think of all the LV-ians who see me and know ?

Who’s Bad.

i’m shy and not a threat to anyone…// ok, i have Fire Breathing.Speak

avoid trouble, kind to strangers.

===sounds religous ! ok, only agenda, we are all equal, in theory.

thus  a Standard of True Living.

they won’t admit THAT !!!!  !! !

Please, no Sniping!<<<=============|hotel garages|

as a hot car goes across the top of a garage.


Btw, Vegas is small.  i’m 3/4 down the strip and the airport is a long ‘daly’ drive

over the Westin bouncing off that parking lot ..&..kroll, right where he likes it, as he walks the last 2 blocks.

& Mulaney: Once Again: Go Fuck Yourself.   -Great Woods, lol