There Seems To Be A Disturbance In The Force !!!! !! !

Hi, Sir…William Higgins
Tue 10/24, 3:57 PM

I was in your office on Monday..10/23/17…to discuss the real possibility of me filing suit(s) ( @/vs. TBD) very soon….Before the holiday breaks at local colleges and the students disperse !

Basically, what I need from your office is first, some expert assessment of my Situation.

Secondly, and most importantly, is a process for college students to vent about their treatment at the hands/minds of the “Totalarian” (their words, Not Mine !!!) Establishment Present in America !!!


the  Mistreatment Of Me and others who don’t follow “Heir or Heil-like” Path !

My Fans, whose average age is approx.  college age. , and being associated to me. ie,…..Getting Named on My “Commie McCarthyism List” as a friend or associate …In Reality, IT

is Criminally used to impede  any Advancement or  Future Potential.( whether exPRESSED or Inferred )
in Corporate America Today…cat’s outta the bag, Now!

Sounds to me like I have a “blacklist” , in essence, that they were too “drunk on a lot of things” to avert..

Hence, My assumption is that this is a Per Quod actionable situation !!!!  !! ! ??

The “kids”  Obviously Demand that their Anonymity be Guaranteed  !!!!..(? Possible ?)

Thanks for your time,

William Higgins