Plan(ET( 4 after 2,1))….where’s planET 3?



Hate, That’s No Plan!

Y’all need to use the Completion Backwards Vice Principal

…..Film @ 11 …..

and now back to ϒour regularly scheduled program,                                                                             The KashASS(t)Wins                                                               … already  Kin Drama

I O…Live, Ladies…


Be A Doll and how about donatin  A Dollar or $4.21……..

Be A Cool Dude, don’t B a Dud..

Donate Please…. If you have benefited over the last 10 years

Please Resist (Dance) !!!!  !! !

Where Peace and Mind Overlap…Doorway up ahead .. Twilight Zone: Comic ReLeaf




===I===Twas askeD==&=foreseeably= Know I won’t be dating follow link comradeship in all quiet on the western front essay russian guy dies from viagra finasteride or propecia go to link follow link essays about volunteering experience viagra a zdrowie follow url online essay editing websites cellulose bioessay inhibitor essay writing for teens how to improve education quality essay click here go to site go site viritenz vs viagra essay on medical billing example of an argumentative essay on education cialis mint chewable go here see timed essay topics enter diovan und cialis rx prices for crestor 20 mg follow link here any hardcore black ladies  cuz they are Scary like that SNL girl in Bad Batch..I only watched the first 5 minutes..WTF.


to a Diss Play,  a Black Comedy .(BallWAYs Amends Badly) .                      .a…Mann Coulter soulless mess..                                                                                                 The Show’s about to  SHart   

this decadance is brought to You by Trump U…smiley faced graduate  ……..sez…….Now,……We Know SHIT!!…and HOw

               ..V…  ID eo (t)K!  Racy…..                                                                                                                     A Wink ChippenDale Production  

btw, that’s K factorial

a DEFinIte future thesis: K! Cult U R … No solutions on TV..and NO cryin in Baseball Si.. , GHOST OF Christmas MAY help in many wondrous ways but He can’t fix this  SNAFU people …no matter how much y’all Believe…not gonna happen ….

the looks i get;] … i’m duh devilD Ham  .  aka Spam                                          //   uptodate: worse now…i will say black woman can really show anger better than whitEZ   //ReallyUptoDateCuz B-Day:   So the “Achu”zz are giving me Gotcha, Gotcha, Gotcha,……and fist to mace Fall sayin GET OUT!..FU..btw, NO, I won’t be at ANY UMASS Football tailgates cuz the $/Pew changed tailgating in parking lots into a MOSH Pit of students in a prison yard like area  ..Guardzz.up HI..//      so was i bong???

Then the Black older folk give looks to ill….                                                   All I’m asking is for all People to make your own judgements…



that voting for hillary ova Bernie still makes me wonder if they would STill?   The church will nudge, nudge wink, need to (t)hink..==>>>….Tower savior from BIG Money.    LHen                                 (Inn O Reality sez he’s a Goodell-MachEvilYAWN,                                               a BIG MONEY saver…. ∑ = no change).                                                                          Biden with that pinko eye was stare E——-                                     I guess the Democrats promise all kinds of CON-Session..zzz..

A Socialist has KNOW CONsessions…Why?                                                                          We ALL WIN  //  ..Everything is Kinda Powerful… Hut

So, on bequarter of WhitEZs of the Bottom 67% of the TOTE’m Pole..WE are Requesting your HELP 2 STOP the INSANITY !!!!  !! !

Don’t listen 2 Achtung..[the Box]==>>..[.maybe cuz in a socialist world Religion has little influence]..YA Wink! …..  Sea the other side

====Real Peace fom …… KindMESS==&=Black Lives Matter !!!!  AND to prove it..Vote !!!!<<===FUCK (t)HIS TRUMP=MESS=

=====Oh, So on my Grave..I want engraved…                                                          I Tried , Every-time Y’all pay that RENT CHECK==Think About MEi ==================


[ Bikers For Trump ]

Kid driving behind   ZZZ Biker…Si’s sticker and thinks:

¿ Hey, Isn’t That Redundant ?




Please LMK which Black churches are openly supporting Bernie and not just the Dem candidate…Peace

=============Mei=lack of data=========

inert    //  Ghandi quote // all i’m sayin is KNOW your history








===btw, ====================================================the Resist Dance is ONLY Done in my Pants=Ladies ========= =======Oh Oh sO live===>>>>>>




I need a C.C.  Lobster or 2   !!!!  !! ! // had 1, no butter


π ——-WTF=====-

after 2 years………     ∑  feelings  = 0

==========i can only act like i’m hot for a lady if I am…… I can’t FAKE IT…Hence, I’m only looking for someone who flaps my jack…. ======Avoiding #&@%&! is also on my brain===

=I=== don’t want to HAVE to grow a beard..


1-2 QUALITY Ladies…StunnAhs






stay away from Douches and their Hags

Ya know why i’m convinced Jeselnik’s a Nazi, He’s such a GASS——–



stow, lake boone

I am at a yawbus down in CC and this little girl and guardian were discussing the potato chips with sea salt and i said…close 2 this

I heard that If you hold the bag up to your ear you can hear the Ocean…../ the Guardian got a laugh..\ at least….



What do you call a scenario where a guy that doesn’t want me to fuck/ ………\marry his, of age, younger sister

Butt he wants to Butt me instead      ????  ?? ?

=============A Greek Bedding====================

If you put a Carbon-based Lifeform under                                                                                             Extreme PRESSure from ALL Sides….
It’s SURE to shit out Diamonds …………Frequently, Bitches !!!! !! !

=====BTW, HomeRuns Hear and In Personable are my D’s======


===&==the MSM is my Toilet Paper======== >

Twas I the One to make the MSM use the term CENTRIST ????  ?? ?

=====Maher, ….I’m Left!  ……..FU OllieGarth================

Now when i see Madison Ave using my slang patterns,,

It makes me step back and  …C==>….   /   Idiocracy by Mike Judge

<<=====C-4 yourself… Blow your mind====  /==============

maybe i should set up a Fundraising campaign for

Private Chill Living Space….

So, it looks like i’m not nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize  !!¿!! ………………………………….. again

My point being, I ndeed your anonymous foreign donations as US donations will be negligible…..

Foreigner   …. Prince Spaghetti or Ziti from Africa?                                                                                                                                 Call Mei, Maybe ????



Anyone who has “benefited” should…… Help !?!



======Yes, Republicans, When you look in the mirror…There’s your election fraud…then let’s talk computer company in charge…… Dems, …….II z on YAz==============

JOAN VENNOCHI of BGlobe  …                                                                               STFU you HaaaaaaaaaCK.. DNC/HRC/MAN sez IT’s in the email

check IT out

=======HRC has been the MANzzz Lapdog for S00 Wrong, ========Cut the Line….It’s a-nutter Shark==                                              =edit:  1 week lather==WT:OB-S4E7 Biggins, … i did========












Stop the Presses…. Hard to Handle,,ewww eww,,that Smell…

this is the fruits nuts of my labour over the last few  whateva…

this is the Tail of Pe Pe AchU

beware AMherstians he nearly got me and a few other AMountaineers as we traversed thee Darkened  Chasm …the taint…bleach…itz all white…  


….he rules these streets like no one… the atomic skunk….

edit: 9/1 I’m 6am staring at pe pe as he gets lost in an A pizza box on the barrenous strait when out of the taint comes a gallanting pe pe Le deux


speakin of Chunk…. Me,





Just Glad to CC party peeps !! long borin summer heart





What’s TextN?

What’s Next????  ?? ?

IDK     ……..   that’s the coolest party sass I leave the details to Y’all

MissionImpossible     Fuck Use(   R,D s) !!!!  ~~ ↑



Hey sUis


graffitti @ h2ofall/  ….    why do we lie ?

Top 5 answers on my whitebored…


Insanity (pathos)

Love / Hate

in Job description

Perceived Peer Pressure


we lie cuz ……we hate our TRUTH


=btw, Good to C that my pals trying to back moi R hacks=ru really tryin’?==


Eric Gales Rules ! don’t miss his show!!!!  !!

====Davy Knowles 2=======

HypoCrites…aka Haters.. “perventerrs” ..are rampin up Cher BS ...

don’t worry about your precious nightspots ..I ain’t no Socialite!

one and won = Won….digits be flyin @ gametime….will students be here for 1st game..26th…??.

21+ PLEASE have digits for me..a pix helps…




====Is this Summer or Fall ?? (Weird August in NE)=========


 Women  ….. Game Mon

Peel away the Night ……private “partying”** w/o any ottah guys….

C… I’m my own Weakest Link….no substihoot~

=====Vulcan “Peace Sign”===\\V/==


=gave away my playbook==>Adjustments R Crucial in anything>>=>

==Comrade Detective on Prime is Cool./.”Isn’t that, Redundant”./.==


—-why aren’t seamstresses called sewers????—–Sorry to all y’all————i’m not looking for a shitty one, though!——————–>>>


What might go through the mind of an ordinary e-liquid user/blower

==picture this: insert asshole’s, i mean user’s < WWF name >, coming down the arena Tunnel to a packed and screaming crowd of <insert user’s orientation> and he exhales a huge cloud #9 of smoke/vapor and then < WWF name > Rages 2

a Thunderific entrance wherevah/whenevahhhh

=======Quitting Cigs is Cool.. Rock On ============

i tried to check the trump news loop-duh-louie but once hit with these kinda “headline” polls……… stating

65 percent of Republicans would be in favour of postponing the 2020 election because of “Voter Fraud” !!!

my mind vomited !!!

=====but that’s their game steppin’ on our collective throats while we are perceived to be DOWN …bullypsych123


=======I M finally Down to ……….Lust a double chin=======

21+ PLEASE have digits for me..a pix helps…

for the Younger fans (MY fastest growing base…)

I don’t wanna DO Anything to Really Piss Them Off, once again…give;N way my Playbook !!!

I will have an ASK ME Anything…. drive thru in Reverse.. Lot 22

Anyone have an Extra ticket ????

Is Society or a Culture a Cult by def?

Well, Capitalism is Certainly the Phoenix, AZ ====>>>> Tacoma, WA      of All Cults…it contains Christianity and most western religions today…?donations are in what currency?




a specific system of religious worship, esp withreference to its rites and deity


a sect devoted to such a system


a quasi-religious organization using devious psychological techniques to gain and control adherents


(sociol) a group having an exclusive ideology and ritual practices centred on sacred symbols,esp one characterized by lack of organizational structure


intense interest in and devotion to                                                                                                            a person,idea, or activity: the cult of yoga


the person, idea, etc, arousing such devotion


  1. something regarded as fashionable orsignificant by a particular group
  2. (as modifier): a cult show


======Beast Soars=======GO GO Gojira===========>>>>  >> >



Swashbuckle: (Madverb)      after sex i sez…. I’m gonna Swashbuckle the fuck out…(j/k)

I should Wash, Buckle the duck up and splitsvilla



They CULT IvaTe,                                                                                             whilst I’m still Cult EvaDing   !!!

==and the winner in all this without doing anything new which is what they also do best…is=L. R. Hubbard….lol==heil author is dead who will do the sequel ????=====

===I to the E, T to the D==>>    ie, TD !!!!  , MOFOes !! Over=============>>Time=====ADRIAN!!!!  !! !=======




=====Centrists are still here even if taibbi’s right about centrism==

..a true liberal has disdain for monetary dogmas…

Centrist  =    CEO-Liberals                                                                                                                 

liberals who believe business has real world solutions for any/no budget…Do You Believe That?,… What is your evidence..?



(sociol) a group having an exclusive ideology and ritual practices centred on sacred symbols,esp one characterized by lack of organizational structure

i believe this part was questioned today… good starting point…..


our economy is our main lifeblood w/o,we monetarily “die”

so our structure depends on these sacred symbols Dow. NASDAQ,…….

Greenspan is our Witch Doctor

Now we have NO idea how our Economy REALLY WORKS …ASK??

but like a Slot Machine paying off,                                                                                                     we have  Shock Doctrines and all structure is

Blind with “EMOtion”

=====pissin up the drain into the owner’s box=========

So   , in ∑,                                                                                                                                           they have the system rigged around heir feelings structure means diddly…Bo

Then they wait on a winning Trillion dollar bottery payout that is inevitable cuz they create it the subtle changes they make to the rules they don’t like…  %$$ … never covered by MSmedia……

What Changes, great topic…not for me doh


“Me surrounded by Ladies.”

added commentary: :                  

Who R ……these Emotions ??                                                                                                                (in a seinfeld/kirk voice pattern)


the military breaks down recruits and builds them to be EMOsoldiers and that is a ……. for fightin the system… Would U like to know more ????




The Obtuse AcuteMESS


maybe i’m the only one with the balls and                                                             stick&stack                2 it ADD 2 it ADD – Ness.

EPA may be gone but biz-Ness folks should realize that the freight train of change ahead will make you pay deeeeeeply for taking advantage of USAs 4 year binge/hangover   I’m just sayin I’m Not runnin fot mayor or any other compromiserly    submissionary positions.    I am NO Politician…. I have too much stubborn  ntegritty

==Tom Kiefer was in town for 24 .hours===>>U should notice this  subverse hive is like the story hire UPS tellzzz USe and  LaiReality..

Bloom Taxonomy goes the Kid Dyno soar ova us


I’m definitely not gonna pay for pussy hear                                                                            why should I ????       



The prob with just a whisper of that falsehooded clan is they then can bareback unsubstantiated accusations that are sure to                                                           squirtin../,,,,,,>>

sow My, state of Aye unit address…

..                                          Jell0      Thank You, Goodnight !!!!  !! !

if any  males have had sex with me…speak UP…Chuck, or …..Ralph !?!

if, any woman has been paid for sex with me.. speak up...

——–let that pot simmer .======






rough….. OUT




you see, the only ones in ANY WAY surprised about my reaction were:

The people that are lied to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

the establishment present in america has been doing stuff like this to me every fucking day since college…uc, i have past every one of their “tests” with flying colors and they are far more devious than y’all !!


I’m Just Swayin’

=====How ’bout the NEXT bubble to Burst is Heirs????  ?? ?=======


Hey Waldo, I have No Rival in my Field O Vision !




trolling amherst lookin for a gOOd Prime;;;

illiterately… to ladies thought process


=====RIP, CC, why…====




=======so, i’m on tussin and weed, buckle up….=========

now, how would i expect the transition to go ????

…                               sum™ like bliss……

prez prints enuff monies to pay off any foreign debt….

and then prints enuff to pay off all american non-millionaires debts….

then everyone goes on siesta….biz will get the picture.

Acclimate or …fuck off

and move as we will become a self sustaining








Usary   ie……slavery   Banned


WTF are we …Idiots…..



==========anybody have ????  ?? ?===========

once religions name their ‘god’ …. they are a Cult



workin on a podcast kinda winghut



thump isn’t draining the swamp…he’s draining any good the gov does…he /puke/re/rere are making gov in heir image…run things incompetently and frig the consequences / not bizness zzz prob..



………………..tensions are why ………………so serious……………………..


what is there left ‘stand-in’ ??

edu  , as i meant all those, biz,.philosophy is BS…duh   corny

gov / polly annas in poly science


Madison Ave / MSM  ….still waitin for my interview/ cover story..edit:  WTF, Rachel Maddow CC centrist bunt,  gets another cover story…. needs a BS bump from that

FREE-asss KO            ==itchy suits===


males   they may have to prove themselves as real ladies                                                                           with soul to spare


Florida, Orlando and the blueprint for complete saturation of a once cool place….capitalism never sleeps and it has to keep spendin mo money, mo money on mo shit mo shit

health  they could care less

Capitalistic failures on heir Titanic

Military IC … fear

SIC  surveillance IC snitches

santa/easter bunny named BillO

=====me, me===>>tussin and turnin nites

==what’s up, what’s up..Hearty People in da house…..

some weird shit encircled meez todaze…..

WTF, did I Do Now   ????  ?? ?

why i’m gettin deathisms

i mean..i still don’t know what i missed…a poll ?? post senate hearing???

i’ve been harvestin g my beard with the cat who taught letterman to be a Quaker…



========D and C about DC=now,, is Nixon, Hack ????  ?? ?========da Godfather expects Loyalty==Mafiosoooo=


============me, me===>>========last friday=====

note to fellow dumbasses……

one hearty apple a day should nevooooooooooooh

be followed by 3 or more in 24 owwwwwers…

fun timezzzzzzzzz

====the hole bunch of them are Baron(s).. just mispelled



the kid, the sanest of them all…… irony of his name amongst the familiosooooo========

===now===i did’t want to talk about  …..butt he’s insane!===

remember G’sS….he’s got hair that seems to be a hybrid of frankenstein and a huge brillo pad .

Sow…he decides to trademark the “Devil Horns” look which he claims to have originated ?  note: I believe the 3 finger rock salute was first seen by D.R.  fans…my 2 pennies…. Django  


hey Milton Berle,    what is the (FMV) fair market value of a hand gesture????  ?? ?

(guess what finger i’m gesturing with and a little  birdie  will come down and give you 50 dollas)

===uncle milty lives!!==maybe find peace w/o the wallet==?


=================/  /==============


Tower MUDD…Led masses ….. hut Game is CON

What could go wrong in an area ruled by religion on the one………… slide and Gays on the otta ???? ?? ?

==and then comes a Star from aFar(t) ???============= ====== How will they RERE ‘adjust ‘ ???? ?? ?==

just connectED the frequentC Kenneth  dots… groups occur… label said groups accccccccccccccccordion=======ally… this is how to ANALYZE TUFF…

Straight males, DOn’t hang out with gay guys unless there is suckling going onswords….


They meaning Gays,,, Miss Divas!!                                                                                                              – they need their own constant .. Muddle Puddle…. !!


I have a low tolerance for BS actions….=butt==I’m sill here…..all summer…i don’t play  politics

=====so i see  a girl who i thought i had seen at BB..I would like to know her butt her first conversation with this Autistic is to tell a WTF lie…. (not realizing, off course, that i could never believe a single thing she ever said in the future…((((((( …..  What are you peeps learning… Demotional Analyzation… she knew she was gonna see me and her plan was to LIE… 

If NJ follows NY with the debt free college education,,, i’d have no one to fake fight with anysmores…[email protected]   SS achu etts


===you can pick up your cap/gown at the the MORill Business Arena== (..thus, have a nice life post-Grad and Welcome to the Machine, You’ll  go just far enuff to placate you til your cult of insecurity initiation has been accepted and duh RUSH decade is ovahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh=…when the cement on your soul has hardened… youse good to …...not know anymore…..


note to: Lords of the MUDD=Led masses- I’m not GAY, I’ve had 3 colonoscopies and… NOT INTERESTED !!!! !! !

Pleas… Pluck OFF

TPB 11………421 Opined ..


Episodes 1-8, i give 7+/10…am i so wong or wh ..

 i’m thinkin of at least a B  i think i shat meself


well i’m  done watching a rerun of S11…..

Solid B, no shat

Questions left:

who’s Ricky’s Father….Julian’s for that matter…?

Will the Liquor be right and Lahey’s out soon with the 270K ?

Will Lucy ever come back ?

Is……………Jacob is an AlienHey Mon … ???


…i have to say giving  consideration that they HAVE the Jets GM helping out at “SwearJets”, it’s no wonder the franchise is still afloat after all the leaks lately.. i forgot to mention  ray, phil…

lahey’s kid with barb, Trevor, j-roc, his kid, lucy, .her and randy’s kid, ..?

why no  don/donna…too close to barb?

tough void to fill as they are all loved by someone…

that greasy lawyer makes me squirm so much he takes ova a scene… the black guy, “Suge not as heavy” couldn’t show his skills properly…. he probably won’t get much, if any screen time going forward, (    $prove me wrong always$


–sam couldn’t Shave it-–botox,, funny–

—Randy was   ok, i guess—weird look–??wedding next season…??—

—-.. lahey was a voice of Treason directly.. not his role—

–at least he’s back on the….it’s back on him==

so, what i’m saying is that the Boys did a very, yup very good job especially considering management at “sweatywet”

the dialogue was actually succinct, funny, and i ate sum crow…

i just hated a couple of moments like most police encounters…bull squatting ” scemenes”  .. //ricky rhinking J./B were stealing his weed plants… not thinkin grade 10 butts//and the constant guns.. that’s to be expected….gay stuff outside randy/lahey was blah… flight of the  bees snacks was funny


Weather Addin new talent… not like that europe tour mite i meansa mate.… or dues  TBDirty





had lots a Mixed nuts  Commotions

delighten one self by drinkun some of that de-energy sauce and frame yourselves a mona pisa…. the tower moans cuz its “back” hertz from the scaliaowcuss    So takes awhile and create a true Picannos for     S12: The Big Dirty Dancer, …Julian does ??



More On than Aloft—Brain fart…#9…#9….——–S12 memes——-

+     Selling Vacuum Cleaners to ‘dessert’ peeps.                                                                                   . “Door ta………..Door” (chuckles)                                                                             .fuckin tons of sand/dollas to clean ups witt

+    ashtRAY of Hope


—digress—-> am i Billy  jowl, howl…Idol,  know !!

Billy Vital !!!!  !! !


===============WT: S6===========================                                          Suck it, Dave on Dotcom!!!!! Way to boost that future credit line for your own tuna boat, Sandro !!!!

look what it musta did for paulie’s ex-mate, the Nord….twice as nice as paulies shrimpy boat,  (snick-ah..paulie laugh)…..


Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!