the Roast….was it worth its wait ?

// saw most of  Caitlyn’s TS set … ok, ok, so Penie O’ Weiney ghost now

// caitlyn cut off her root to ‘g(r)ow inwards’… and now she’s just a (dick)       tree hugger

//Alec … cringing over     Another Bro’ he CAN  NoT˜Talk to’

//i  need more info. ⇑ steven, i think he still talks to… pee power vid

// billy (R) ?    how many more ?

replay 4 me… same 4 wt…



@Paltry SaiL …….  Price 0      ‘ \\Lone ©row// DDue….Zzz


watch a replay of a replay

=========so, here is what i’ve heard so far:

talk fast

gonna try and Makeo …. this Hotley Fool

=====oh, oh, bcM=======

hence, Quick Entrance .. Sensei.

[[[[[[[[[[[ My Temp.  Quarters,  ]]]]]]]]]]]] Let’s [Roll]


====it’s tuesday 4:54pm… 9pm start b4 crowds..

<======Done and Gone by  Zen.. //Dog Gone by Zen

tuesday….. can we allow …….. accordingly ?

=====you look better if you …..=====i’m not your enemy

the peeps who pressure you (R).

==2’sday===            No Excuses Tourrette’s========


fishnets in the  afternoon… =practical=reaction-al=sexy=depends

yeah   full of holes reminds me of our national thematic prose



———–Outer Banks:  Bridge of Sides—


wicked extensions are fleeting.. mumbo

jumbo is my middle name














































[Wavy Jumbo Gravy
















|trash compacto|