White on Brown Rice Crime, Who’s to Blame…… ? Jeff Ross who must get hit on by alot of gay guys..cuz he.. made the joke… kinda like finding a straight white guy nowadays””’


=====Serious as a dickkkk in my @$$=



These smaller kids are  ‘Still’ getting                                                                                                          Bullied into …..sub..Mission …’GN’

ONELY  Recourse becomes joining them…………

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this topic was brought backkk cuzzz no diff!!

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National Security with another Viet Cong in search of POWer

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theBbounty on  mini-me must be as big as ……..

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I set the  bar  ∏     //    ∀ mounds ….. JJoY


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My Insanity keeps the  Real World SANE