..                                                                                                                 dough!!

believe me they are sugary as opposed to  real journalism



                        Don’t Touch That……. Dial


=>>A Fart Blast from our Past===>> Baio/Piscopo Ticket…. ==  with  Gary Coleman as ‘sayer’ Press Secret fAiry..from the past/ or grave… @green room or screen


Viva la…. Fried,  eh  White  in  ?? Vague~~ Us /ain../ him ……………

=Help =Fake America…. Return to the ……….Big Bus…==== ==EDUC8===Freely and Thoroughly=======

———————————-4 …1st climb————————–

Seeing things for da rehearsed mime, young folks??.                                                                                      .. they Live                                                                                                                                   whilst U  de……… Liver….cheerzzz


you got to start at the local levels to change this clustersuck…where are you NEW  candidates.. marathon  running foe office / willing to stand up against this fascism….a bit 2 ….. ???



… he kept ‘only’ the FBI as is….that sez alot….šŠ Minnow (the Ss are Nazi SS))

A 4 our year Tour !!!

——————————————————————————         upon further examination of the dispensary flower for sale. I found that i had previously bought an “out-sourced” ounce for 3 bills (30%thc)… So, I spent more time this visit at the dispensary’s they have many strains of their own flower. I chose, Star Killer (22%thc) for “get this”    a 30 gram ounce for…….$180….yup smuckers..quality for $6 a F’n Gram, mah

shake is 120/oz when available

   o, i’m at the top of one of those escalators..on street overpasses and i’m lookin down over some cafes and the thing is broken cuz the taxes need to be higha…

i had stopped after a few steps and said out loud  —-my theme/meme–>

 I’ll Wait It Out !!!!  !! !


flight out morrow!!…redeye from LAX..So. as i walk through first class..i’m lookin for “celebrities”.. i see this huge fuckin head on what might have been a toothpick… like a pez dispenser with elephantiasis…. couldn’t put a name to WIT……

Rich Hall?? went straight to his face !!


HAnd, cuz   you a Kneed it (I found it  at Evil Dead: The Musical)




A Huge FU to People stating, “The Middle/Center couldn’t Hold

You are to Journalism & Integrity what I am to Comedy, Eh…. Dice !?!

== A Wicked Hack!!!!  !! !==Wickedy Whack (scratchin my Balls..) ============


==============I’m Trying… i enjoyed watchin utub egg fo young friar jross struggling roasting trump in 2004……..gave me hope ==tough crowd… stay away from florida folks… sun is not for direct communication people…cows are jealous of you feces, i meant faces///.===

Please tell me that most of y’all have figured out that the term and commotion behind ‘Fake News’ is a big fat Red CHerrying!!!!  !! !

So, now that your Political Herrings have been topped…                                                           Time to Play Ball Y’all !!


unbiased news or any facts in our reality always seems fake-ish to Stokes with heir  opinion or aggressive agenda (say 4 years) !

circular like jerk=off of intelli=kNots!

====facts just the Facts==people,  == not half truthers==all with dose aggressive agendas ….not good for joe and yoku===

=====We Got A Really Big Shoe Tonight======

Should Life/Liberty, POH be a game????

Shouldn’t games be left to athletes and freetimers??



Life’s meaning CANNOT  Be to create new life!                                                                                 ie.   workers to Bee Queens kneepads!

We have Intelligence no quotes


That’s KNOT how you change Shit  Sic





can u imagine a 9/11 with Thump in Chief..??

Can he count that high 911  without Lying???? 

Please don’t attack us…. cuz                                                                                                                    We Will Correct the ShipOSilverSpoonCNNUFF

they actually want you to attack us                                                                                                               so they can demand our civil “Wrights

– Peace is the WA~~~ve……                                                                                                                                      ..KKKNotTruFanaticalTerroristiPsycheFascism

===>>Canada, eh,    Way,  !!!!  !! !



u know Asian ‘errorists’                                                                                                                 Vegas would make a fine practice surface for the nhl team,

I’m ADD-Justin Sayin’ Hi to every thin mint i encounter..

Peace……// “Clout”   …neva ADDore… unmess Raiders arrive…then meh

Jan/Feb ’17      ….you bring a foxy 6 here… you are Elvis…on the Strip



All U White Bred UPtight Folkes… It’s time once Again for…. my favorite pastime… Stoned and “Honed”…Alloner… : p)

Special Twatt:                      =if you r a Capitalist, ……>>Don’t Get too Close to Me                                  as your Prospectus ……will                                          Def initely ….  Event-uNo-Ally                                                                                                                                                                          Go                                                                                                                                                                                     L..⇓                                                                                                                                                                                  ¿mp ¬


Gall cuz,                                                                                                                                 ignorance pushers and their fiends… have money/f’d up values

=======Be Fore IQ’d=know your Flow, ====my lips ..Zip=====

==I Ham the Antithesis of a Trophy Spouse. ==mostly a stay homerz=

============Is there anything Badder than Gall, heck, my Gall was sooo much Bladder, it was taken out after a week of  consultingconfusion… ========my firstish year of college….

was my gall taken out or boldened?


USA TODAY launches secure whistle-blower site


i know if i had to take a leak somewhere,                                                                                                                         ,, it would be on, i mean….to USA Today !??

Bitches, Please…Really ???                                                                                                                                         USA Today is so far outside the DC insiders…

they have to use a 2 condoms when suckin Hump’s dink

=a=== carbon copy of torts====RE:Tort-zzz, Kids=========

======More 1- Placentas BS=Perpetuating themselves always and by any mega  means (they have much more than U)============

===========================================1st thought as I ASassed  @umass was how R these kids Being .Edu-C8D… hear we go C,Ders..  .Real knowledge wise….

Feeding..being Binge fed…Jet∑..(corn)… what do our bodies do with mucho corn….holy fuck…..                                  Shit it out with a Sigh!

Learned: corn sucks… .critical thinkin only for my ass


2nd: fret    (PumpkinHead)      Halloween 3: Season of the WishICounTed

Trump is empirely a Bobble(         )with few honest/sane answers.

He is only as GOOD as his A/D/visors/… and even HST can see past his visor in the Afterwife  .. bevel of brilliance  bizzz bluffoons Left in Lair belfry..

see yall next time on……….friends or flagg

ie, next time…..

(Honesty can be pure /focused like a camera shot)

Moe, today

the reality of pure honesty in the USA per se

you  really have to know your audience….( .. takes constructive criticism?)

if you NEED to tell someone a  truth about something that you have been there done that and so grateful that u did..kinda stuff…

… Joe know  problem..

so dial back the focus until you notice some tangential BSs and focus lightly  on these with that person….tread ____

=== ===


==========Followed Haterz bOuy==>>>>   >>   >snickR==

Quip Tonight


HOTzilla like-c Japanese Woe Woes (of age, off course)                                                                                                … wishes Japan liked Weed((


Mei Primed Plucks

Street Trash                   1987

Bad Taste                   1987

The Tubes – The Musikladen Concert 1981….good vibes from this

BCC – Shepherds Bush Empire, London

The ‘Burbs

Interstate 60

A Clockwork O / Satan’s Little Helper  / River’s Edge  / Freeway                                             (ALL 4, not for the light-hearted)

Reefer Madness …with the very talented  Campbell Family

Robocop: Prime Directives………………..b4 they Pluck’em

The Van..w/  early danny devito  70’s Cool.

Opera (Giallo)

Forbidden  Zone  (underground  zany ?mess?) ,                                                                                                     Who dug this crap up? ……….oooow!?! 

Stephen King’s Silver Bullet….

Chopping Mall       1986  ……Have A Nice Day.

BoonDock Saints …w/ the best bartender EVAH

Kentucky Fried Movie (Landis)


The Good, The Bad and the Weird



Can’t Buy Me Love…

Black Mirror

Escape from New York

Big Tub, Littall China

TPB: S11..

Silver Streak



1941  (..Holly…∏…Wood !!!!)

LVT: Riget   aka The Kingdom(miniseries)

Carl Kolchak:   movies/series

Vincent Price less flix

Gorcey/Hall shorts


Godzilla (ferris wheels bueller version)

C.H.U.D. 2: Bud the Chud

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (w/ humor..dennis hopper.)

Disturbing Behavior…toast came in how many flavas?

Where Eagles Dare

Kelly’s Heroes

Giallos back b4 mtv Giallos were slow cool now they’re ……..slow..

===G===>>=I am a Projectionist==========>

===Note to self: Twin Peaks Marathon==>


================LP’s Coming Back ??? ==========



I have never said Sorry to ALL the India-ns, for making fun of them: cumming, and ……again

So, ……………………I’m Sorry, Mr. & Mrs. Patel  !!!!

====so bored on the road……. sucks…….=====

=2 spoons come to a fork in the road=one sez to other: 2 go that way, i’m gonna go look for a klife…=====bad i klow====

=2 knives come to a fork in the road=one sez to other:  .. get the fork outta here…., i’m sill gonna shoot for the Spoon??                                                               ====or ========             go  find 2  Spoons==


Y’All B=Snitches whether or not u know it or siCare

they are reading / scanning all your emails phone calls  #   ………                                                 that even hint at me,,,,,

i am heir focus dear and sea shell                                                                       .. chopping them D …/OWN/ with the Edge of my  Hand                                                                                                                                                                                         they r red herring you all into friggin KNots……..knots they plan to keep buildin on ….your young or alcohol craven minds

imagine 4 more years of this BS…

—-Kids, this is why i couldn’t bring a kid into this SNAFU—hurled—.

OBEY ….  expect y’all to be “mannequins” to things,REPRODUCE ,,slavery redefined.?.Be Mute & S⊕ullute



Close to ∑™   close to sumtim


Where’s MY Friggin       Weed Date ™        Finder App?


Plausible Deniability….(the key and my peel ~~ –¬   (  ….mmmmmmm

sAssy whOlesomemess ®


I almost forgot my next Thesis title:


$$$$  $$ $  Alcohol Retard Nation  $$$$  $$ $


=====UK, The Mirror reflects badly on U2===





No Doubt this election was waged and won in bars across this lushly country… ever try and bring logic into a bar discussion??? (insert loudmouth ignoranus ));;;; low info/ high volume/little thinkin never mind critically…


============U2 UK===============

So Fuckin What who hacked who… (Red Herring)                                                                                             Hillary Couldn’t KO Trump.  Puss                                .Patty or Party Rehearsed


=btw, IC Another Lost Generation==Cheer-ios–>>drinky-poo<<==

Trump would say he and his cabinet are in the words of  VV’s character in Swingers….. Money

prob is they are all

Douche-Markk ERR zzz


Whenry Whill our collective Stockholm Syndrome Kick IN????  ?? ?

Baron Flan–i can’t AGO 55secs..let go of my EGGO…… waffles                                 …    .let alone minutes  w/o a LIE–Fubar,                                                                                                                                                               OUR NIGGA!!!!




=============@~stretching~@ true=======>>


Yeah, so on my up-coming trip i’m gonna look for cool                                                                    girls/ladies..@church

The only problem ……………………is….ya know….. that Jesus crap,


can’t we have religion ………….without a book.?

.. huh

Spirituality       U   (insert your own jewish yoke)


=========FU Holly & Drew Wood=================

btw, in psych class, ever see that experiment about the fruit on TV.., eh



My Ad-/Trulib/vice for Massachusetts Residents on the Eve of MJ Legalization…..

Take one or more Marijuana doses Monthly…                                                     ==>>>>  >> >  To give your Noggin’ a good cleansing.I Sing IT OUT ..Madly.

=======and May the Flower, I Mean the Schwartz be With You,,,,I got a very good deal on this Swartz Watch.. my son-in-law owns a dealership in the Valet..=========


==Read’em and Sweep heiL, I Sleep=====>>

am i Thong????   make Trumps’ embedhed picks joke

you ever meet a good lookin’ black narcissistic lady???   i swear they all think they’re Cleopatra…. intense hatred in those coals, i mean souls, oops, WHΘΘles..

===Read’em and Sweep he….-i-….L, Sleep=====>>



&How, the pUSs of the estate aglass oblique florida south…

they flow southward righty outta the geographic dick.. PΘP goes those wEASELs ) the strangest was the Rubio cubical kids like 15yos giving me shit…… Brainswashbuckling early …..(insert bill murray speech from RushNOMOre

and speaking of goin Puss to Puss… megyn taintD to                                                                                SHucker —>Strap-n<– Carlson


no thank you, mr. ackavanu.… amazin flick!!


notes lump

i’m a conscientious objector to Capitalism




heir & heir-doos R PathoSeptic and CAN Never Win a fair fight..PUzz




the theory always was that the left/righteous struggle was in fact circular….. and Putin and Thump meet where folks????

The Darkside of the Loon

Turn Off The Boob Tubes !!!! !! ! now the superfloo-u-zzzy newsy woozzzyz are ‘relinventin’ aGrim… who got relevant, re-inventing, superfluous???

 Front Row Seatzzp~~~~~~~~i~~~~~~~~ 

===== (Dim ∑∑∑ MSM ….  wHut, wHut the 1%Duties)=====


something nobody wants U to  C …  Fully

What is anything written by 421, Alex?






—@modR8—-suggestion=-Every state gets a bigger monument displaying names, info about officers killed on duty===== in return, please set phasers to STUN——-do they wear 2 guns or 1 and an anti-asshole weapon??——————————————-

I’m not against Flag Burning as an ‘appropriate’ show of                                                                  DitzzzGust….

I Don’t Think this is IT…,

In Fact,  Today… trying to avoid being Munsoned on Hicks Way

I empathized how the ROTC-ers must be feeling NOW  ….

=========First Amend DDis=get my attention===========

I don’t ‘wkno’ a thing about you, bust I’m waiting Patiently for:


Oceans 7 / 11 Dank, UUUUUU?? Cup A Gin??

=====i figured out what the ‘deal’ was with that strangely not out of place guy in KW that wore face paint / make-up to look like i thought was Flea from peppers… now i realized he was dressed to look like a Rooster…. cock a hoot a little …initiweight cloaking                                                         …beam me da fuck up… snotty ! ====

and speakin’ of ‘cocky’..….Now…

@ Fox Snoozzze,:    ‘Democrat’  ‘strategist’..      Fuck    N.     Foolery                                     wears a Strap-on bow tie to show he’s faux 2 & 2                       (peace sign then backwards like  that cool cat,  chuck coolery)        heir here ,  do as i say not as I hairDo …….. just pulling the Woolery over ..whom?                  …gonna B Busy Beezzz,,,,,Waxin’,,,,,,                      ,,,OBTW, ,,,,,,    i’m lust pullin the coolery ova yas

=======cuttin back on the my neo= nazi rhetoric  cuzz  pointless..til it is….. hands wringin’


Rhetoric   …………….                 Seashells @Sea


==========  antici-Patience       =======settin inn==

Kudos to Florida’s Beest Band @ chillers wed  .23/:11…Dirty Dancer fans… seems…        Tough Crowd.. (Rodney…D.  ) ————–


Speakin of FL, I saw a preview of Al Gore’s soon to be  sea-¿quelled¿

An InConvenient American Pi..…I mean, Truth….. ==============it’s Called………

======It will be the South Rising Event…….=====A Healium Momentrump ======patience, patience sweet patience..========


anyone…….????  Sea Below….and ALL Over… Check, squeeze meee…



It’s gonna B called:                                                                                                                                Lights,……. ‘Role’ Camera,……… Action!======>>




Business and Government are not supposed to B  Bros

…one’s supposed to ‘Care’.                                                                                                                  .. the other only ‘Stares’

                                       down over

                                           dare PIn-No-Key ===Θ==⇒    Knows

======&===i==A Pearls ..Daily 24/7/365/SO-FU=====>>


=V==Mira…===Mirror…What has become of U?…                                                       Does anybody else…feel the way i do?… one sunny


                                                             Calm…Mess …. A  (Bounds Me)   

.Fini oBlando,,,quips……

knights library—- closing while i’m stayin out back …smokin..

B=Lame Bastards.. Alcohol-Wicks

you get what U stay 4 (sorry, no time  to peruse the millions of new places even if i wanted to,,,,,  the tolls here  increased 3-4 fold in 8 years and they put more shit malls  in every open area…                                 more subdivisions/parking structures.. … all over… ⇒… ‘mucho Duh- Air-NO’ ,,,more air congestion…                                                                     which means BIZ   needzzz more stylish outdoor patios     (cough)   to breathe in said,    SUCK-CESS … moronic=stinky idea…. 

I try to always lead a force/source nare off hourse—> h2o  hear  butt crackers R afraid of the                                                                                                     ‘Mo∏’=====  ~~~<~~~<~~~<~~~~Gators~~~~>~~~~>~~~~

–>>push people pinto Poverty and then cry  ‘Fowl’-(smilin’)—(R)-Fl.-                       bred nazi-backed propaganda;;;;;;;;;Thum(P/F)…


When your car has an escalator to sit in.. you might be from south America?/  no C –>>tint             and an offensive driver


UCF….has waaay more clubs/bars =  means less camaraderie-… more clicks..harder to change/develop cross section dialogue                                                                   ..everyone gets full car heavy tint.                                                                        what R Massachusetts laws…note 2 self


My final Florida HRant i’m nuttin dare=

@Susquehanna Hat Company…Slowly I Turned…

JackKareokeOn The Road, Never Again…

The Quiet Bee Leafs...told an awesome one liner as i passed the xmas tree place in amherst…but it hurts me to censor myself cuz MA legislators will no doubt use it against my dream  coming through   in 2 – 1/2  weeks    legalization

Waitin On A Bust

UC, iF             I          had any TV exposure, you’d call… be different…                      C what/who the media creates as Hero sandwiches..jared yoke…

How Many Times CAN I Say this… and doesn’t it disqualify the entire media Planet..                                                                                                                  I CON=zzz=PI-RAC===>Y….(What is Heir Excuse, I to I ????  ?? ?)       Þ)                                                                      – IComiCp,AL

====Israel Hoover: ME==============



Constantzzz’m’Aaisement V=Owl :<  ~~ .I’ve Got My   I    I    On   Uzzz

Can we agree, if you haven’t EVER heard of ME, here in the US…..

Then you are either a typical Liar… or NOT voter ready… clueless..                                      like me and the female -‘thought process’…

you could have a field day picking me apart, if that is your choice.FU 2

My point is… if U ladies treat me like every other guy…BYe..



you should ‘knwo’ who/what i am and my social retard~ation~


So, if you see me and put up your normal..Front…                                                    KISS my B=ass… cuz You aren’t worthy of my MIME

=overalls==Florida has changed 4 Worse ….                                                       Daytona has really changed for the worse….Xcept no building shit there!!

hooker PropositionD whilst in da Oyster Hub,,Pimp, followed afterwards… seems like gangs b=rOam this town now,,,,, Poverty   Poverty, Poverty…

==Yes, Florida belongs in your dearaskewmirror…                                                                    ==I Care, from Afar.. =U?

Diff country then just 10 years ago… all the old tactless folks keep dying givin heir kin money w/o any tact 2..spurs more rock/\hard.. arrogance.                on Second/Third base thinkin  U can hit…


=still=trying to find a Tru diamond====jaded view ,askin-U

==========sorry but i have to get this all out!!!!  !! !==========


A Socialist’s Plea:

Kan’t We ALL B Middle ClassY


=========?,  classy classes will B offered..=======

====Fuck, Building Walls… Tear Down the Pillars of Ignorance… Piece-fully (I Wule!! snick==>>R)                                                                           ==Dr. WEvil, RU Takin NOTEs????  ?? ?==Scotty,    ZZZip..====



Good Night and Good Luck,

ERMA reportin til AFT- A    ID-pediMENTAL Peachy MINT                                                       (impending impeachy-ment)

4 more RETARDS !!!!  !! !  sorry, develop=MEN=t=ally challenge=Id  (freud ID, doFUSSzzz  

How ya like them Peaches, W/ dim ∑∑ ∑ cream?



It came to me White Aft a 4:20 Carwash…….                                                                           Lucy, Tweety Miss YA All-sWeddy ….. TPB S11…shart tank to S12, 13.. my ideas are  free…….

The shrilliance of heir KISS approach to $20  F-Up:


They finally put Gerry Electoracle Meanderer to full use…                                        slight of hand-l-bars=alkies pivot to the KNEW SHRILL:                                               SH Hillary IS   da rare and formerly thought to be extinct…                                                                         Fall/Winter Gal

  (KEY-SERvant like Trump’s buttler SooooZEN)


Correct MEow , If I’m Wong????  ?? ?

I was ‘asked’ if i thought the election                                                                                                                            was Stolen.(by D MON)????  ?? ?

I:  you canNOT ‘steal’ what u already OWN

chads ta  dumb dads… what’s next????

======Funny Woody scene that has many red flaggs–>>>

WTF, the only ‘Winner’ was                    Woody.Allen …. 4 …..Bananas



Free Press, they talk about here,                                                                                                 I’m the only Truman with Free  Pull… unfiltered NY-uck=ly

So, kids the Machine showed itself & kicked your ASS with the Bern,,, Now, they’ve shown their innards and they spawned ass blasters…  like Tremors 3..~~~~~~blowin~~in~~da~~ wind~~                                                                              who ya gonna call ?

————Clintons can kNOw—–Fuck OFF with (t)HEIR–Millions, Political Fucking Pays WELLTH… —–                                                                                        –once aGIN, 8 weaks til we can  say   STFU, B buy buy bought long agoooooo   on layaway


So, Trumpies,                                                                                                                                     Your Rhetoric, better turn out Peaches, (sad-WE) ,snicker..                 cuz,   your kids are REALLY Paying Attention to ya NOW                 you would’ve complained for 4 plus years of DEMs..                                                 now YOUR empty-headed rhetoric will be on full display….                                                                       CHEERS



Squips dump…….



The Trumpies CANNOT NOW pick and choose his hits and misses…. cuz..

They will show us                                                                                              how Morally Shameless Broken they GR IT,                                                                                                                                                                    They OWN IT

Half the population here just had their anti-depressant dose increased…

Dear Mr. Trump, Responsibility is a HEAVY _________

Saw a ‘komoda dragon’.. turned out to be a huge orange joweled Iguana…

Duval St.:   “redneck” w/ girl  sez to her…

….It blew my mind…

I said :   What, did you fart  ???

(C ass-blasters above)


He wants to Jail Hillary !!!

Kids, Listen Up and Hear me Here:


Debbie Washermachine spit out hillajoke… and we all pay,  FU, You $illy Bunt..

now kids, the Democratic party is at fault hear me now and thank me nevaahhh… The Repukes have already been  shown hear to be Douchie WhiteWashooooosie..

So, that means GO LEFT !!!!  !! !

If the term Socialist bothers you… change it to, say.. Humanitarian Party

========Key South=================

.the Roosterzzz Really Rule this Town..

… prancin round with their mating calls

(get a watch, will ya??)…


I am disgusted with the nightlife here, gonna go on the 6 hour adventure ultimate tour @Fury in the next 2 mornings and i’m mobile again…

I just wanna say that the majority of ladies here with guyzz are giving me signals left and right,  WTF

why are you with these DUDeS????  ?? ?

What do you expect from ME???  3sumdimfooey?                                                                    Co-Dependence is an Ugly trait !!!

So, the KKKicker  was tonight… i”ve cruised the Duval area back/forth with no sign of BEAUTY

So, i get out of the car and start walking the route… YUK…..


I am hearing one of my fave things.. drumming

There’s a black dude with some 5 gallon buckets

Whippin it UP… I gotta tip this guy… I walk up and emphatically tip him as i walked by…..he sez thanks and i give da peace sign……

I took like 3 more steps and this 60ish  ‘biker’ t-shirt wearing POS says to me:  Whigger


today, one day later, i’m in DD and the staff is all nice black folks..this 60ish T-shirt guy was disgustingly dismissive of them… ‘Pathosetic’ People , I Hear                              ..the staff brushed it off. by not even recognizing it..kudos!!!!  !! !


If you’ve seen any of the pictures of me here ==the “tricks” peeps use to “discreetly” take my pix/vid…

Kinda perverse, B’s.. both genders are guilty..


my point: I have (Big C) Man Boobs… Kaitlyn J. would be jealous… it is anecdotal my connection with weed and man boobs… see ladies, i feel weird when i have the boobs in a tryst..

my point is jokingly, to say, ladies smoke weed…..



=========a=movie bit============

a dude who was at the end of his xxx auto membership and he hadn’t used his 421 mile tow..                          . So life sucked where he lived…

So he drove 420 miles  to the Fig city  and got some Funky Monkey.. .LOL..

all he has 2 remembers IS 2 call                                                                                                                            and say  he needs a tow….home============




Greetings from O-Town..                                                                                             …reflections of a Kkkiwhite  place

kkkay, I’ll B Back @Fury  (my underwater pix were terrible)

Key West is a Hampton Beach,   South,, diff.. is only a hop, skip, and in this case, Lump ….sum KKKinheritance

From White Trash—-> White Brash!! POSs

the non-bartending locals are Awesome…FU Cunts at KKKat 2sday (PO2stains).. go work at VIP down the your acting is more conducive to whorin’

and with all the shit “layed” on me in this town…..

i show the greatest empathy for things that i could care less about,,,,that’s how u  fuckin ‘own’ em….

tbc… porsche, piss. bitch, “is it true that you cut your dick in half?”


my nickname here was/is     Justin     Case    …

. well i think this is why  I  i    Bee ..Bumbly.   ….==>>>Humble                                                                                      after he  did come out of the mirror                                                                                       Donald Pleasance, where were you when we needed ya… RIP    

cuz now,

Case in ice we    r  sooooo fucked……they are gonna do sooo much greassssssy shit …again/status quo will move waaaaaaaay right cuz it is downhill for the righties…greased slide…..

this has become a Final Exam for the Capitalism.Experiment…P/F

FDR‘s second bill of rights…should be the platform of future left parties…


crazy white girl on bike goin by 20 times, i finally joke…i want my 2 dollas….

finally a beerbelly of a black guy sauntered bye to get said renegade… i sez:   B meet   ET….


Bobo said the position is for “someone who is recognized not simply as a scholar or teacher or significant voice, but who is on a bigger stage, who is speaking to a broader public” about “the important questions of the day.”

Knock, Knock….==>>>Owl, WHO???? who wrote the book of love ??


=========Virtual Knock, Knock,===Camera meet  ‘Role’ ======

Mr. Chomsky ?

Hi,  Sir,…….    Got a few minutes to speak to US All

Q: What, in your opinion, are the best languages?

Q: Are there any  un-ambiguous languages used today?

Q: Can the English language be morphed into such?

If Not, How and where should we begin again?


Dank U


Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!