For cl@rity, #^#give your word of mouth to me, mini

I will be dining around 4pm.


[No        Floundering FILLETS AlloweD]

Philandering, Wandering,

Tough Condi,


“Thank God, I was able to change my Reservations””””””

– Loop Buc  kkk..  . L


Can I Habitually Call You Sydney.., Hang Up.

– j_/kkk/(R)∃(D)

    Is a      Mirror Image of actual L2R, huh..j to right of kkk,

Bang Bang, ez err Klan finding suitable tree, religious Last Words.. representplant@tion.

Hues, $pit near or on ‘paLe $tein face”.., ___ Office Hours ovaH, o(L)aHf.??

Good Yob, M@.