TNF watched @ McCarron D….

  • Gotta walk to bar to see..

Flight #1.    not for Hours


Rivers …..Dry

2 int’s  already.. I saw last one and peeps say it’s his second


Back up QB’$$$… Premium.

On that sack….Lucky to hold the ball..

_______Tough Crowd___________________


10- 0 Las Vega$ via Oakland


Btw, I am still here in Vegas..thus the comment..


No scheme to…

Then they did

TD #1.    2  in .    QB rating 50/50

Perfect is 20/20… j/k


Sorry,b4, I got today info is


Still recovering.




10-7 Oakland


Gotta see Doc…______. Tired


How do the coaches feel about me ?


I’m pop rock culture.  //you make the call…

Your Door way or DDoormaT …?



I thought I heard the announcement for

Buckwheat.  Chuckle


Does Nicholson somehow make a cameo ? (Rhett)

.. didn’t read it


I will fade from terminals…. once I …

P/L/0 Aid


More TV screens 4 me at means more ‘useless info’ in

Correct ?


17-14 Oakland


My greatest

Change HeiR Time ……ng.


Sometimes they get


Indecision drives ~Allies NuTTT$$$

& insurgent$$$, huey=====



1/2 time


Like I said


By th@T comment.


Are these teams equal ?

=====2nd 1/2….

So, my itin has me at LAX nexus… Future GF maybe in that house //..loci works for me.


If you approach me b4 I get paid..

Obv…. Bonus Points

In my.        headroom, max


They want to change my programming schedule… talk 2 me…….ya $light


Pressure D… Raiders making a statement.




Sadly, my plane in 15 minutes


I hear Oakland won.