I O…Live, Ladies…



Be A Doll and how about donatin  A Dollar or $4.21……..

Be A Cool Dude, don’t B a Dud..

Donate Please…. If you have benefited over the last 10 years

Please Resist (Dance) !!!!  !! !

Where Peace and Mind Overlap…Doorway up ahead .. Twilight Zone: Comic ReLeaf




===I===Twas askeD==&=foreseeably= Know I won’t be dating any hardcore black ladies  cuz they are Scary like that SNL girl in Bad Batch..I only watched the first 5 minutes..WTF.


to a Diss Play,  a Black Comedy .(BallWAYs Amends Badly) .                      .a…Mann Coulter soulless mess..                                                                                                 The Show’s about to  SHart   

this decadance is brought to You by Trump U…smiley faced graduate  ……..sez…….Now,……We Know SHIT!!…and HOw

               ..V…  ID eo (t)K!  Racy…..                                                                                                                     A Wink ChippenDale Production  

btw, that’s K factorial

a DEFinIte future thesis: K! Cult U R … No solutions on TV..and NO cryin in Baseball Si.. , GHOST OF Christmas MAY help in many wondrous ways but He can’t fix this  SNAFU people …no matter how much y’all Believe…not gonna happen ….

the looks i get;] …..like i’m duh devilD Ham  .  aka Spam                                          //   uptodate: worse now…i will say black woman can really show anger better than whitEZ   //ReallyUptoDateCuz B-Day:   So the “Achu”zz are giving me Gotcha, Gotcha, Gotcha,……and fist to mace Fall sayin GET OUT!..FU..btw, NO, I won’t be at ANY UMASS Football tailgates cuz the $/Pew changed tailgating in parking lots into a MOSH Pit of students in a prison yard like area  ..Guardzz.up HI..//      so was i bong???

Then the Black older folk give looks to ill….                                                   All I’m asking is for all People to make your own judgements…



that voting for hillary ova Bernie still makes me wonder if they would STill?   The church will nudge, nudge wink, wink..no need to (t)hink..==>>>….Tower savior from BIG Money.    LHen                                 (Inn O Reality sez he’s a Goodell-MachEvilYAWN,                                               a BIG MONEY saver…. ∑ = no change).                                                                          Biden with that pinko eye was stare E——-                                     I guess the Democrats promise all kinds of CON-Session..zzz..

A Socialist has KNOW CONsessions…Why?                                                                          We ALL WIN  //  ..Everything is Kinda Powerful… Hut

So, on bequarter of WhitEZs of the Bottom 67% of the TOTE’m Pole..WE are Requesting your HELP 2 STOP the INSANITY !!!!  !! !

Don’t listen 2 Achtung..[the Box]==>>..[.maybe cuz in a socialist world Religion has little influence]..YA Wink! …..  Sea the other side

====Real Peace fom …… KindMESS==&=Black Lives Matter !!!!  AND to prove it..Vote !!!!<<===FUCK (t)HIS TRUMP=MESS=

=====Oh, So on my Grave..I want engraved…                                                          I Tried , Every-time Y’all pay that RENT CHECK==Think About MEi ==================


[ Bikers For Trump ]

Kid driving behind   ZZZ Biker…Si’s sticker and thinks:

¿ Hey, Isn’t That Redundant ?




Please LMK which Black churches are openly supporting Bernie and not just the Dem candidate…Peace

=============Mei=lack of data=========

inert    //  Ghandi quote // all i’m sayin is KNOW your history








===btw, ====================================================the Resist Dance is ONLY Done in my Pants=Ladies ========= =======Oh Oh sO live===>>>>>>