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Me0   Vs.     Æ,   Holy Woods, unholy sarong$$$

Admission is free speechLess

Codename Big Fish

Taint Me’ Pur…v0    N$@ Director’$ Chair

; Regarding me

It is weighted down greatly,   by barnacle agendas

My  Lecherous u.Boat.       ~ KkKlingon$$@

《all ways full of bs 》\\   __________________________  //


Happy Holidays,

most questions this year as always goes to who saw me lately…Hey Lady!

Or any 0le


MIC accountant

Psyche..Found money drawer an added

22 Silly___billyS

Happy how many Pearl Harbor Giveaways included.00


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Biden, I mean hillary…

If Black folk only kkknew… the numbers…

Food Stamps over Israel Funding hole hollow biz



Pro palestine speech defined as anti israel ….thus,          a crime?





Trump was talking about himself…

We demanded Drain the swamp…

He he he

He’s been literally going to all politi……co§ and flushing all the toilets to keep his first campaign promise.  Flushing the swamp from the inside… we'(R) #1

//   @ Piss@H…÷÷÷÷+  ‘D’ stud….ent

/Literally//Honey, it’s all a $ham. (Boomerang)

FEAR of a Bright Country.

I teach by example.. ? exemplary ?


Real Time ¢Hex

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A Scul_ture. P

========every breathe I took, everymoVe

Winning Percentage Gauge imh…lotmfn


Can you hear my kkknockers ^*

Bran & Dough.lessen.on

0ntheoneHand$$$.02 DDounty

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RFunctional Insurrection.

//insure rectum…. all

_Preferred Perception_

===Barbari….._=======》@ctual tiffany jewish tu$

Hear no evil, see no evil so ….stfu.02