Can AnyWho Tell Me The Only, Only Reason tHat I 4Took 2Wit 1WiZzZ a…Far ??? ie….got diss far!

—-> I would never have escaped (still cialis drinking english for academic purposes essays research thesis on gst click here should a 14 year old take viagra math thesis papers seroquel and pelvic cancer cialis uk only source url stephen kings essay the crucible analysis essay paxil for insomnia cialis en linea londres invention of the car changed the world essay venlafaxine work same as effexor xr source site completely free history essays easy topics for a research paper cwru sages reflective essay compare contrast 3 things essay enter site see coursework tool 5 follow go to link info on aricept Haven.. not yet…)                                                   their Virtual…… Cube (movie),

anne A+ BeneFITzzz Kind=a=Game to them, A “life” to me !!

their Empathy was....whom am I      kkk-ID-Wing   ???

without my strategy, I never would have escaped thee Matrix of Cobwebs set=up=heir, Si, they Wield N$A letters like Cash to a,…. InfraGard..zZZ. Everywhere and AnyWho..they come into contact with regarding the “defend”ante..getzzz …and here’s where the students are “in play” as they are probably told by Uppies to pay no attention./we’ll handle this/me..defaming me in da process inferRED or exPressed, [email protected] knowledge is crucial to my case


If the ACLU is worth their Weight (wait,lol) should be transitively used in most Gang-Stalking cases…ie. Precedent.,,   cat..   /bag\

That is the Crux of the ACLU’s P-Paradox ie. being Just Centristic.. I’m getting ahead of the Game again~

====[====GOV/BiZzZ/Organized Religion/C.O.C./……===]====

CuzGue$$WhuttHappenz$zWhenTheyGetCo$zy ???

DefamationNation   uppies yup, uppies..

Example / Version 1

get detailed info on “defend”ante from:                                                                        InfraGard                                                                (why confirm info????  ?? ? or…Who else is @complicit ?!?)                                                                                                                  BeeCause my plate is  CLEANzzzED                                                                       and their Hands are Oh Snow Dirty

Uppies, Yup, Uppies get info from GOV via $$$ ==> /InfraGard\ and heir $ilk …. managerial wise tell underlings as little as possible while still alerting them to the “defend”ante.. thus creating a potential for skullduggery/power trip/bullying by numerrous employees by talking trash about and casting aspersions to whoever will Listen…                                                no checks/balances anywhere !!!                                                                 after hours lips be waggin’   …..

# the good name of the “defend”ante

and  after 10 plus years of such at B and M’zzz across this Beautiful Country….My name/brand is/was

Literally MuDD …to $$$.      Si e.    GOP uppiezzz.

whils(t) still being bullied “forever”by operatives of GOV who use the same unchecked gossip spreading…/ aspersions/..get the Chromacolor !! $hameLess Me$$     ACLU who?  

They AllWays push you towards more bad decisions / situations and  Heir people, (think about how many people U know, that are “Free” from pressure from “superiorzZz”???)                                                                                                                                             ..all Snowing…ie. my keystrokesNOW...den

LoosenED lips here R  mandatory as Shatan’s Shittle ShLeppers need to blend in  and make heir puppeteering cost A++ffective

Hence 4th and 21,  I knew my weakness was Communication….

Si, I am at a Great DisAdvantage…around peeps, (t)witch is when they send in the A$$Clownzzz and HoundZz

Ware, and How (raise your Right Hand, … take off your Hat!)                      will they use NSA letters and Heir GOV (knot ours) to MANuFACTuRE distress and pain without and this is their justification for this kind of TORTuRE..tort reform can suck my weiner!   No-Touch  Torture                                                                                               ..your work/company can ….and usually is complicit..hut all they Ever need to shoe is a horse in your previously stable environment ..EZzZ pickingz$z…

# destroy your Good Name.                                                                         could be said that’s a Show/Bizzz…

DefamationIsAsAmericanAss…Fast Food

Peace#[email protected]


Answer is Quo   Obvious….

They are at this Bevil ,                                                                         $$$willing to sell their Grandparentzzz to get DDirt on Moi…

Think About Data Day or Moe


btw, GOVernment…U Know My #…. Call Me………Collect !?!

==ACLU==i called again today and Left a message with Secretary to call me…getting



answer is obviously…

Choose Your Battles Wisely and Your Confidantes, Few if any !!

===I said from the Heart.. Judge Me ?Lonely? By My Results===