Vs. Buff

first quartR:


whatz upp????

d……. fencing


not going heir..t and c  oops

pitts agin

//Fascists K…k…Kn..own 2 burn books                                                                   ..Rationalites might  say fiction is not friction but a means to new perspeck…discuss thing


history is probably tHeiR fave behind Religous..

Revisionairy-fiRst$$$ …..i had a division,,,vision

Re: vision…. Aye Aye Exam..

//oh this Fascism is a phase> huh ?

//FU Now PreCedentL…..washington, george yolk

=========3 Love==know more?========

How’s Stuff,,,in..going???===How do they reconnect their reality path with realwittys’ ? do they def rot from attrition

bt game…====

======i have eternal truthyfresh======



1st on butler

//we r gonna kneed fencing masks Soon!

=====they still ASS Arrogant Now ??at your houseparty


no sound no FG??  //6-3

///  in   Vegas encore poor rusHRated Raiders

butler hike! like

brady hunch….

guiseppe’s pizza ??port orange??

=======weed break TO…TD????

nice coverage 2

==10’s !!====

How  do you sue the media for                                                                knot covering shit..they don’t      0-0    bike !!

=nextus==diss Penced offence // weed?// no passing game? //seperate joints nowdaze,,just trying not 2 spray wit//oopH

when is the first Western MA rec. mary lane shore ..getting a high tide/?/

nice form grandma

nice throw grandpa // not from my perspeck

k faulk jr.

just as good as a perfect one

======RE: Fresh ? RU?====

anybody coming home to amherst for new year’s? lol==where would we meet anyway…?=

can this be read live thru stadium infrastructure ?  blocked?

========who Loves USall ??==first non-anonymous donhateIan >$4.19 gets drinks w. Me in Amherst, MA===

anonymous doesn’t ream to B AHnonymous enuff!?!!

check, Please!

=========nice job all roadways to plow/sanders.. ===

division hell gamez

qb boot

not now

nice footing… like me… high ground

24 with assist// same re: sulk as me

====they shorten 1/2 time..dammmm


sugar me croissant…. poponover


luge olympic hopeful..FD +

====knock on wood==========

hello, jeff.,//jeff,…what?/ jeff. jiffy for smart ..‘moon’ ‘the stand’ egg

golf clap // brady hike

//Giants of  NYC…Jersey?  next weak// big blue where RU????

calmness of it ALL

//      2cope with 1 hope

//  and  then there is butt one 2 best…

// friday next .??   .with ‘Tiny’ lol ….walling holyhood ltm

//   mesugaruknow me ….WoW

///=yoke aHurtL==kids don;t Do nuts this..lol==                                                   =at my  a next …..Bat-Mitzvah              ======>>                                            He…il==ask Israelis about their Home Draughts?!!!Beer, More On than Thump Tack , he thought they said Tact..b!sharP// ton


//    WaRPeace to all you H/Bonkers fom Yonkers 1pm$unny

///honkers meant to me clowns maybe sublimin ally it hitched a ride on my recent analysis thesis ..pape

///don’t like to pile On to my analysis of US policy..

///except holyhoodtwinky==and little B-ratboy, TV $pokeZ=



===back to back 42it if Wif_    ;          i