Question Generated Spout My Ass !

posted by William HigginsNov 1, 2017 • 1:26PM
1 day ago
Question Generated Spout My Ass !

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(W)Right Tower Ship

without Sinking


????  ?? ?

Thanks for that Xquisite Quest End ; ).


A 3rd party backed by a Trillion.$$$….Socialist Lawyers Galore !!!

No BS, We All SHare a commonfolk RE-Vision !!!

=========A Snowballing Effect \

=UHC=No Homeless/Poverty====== >                      (0)







Cup ‘O  ..Cocoa …Some Herbal Thc

and weir dc off……

hog$$$ Tin Distance……


Why’ZzZ Everybody So Serious ???



////////If I get P-Paid !!!//&/////based on my upcoming case, ..



Start my own Socialist Law HardenED ( free services to You))                                                      #fight da Mann !!!

Sway Left of the ==Free Dumb===> ACLUe                                                         ..oh they know very well t-heir part in heir MACHiNATION



and yes, Socialists….(W)HIz  could be our designated Letter  (Scientists and edu Ma Crafted Thinkers..Mclover, Correct?                      …4 shore…….////////sorry hot ..lost in space between hear and earth)

BongDreams Hear t===>


(W)HI ZZz_ENUFF_ cases and TV Studios will be Built <5 Stories (sn)


HI…21.(Sir) Plus


America Bee A Woe-akin…


What’s the Buzz, Tell Me Wits A Happening ! ? ! (JCS)

And How Ya Hike ZamBoni MachWinnTosh 4.21 s ???

…Howd Ya ah Like (D)em        _______     !!!





<<========== Mailed to me 3 weeks later, 5 days b4 Election.. ====Hutt..I’M Live… Hoes! =========>> 

Why was this photo of my letter ERRased??                                                                        moore $hadowplayZzZZ @ Gov/Biz/bedbuddies… This is my [kkk]===>>>life

heir excuse is all swayzzz e sum unforeseen glitch in an  update somewhere  Hat just happens to coin=zzz=id e with your info …….obliviouzzzzzlye  ba bye miss take

[replace photo…if aclu has a problem…call me, Pussies ]


Load of MisDDirection


and bt..hay bye the glue house…

Gang-Stalking.. Has nothing to do with anybody’s definition of gangs… They R&D&$ Supremely A-Stare of Tits they SUCK

ItZ USA GOV [ KreeperzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ]ˆ3

there is Know Broom Inside the Box king’s x rules!


anyone else read the final …

Take Care

.as a


How Appro…Fluff R Butt Heirs ….Tanks for all your BackBone

Stay Away.. from street HalkerRs Collecting for Centristic BSerrs

=====>>><<<<Thanks Johnny Beaver…for that Hole damn Ting


========>FU Centrist Whores <=================