soft seats at religous services / theatre ? ∀ $ubliminal string quartet….

This  Blog emBODies my  K/T INDER Players Cubee

it doesn’t matter where i meet my first in a SighL

They’re never gonna foe-get ….my Yoke….

No Malice in My Palace ….






what do you call a system                                                                                                                        that can be beat by a broken clock watcher  ???

Home…… Done?

=========Time $tand$ $…..till=????  ?? ?================

The “First” Seam ..APP=EarZzZ….

=====Bounce Pass, PleezZ==>===0


==================not socially-correct, i’ll grant hat.wouldn’t like that either….. hut i try…like some  haley’s chance in the                                                   comet==========@============== bowl

My Supp@rt is Here ..Suck My PopulAce ==============

70’s wednesday/thurs ??   Skin……., thin, sweet,?  i swanna …

//    2+ inches snow thurs 2/22


Why? Schedule a comedy concert at night  on the day everyone gets outta town   ????

mmmmmmmmmmmm !!!



a ship on the ocean…

{=======Trump FoolzZ==B.S.hip 666=======X======}

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/  ~~~~~~~~~~~~/ ~~~~~~~~~~


——Prob-leMming..—-I Bid/Call–                                                                            —–Ignorance–of DynasTic—DeportShuns——————–



what was the first thing rip van winkle said upon waking up?


I Gotta P  /~~  , do you validate parking ???

for kids.. I Gotta Tinkle


====young kids hopefully aren’t directly reading this…===Read Classics, not amateurs=Hen you can be Warped … !!!=


==⇓=18+===X-Rated thought process=⇓=18+====


Mother’s Mother Fucker’ ZzZ !!!   -=\.Be. Leave (Ev4)

mother’s mother fucker – _- movie premise and the thought process..probably already done… hates mother..won’t fuck her..the pussy he came from… butt he schemes to get her back by fucking the pussy she came out of….incest. ..yabba babbabay…

===fictionarium=======trumps son is born..he starts getting weird feelings…itz over after ?watching ? the pregnancy==(Yawn)====brain fart===>heck if i wanted a huge pussy,,i’d be with a porn star.. a PRO…(light goes on)=== Yuck

i hear!@ you’ve got a fire that needs stoking.. a extinguishin’? 

===me WoW=========em===?#!


Finish Line Ladies…Both of Us need to try s’more  approach…..s

==aftaSex’yDate’========Just Remember Ladies, I’m not one who you bring places to entertain          Socialize with other Alpha-S/$ =========Ya Think ÷==============


nothing against any athletes/team..really.. Pourquoi(¿)



never got a

∑..f(x)  =  $$$ …H a…..doh P –iay, ,@ IT,     [Dirty Pool] ……..R zZ



Wigz Trump running a ‘precisely’ timed multi-p/l ayered fear machine di$$  —t===> reacti..O..n                         ⇑  ⇔   ⇓

I Surely, Di$$ Trupt TrumPee../    ~… zz …KKnoW


everything is ‘Time-$en$itive’...codename  ‘HUE  GGGGG       to placate / PluckA,,,, da bass ..and minimize thought/.anal.y.sis/——————- Leak$

Fuck Time, if it can’t take a Joke !!!!


UMass, Aren’t women’s athletes seeing an increase in apps????  ?? ?

=iwas forced last week to go to cop station and try to explain to officer behind glass that I am… ‘Famous’ and hat …… overt actions surround  me …and keep an eye on my BACK i’m Autistic and —–   -_….Vulnerable.

===now they are double agents…. C ? scary thought that numb highR

——–Gonna B(R)eeD A Second RequesT–!?! ———————- i got punchED, hut now M/Fzz?

what Cha CHa CHAngez ? DumbA$$ezZ ..

=====just pluckin to another BASS======

==—-it will happen……Spoon






whenever the topic goes to dicks ..i leave,, but for this i stay, so…whenever i hear about what a girl does when in the moment she realizes his huge knob,  I remember Robin Quivers giggling and saying..uh uh..’where do you think you’re going with that?’..i don’t think so..i think she yanked him “and dropped ’em on the next block.”



========Fuck You=====the $light luvZ to Lie in Wait===

why these MJ comments @Me…


i like ladies 18+====id. legal=====

he ‘enjoyed’ boys 5-10==MJ fans..Sorry


.                  AchU !!

Yuh,  equatED==?=to a closed fruit loop

=======Fuck You.. Hugh Hefner WannaBeeZz