Gloom Shaq A Hackkk//P(ae)(R)$ like dunkin’ donuts


Baskin and Robbin

things that make you go……..liberty liberty, liberty

][agent shows up in my mirror on my wall][

Cover Hat, biG BoyZzz ??¿……..





==how many of my 1/2 jokes, quips, headliner$_———

Have yoU Heard repeated this year ?

trying to start a [family]…………….give a kkkcu’F’


Pearl Harbor Day in 5…

You think i enjoy my …


how do i get my deli # callED


GonG    2     THÆ    ($,ouR   + ©  + Æ)


you all hear me.

what’s up ?? ?


under your noses ?


come 4 you next.. history.

sucked air and meaning out of community

wherever they leech.

divide and get info

military grade schooling.0


israel is an inconvenient ‘red herring’ cuz they won’t stay there.

Palestinians        Mountain of Dew


Diss ¢laim  ∑(r)(R)



===Depp // and alien mj glove play…off?


Kkkeep up with the John$’in’


Do they have no feet on the street.

Healthcare  benefit concerts …… for everyone ?

adds up to static quo

========================! validity +/- ?

biden leads black voters…

no kkkno hillary frigate linerR….2020++++


what you talking bout, Ill us


skull and bones southern suppository repositorium [41st@Hell substation ~ ‘Sir Bling”s] playing ‘don’t you…forget about.. me.’ ¿by ..bye

Neppo: smoke break 9:20….open… bar, snort this that.. retort….snort, lunch repour.. poor.TT



if nothing else,  (R) = Repo men and bleep




forReign POlicy of IGNorance.. DDesisT



wild wild west and we are their grocer and creditor yet …

blinded by  delight …wow!// larry david turned over on his waterbed

we let go of right/wrong when they turned out to be like all religions

oppo   // $HIT


And their cheeky outlook got  …

Shaken  and

—>IT disturbed the Master’s sleep.                                                                                                                                [~James Marsden~ #Salem’s Lot]


ich bein……coke benz…. johnsin’

saturday in heir park plaza

========Huey sue us====dr. Suess

swear buy heir etiquette                           (Stars of Cosby)  ding a bling

[8 days without oil, olive makes me …..]

[Spinach ! on the set !]


Howell Cough

RU ?

                                                                                                             R&Dem ?

Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!