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Bahamas, CMIIAW ?



Twice Vaccinated:   Me.




To enter Bahamas, i need a labratory based CoVid Test

and another upon landing

P/Fail.  //   Get or Stay Out


if allowed in:

 Test:             Day 4, Day 10



any fail:  Quarantine !


my tot;      “if A/C breaks or… Quarantined..”



Welcome to   Cuba# Chi n/a

Potent Pissed Off -Tables for 1000, Alex


Question Appears




Bar  Louie ?











Mr. Connery !





Connery;   that’s not what your mama called me.





Alex: Ha     ,Ha. Your Answer. ?




Connery:  What was the Question Again ?




Alex:     All Right, Anyone Else ?






Alex:        Einstein !?




Einstein;    Oy Vey !  Me.




Alex:  You Buzzed In!




Einstein;          it said ‘Buzz’ !




Alex (chuckling):    Mr.    PP,       Would you like to answer ?









   To ¢(+)©0NNECT        Huey    &&     Duey









Alex;    (looks       ‘centrist,)            Judges ?




Alex;      that is surprisingly,         CORRECT