SB 52: Tower Full Deck

Jokerz ??   FooL Monte…just makin word shoop…….s  hoop 



They must be feeling pressure from All $ideZzZ  about “Problems in seam..W it     T–/  /—our Kiddz !

King Me… My A Queen seems to be ????  ?? ?

Either you know about me or not..// 2 kinds of People


their_EZ_circumventing_$_courting_Legal_G_round_$urrHounDing                                                                        (Moi)                                                                                                                     is Lonely making me (R)~itcher~

====noon checkout mime


Cards are being shuffled under the careful supervision of                                                                      Drs. Howard, Fine, Howard

Just realized that the 13 card is….the King 

=================Pats deferred on the opening cut….===== ==== =======So How L   ettuce ……..Play @6:30pm ta day….====

The Eagles Soar in hoping to  Score Often …


=====The Wall, l ….the Panties must come down to earth==

lots of fuck me outfits \/  surround with …YKH


gotta get a few winks..


i need to get my pillows fluffed by hex weak


hear XO’s

strt wtf

spread’m out run

somebody picked by 2

run and run and play action not nec. that order

big stop for only tree

f00k mei mach’in E major

cash homie !

brady @ full deck in minn

over pursuit

rb who catch everything…

no edelman

Gronk and Shine //fine

eat me

halftime..bore ?


ouch…blount, long having fun

underthrown but no madda


brady        …../……..cooks?……..\.H

hear t hey go

cooks needED

kiss my biz-mess class – a social whist….bidz, ?

==I B ==a prince w/o my schwartz Ring==

D’P”Amen”‘  //””

no penal tiez

bowling anyone ?  4 hour wait. i heard wtf pinz

anybody gone to ER with laundry pod up their …?

wow D====D=====

9/6 not 9/3 ouch


poison… eh?

MI:421: Ball ‘z Out

out …done for year/game*

next stup

stop hut your DeWin’

behind the rec was a few throws… WTF LoL

on Long 2   …pursuit ? over butter fingerz..//      huckle ..C

white slacks after November…. WTF   butler going to be elsewhere

whew ova trow…


what a p/c!


28-3 /////just laughin’


pineapple express the bunker….jazzy

chris who? //

defense betta get 3rd and 4th wind tonight.


looks hike hogan danny or dust


7;24 left half


brady drop, yup

he’z having fun

breaker breaker we got a break

So Klump, is still gonna try to move israeli embassy, build a Wall…Now

playing into the True Left… (rhymin’ nation? biden)

brian cox relative ?

Wicked  Run

Pressure not……. psi


2 min warming for smoke  Aussie…

murdoch aussie #roast #$harkTweakR

Shit… brady drop…..karma

Beast Mode



1 more STOP  oh my

21-12   // welcome to twilight zone Side 2 track 1

brady drop foles TD



poseur of himself ?

anything but listen to Diss

morris day just threw up

good thing he paid for this…efund!$~

Philly fans can have him !!




they are amazing people…//first responders

it’s the peeps they enable…

those who project heir laziness to poor….

yup. Rich are just as poor..(in totality) ?

// ? hiccups the ka..zoo …..


2nd kraft

=============darn… gotta be betta

needed hat

good start …..

getting bored  bloggin this game..does anybody care today…????  ?? ?



still hear….


TD ?

im constant lie  being framed as Bad Guy, PE1                                                         [public enemy #1 @my license plate]

if that were true,….. [ imagine #2 ]


quite the nick depalo that sports talk show A$$





==========Cool til $atan’s Pissant ..@end

3:23 left n Q3

Excel p/c

anybody out there ..? on here that iz

napoleon dyno-manning

===4th Q===Pats====down by 3

ditto what i said about first responders

====what cities am i a hottie in ?, which should i avoid b esides the Carols, Ga, Tx, Utah, ….?

need to

awe yeah field goal kick….commercial…

burke danny wood Head

really nice catch

3rd down,   danny playoff

love that footwork the OT’s been taught to get back into position against outside speed rushers

50 min until first….breather

hannibal Fear Dumb is Saul they got wept against the wind..breeze….I.I.

where are the Philly bar segue ?//    lol

chicken ?  ..cheese whiz!

4 down area ..2 early ?

great game… ypg

bellywash … my grammy used to say

4 down territory til ……not neccesary now as FG is ok

these are empty solutions.. on the whOle  donations for purchases…

bombay buys meals for poor as promo (9 cents each ?)

gotta make FG…$hite


4th 2:21

No OT !

down by a TD to W.

1 timeout ouch

Philly is about to / ! \

BS  5 years .. thANGST Good Will Punting ..frustrating these

//  prop=dumb=agenda    mickey mouse duct tape $oulful Empty=Me$$

that’s my point ..just perpetuate the fucked up system

=============look out philly til wed, if…

at least brady gets anutter      //chance


open receiver

Belicheck is goin nowhere

Lucky :13


Pats make ‘Nother Average QB look like Peyton


======it was dare…!

——ConGrats Philly!Stay Safe, Cuz  and Family