Here, Hear..the Court ..of Peers..Wishez to Hear… the $trange suit/case\ of …

                                   William  Higgins                                                                                                                                                       aka. The PunWishErr—>zZZ                                                                                                                                             akB.  421




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.                                                       truth  & B ShonED your Judgie WHo?


$ubversibly both sidez of the Case in a Kkknut$—>HeLL, your Honor


O’Day 22 where ru?



Domestic surveillance is the rare issue on which hard-right Republicans and left-leaning privacy advocates often find common ground.

-WHy ???

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WHoserrZ know where Fantasy and Reality coaLhide

send them down there to resolve shitt

==Minor Excuse$ 4 HumanZ=======sez Canary



“We need it! Get Smart!” – thump flip FlopZ hike a PUSSY     – UK


—Leave Me Alone, Slur======~


——from doc.-new drama.. Twatter Lives…..///WGAF/////?Phatter-? ———-WGAF,   the new gay radio station,—–gay as fuck

so much for using that acronym–who-gives a fuck–


———————–$ add $alt-right to wound—————

our toastmasterrs are permanently @Recesspool