2pm update less mess ness


B4 Me they Sold $hit with a $$$mile

now      <ifwfi>

i Wood get wit  expect the Tower is gonna Pi$$……\ a \. .…..

Prince Spaghetti Knee Day


Ju$t Ice Selling $0$hit


Humane Quip Boxcar Willy

===or a Smile=====



Catty Scan mOrrow… ( Bee Hive ) Bee have !


talk to me    P  \H\      al..           Holdin’ Back Amore Tan A Brooke Perk


but once again we are not talking about hut we all kkkno

just hut u NOW need to showee

= reality is always years ahead of those whose                                              Head is =======0$trich$izED===

Wowsa ⊥


Memba the Election$$$

==Hay Cow=

lmk how many votes i getty ?


flabberGhastED at the time/effort/monies spent on me without spending on anything to help … $$DD

===$amele$$….no H


===let me know when Denial is Controlled==

once again Browbeatings about future sutures my way


something about alot a Change ?   ?? IDK



Wow, ‘Propped’ by a Little Person (more of an EP )and then .. Browbeat over it by coll[(R)]eague

another day in ‘pair au ice’

=====NoHo, Whiteys had already freakED me for an hour==



oh yeah,

Ask any male Yuppie, one question >>>   WFI

how many Guppies have you swallowED  ???



We Have Unconfmed Reports outta

DC a.Jason.. t*

Deer   (R)

$$$0 Many Book Cooks in the Proverbial Kitchen … a High School lunch lady is Next in  …….(L)…..ine  4 ….the Supreme Court.


also…  the biggest browbeating of ME occurs around Halloween.. these m/f (aggot$)  love the cover of anon,,,,on…ymity to Purge their misdirectional anger …

this has been going on since almost week 3 here…

when they began to See

and i beweb that i saw one taping my voice….

(iED.. expect sum prank calls with my voice)

I’m probably giving these Croutons…….? IDea$ ?



Sooner than ………, Cya

not supposed to smoke til 3pm morrow…   [

Colts vs. Pats as I haven’t got any calls .. about my C.V.

======I LaminatED it Too===========

8:20pm mic on

====”rat fink”==be more specific cuz I walk the Line==

Gronk is obvi. betta than Russ====


FU …….. I’m always ON

Israel Hoover      $$$…u…C   ?



11  9 yds


he’s doing betta  michel

who is Patterson?

sweet.. is that frank reich  QB Buffalo  ?

russ francis    ‘ Howard Cosell…. All World TE ‘

1st and G..

notice a diff .. not stonED

nice to keep’em honest <patterson>

who to shutout ?  bill ?  who is their best??

=====50/50 to go========


my amp goes to 11

clock to 13

dick to  U   A2M commercial    jeff , call me

====00 – 7=====



funny funny …lol

95 togo


gotta throw it betta so he can run on…

number 11 drops    both teams

Pascal… that’s a cool name !! (math legend)

ucla… = have another drink  (dry campus, correct… )

Wicked !!  lol

i’ll see it 10/16

juke boxed


your car needs a bald ‘fat’ olde guy with a big.…… ♥

Can’t Stand Ya … call me   George … $$$anders

=======colon  L =====


00 – 14    moon (rob lowe)

nope, no Stand !  chuckL

Fluff and Fold me and your pillows

———-whut to do sunday.. no Pats, WT

===ass ass in  deed======

another bad throw


yup  18 in the clutch

serious,  that’s Patrick Swayze’s brother … ron howard’s bro like

ass 2 Mass in  Weed   next week  rec weed  21+ only

were they waiting for …me to “abscond ”  ?? ? kinda kiddin’

College Women are being

Systemically Disadvantaged  <on purpose>

by alcohol / greek  male/female douchebag$$$

with the support of the Univ/College and….. Big Biz / Gov

=========they have tapped all electronics so ..Heir ignorance is   NOW  an illusionary Certainty .. alexa, siri below

does E.A. play Sports ? i wanna go swimming with her..

Beautiful Gal

===points b4 2/1…..1/2   straight 2 ..3

terrible hat by indy HC

Suri & Alexa are         DDouble Agent$$$

still here.. no need to go out….yet

=#Fox==Cheap Bastards didn’t take it to Foxborough

========Square   =  [Fox]               Correctamundo====

Win Win All

Ho.. Hum Ho gem

====2 of 2========

cannot wynn data way




i am serious about dry campuses…

no good comes from alcohol on campus  [Liars be Plier$]

—i’m-bored bored bored—-


shoop scoop

see big alcohol is in full affect ….. imagine graduating near zero alkiEZ

i’d bet 1/2 umass amherst are close and are frequent Bing.errs

===greeks ..>50%= ?best and brightest?

=====gaga boo boo===striesand/gaga huh ?===



hum dinger


i got Hand


when y’all had Hand… did you care ’bout me    ????


fish are electric curious


chung nor mccourty could cover him <Hebron>


olde underthrow  (JG TD)


Putin to bed  … he’s waiting for Thump…


Game …Set… got a light,  ? (Red)


Nice catch 11.. drop was more important doe


Goodnight.. til i hear diff..still  Be in  Caution Mode @[me](R)$$$t*

======friday morning===nex..u$ ?======

Hot          Pot, eh?…toe ing the………. Line, Whine, Fine____t*/Wine





it’s easy to hide truth right in front row…..Control

if in the dark.. they can’t easily show their ddddirty hand$$$


Earthquakes are ….”Good Vibrations”  ……         Naught !





I Tell A Story… Ultimately..the “kids” give the details…..

Tales of Silence


how have y’all not seen these Dbags at Twerkkk  ??


C) now i can’t leave til the ‘kids’ are safe…ie…

No Alcohol or Greeks ..College and Univ..

  Countrywide (pez can do it… federal monies=Power)

You kKknoL,L I’m Correct…

Unfixable BS in this Country   ]  #CollegeCliquEZ$   [                                                            .untiL.L  the Liberty  Tree is prunED of in term ‘F'(R)ight$


i tried this what… Last Year and got NO Traction..

If I Have a case against somebody threatening me from a$$a   student @ the Univ…

Pull pit

=1 year down that road .. so much better campus…Womany=Yup!=


i’m just saying that it is a Nat’L Election point for Bernie

unless y’all want me to…….LOLTM


Nuttin change$$$ H  ear… take away greeks and alcohol                                                 < Quieter Times, More Discussions outside boxx>

SH…itty Mornin’

1st a replay:

Narcissist #1 Rule:  Don’t Be an Alcoholic !

——The Liquor Win$ !====UR the… iquor


What address..….Do you Gettysburg …                                                                                                                        when you try to outflank a flanker (me) ?


=====Out O’Bound===>$$$


>>======back to thump Co.=kinda like the                                                       3 “Wise” Lise ,,LiEZ men                                                                                              GOt Lost in the De$$$ert=======>>>


anybody else see a Liquor store sign with a Huge L  flickering….

IQ ???? U  ?? O’  Really ? snickerdude


if you think my dashcam is for any other reason than traffic.. FU

the pix kinda sucks anyway… so put away your new knew Veil$$$

trans..parent.. C tru


you might think as i do that they (FEDs) would be more PROactive in

…. HanDD-ling  #421 BiZzz ???


once again…u kkknow where i live….. wtf..U don’t want to out your guy.Approaching me?… office space..AvAIL. at HDQTRs .. j/k

tell me what restaurant you are buying me food at… pay cash, Lol

i am dare !

excellent free food cancels my diet anyday


They Do KKKnot KKKair headed toward CliF

Imagine all this stuff i’ve said like young boys being raped in mid/high school by bigger ‘friends’. b4 HS even,,,then they become gangY or <silent>,. EPIdem$0$ic  (chastity belt for Paul and Paulina) cuz

funny… frats wanted a dialogue when ass rape came up !!! (pre-college ..clarified    beaten  til submit…. <wait til my Dad gets Home!>   <silence>)

[self-defense class – crucial,  if kid is small !     do it !   punching not enuff, Rocky!]

young 18yo girls getting ¢runkED @&.”buy” frat=minded=$$$tooLz and sum..sequence….L,L,L,L                  y?              they can !!.

taking REA…L advantage of and then fascist browbeaten in front of little dicked homeboy$   and cowart$ at college$…

Parent$$ Be Ignorant and ????  ?? ?   plan to $$$tay D.A.t*.way




think how evil these lemon.’made’ men with ‘no dicks’ treat women..

with no oversight, a fratty “just”(ice) H….as$  2 Perform services for ‘BMOC’

and thu$$$….DO get away with…anything short of G.rape

not blue code (Police)

brown code (HumiLL, join’em.?!!..gang of “shit” mentality for “recovery”)


silence like 2 scoops of Peppermint Patty dealt Wit




Sgt. Schultz & I @Amerst

I Knnnnno Nuuuuuthing ;

si … tiskkk TisKkk

is why my confidence level is uppC

this year…. Mad Brilliance…a sign..

=====i am greeeeaaaatttt. tony the $oprano–

how about we “make” all females fit to tie me up/down/sideways

so the fat lady can’t ….  sing //  sign hear ????  ?? ¿

  /my add//

Ricotta (sign) or  AD    need$$$ & Mustard,?? ?,,Grey poOPoun .??? ??.


see what i …….mean ..?   .k(no)w  ?  it’s Direct [ to VimeaoL ..video]


kid talking on phone…

” make a good impression”….


i ..blurt out….

Plaster Caster

which begs the question,,

is it safe to laser print my dick for ddistributtaction



i saw the first 5 minutes of fahrenheit 9/11 $ell $ea..[U$]…ts

??? and that’s why gavin left her ???j/k

=======Trump  – “unbelievable”….i left… rightly¿¡

<=====capitalist..$whine On==religion====>


bthaytidRe$$_ LA.. no hey

Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!