soft seats at religous services / theatre ? ∀ $ubliminal string quartet….

This  Blog emBODies my  K/T INDER Players Cubee

it doesn’t matter where i meet my first in a SighL

They’re never gonna foe-get ….my Yoke….

No Malice in My Palace ….






what do you call a system                                                                                                                        that can be beat by a broken clock watcher  ???

Home…… Done?

=========Time $tand$ $…..till=????  ?? ?================

The “First” Seam ..APP=EarZzZ….

=====Bounce Pass, PleezZ==>===0


==================not socially-correct, i’ll grant hat.wouldn’t like that either….. hut i try…like some  haley’s chance in the                                                   comet==========@============== bowl

My Supp@rt is Here ..Suck My PopulAce ==============

70’s wednesday/thurs ??   Skin……., thin, sweet,?  i swanna …

//    2+ inches snow thurs 2/22


Why? Schedule a comedy concert at night  on the day everyone gets outta town   ????

mmmmmmmmmmmm !!!



a ship on the ocean…

{=======Trump FoolzZ==B.S.hip 666=======X======}

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/  ~~~~~~~~~~~~/ ~~~~~~~~~~


——Prob-leMming..—-I Bid/Call–                                                                            —–Ignorance–of DynasTic—DeportShuns——————–



what was the first thing rip van winkle said upon waking up?


I Gotta P  /~~  , do you validate parking ???

for kids.. I Gotta Tinkle


====young kids hopefully aren’t directly reading this…===Read Classics, not amateurs=Hen you can be Warped … !!!=


==⇓=18+===X-Rated thought process=⇓=18+====


Mother’s Mother Fucker’ ZzZ !!!   -=\.Be. Leave (Ev4)

mother’s mother fucker – _- movie premise and the thought process..probably already done… hates mother..won’t fuck her..the pussy he came from… butt he schemes to get her back by fucking the pussy she came out of….incest. ..yabba babbabay…

===fictionarium=======trumps son is born..he starts getting weird feelings…itz over after ?watching ? the pregnancy==(Yawn)====brain fart===>heck if i wanted a huge pussy,,i’d be with a porn star.. a PRO…(light goes on)=== Yuck

i hear!@ you’ve got a fire that needs stoking.. a extinguishin’? 

===me WoW=========em===?#!


Finish Line Ladies…Both of Us need to try s’more  approach…..s

==aftaSex’yDate’========Just Remember Ladies, I’m not one who you bring places to entertain          Socialize with other Alpha-S/$ =========Ya Think ÷==============


nothing against any athletes/team..really.. Pourquoi(¿)



never got a

∑..f(x)  =  $$$ …H a…..doh P –iay, ,@ IT,     [Dirty Pool] ……..R zZ



Wigz Trump running a ‘precisely’ timed multi-p/l ayered fear machine di$$  —t===> reacti..O..n                         ⇑  ⇔   ⇓

I Surely, Di$$ Trupt TrumPee../    ~… zz …KKnoW


everything is ‘Time-$en$itive’...codename  ‘HUE  GGGGG       to placate / PluckA,,,, da bass ..and minimize thought/.anal.y.sis/——————- Leak$

Fuck Time, if it can’t take a Joke !!!!


UMass, Aren’t women’s athletes seeing an increase in apps????  ?? ?

=iwas forced last week to go to cop station and try to explain to officer behind glass that I am… ‘Famous’ and hat …… overt actions surround  me …and keep an eye on my BACK i’m Autistic and —–   -_….Vulnerable.

===now they are double agents…. C ? scary thought that numb highR

——–Gonna B(R)eeD A Second RequesT–!?! ———————- i got punchED, hut now M/Fzz?

what Cha CHa CHAngez ? DumbA$$ezZ ..

=====just pluckin to another BASS======

==—-it will happen……Spoon






whenever the topic goes to dicks ..i leave,, but for this i stay, so…whenever i hear about what a girl does when in the moment she realizes his huge knob,  I remember Robin Quivers giggling and saying..uh uh..’where do you think you’re going with that?’..i don’t think so..i think she yanked him “and dropped ’em on the next block.”



========Fuck You=====the $light luvZ to Lie in Wait===

why these MJ comments @Me…


i like ladies 18+====id. legal=====

he ‘enjoyed’ boys 5-10==MJ fans..Sorry


.                  AchU !!

Yuh,  equatED==?=to a closed fruit loop

=======Fuck You.. Hugh Hefner WannaBeeZz


when the devil’s advocate is hey suis…

i Love to play Devil’s Advocate…and this time the odd view in this room is from ‘above” C…..

Hey Sui$:

Look, Moron$, He  is by the farthest stttttttttttttttttttttttretch of your seemingly [ brilliain’t] peep$ mmminds NOT in my Top 100 selections…. Butt, You Mother’s Mother FuckeRR=$$X have rigged the riggZ of the machines that do the faulty accounting of the accountants boss’s faulty books who then send their hidden profits to the faulty off shore islands in the faulty, i mean falklands.…nice invasion trump..back to the faulty me$$ ….tbc lol…


To make a Mongo Story 42 fuckin Long? short…

He is $$$o 0bviously the only ‘vested veteran” to come out of the experi=ment∀LL [CUbe]... ME of your tortuous  smegma folliEZ. ..CompletED

===============Peace Ou…=======================


Coming Up for AI=(R)… @Waterboard Park

LadiesLuv421, sorry HADez Luv421

stubborn that way

===Achu===sat night .whatta  whattaya got the …Fuckin’……….flu==No,   He work…s here, 2 !=pc  ass=tardz=

=not a racist bit, 


comes from love, I believe..==

lotsa BS

C ….[  heat in  X the street   //?punter?// midget, hulk, ramrod, 50/50/50 affilliated?!

Stop the Oppression

DDew u-GLA$$-Ass Football players Have a Wit out for Moi..????!. [shadow play]

hulks roundhouse  “at” ramrod was fucking hilariou$…roid’Zz?

DT near Ramrod and his PROP big white boxing glove….then  saw one Line$man w/o whistle   “blocking me out”. lining me up with CCTV camera..//. i carumba …snood

======DDraught Pi$$DD

====officer lets look/ go  to the tape…….=are those town cctv or private

=====can’t we get along..if they feel i’m gonna effect their “fantasy beerDDraught” ….\drought /status…please…. late round vs FA huh ?  lol                                                                  Sue Me for D=D=i=F=F !!!!=and…. move the fuck monnnnnnnn==skillz or teach….height?!





Don hut confuse  Field GoaL,L,$ of College Athletics  and Achieving…. End of your plight/fight/retirement guaranF’n T———0,wait a sec,….  …../        H  ~~_ Universal Healthcare,….humane plights, human rights, decent conditions, sell that to athletes.                          ..I’m Just Di$$Mayin !



Sacrifice,……….Change4Real…Got any Gum ????  ?? ?

you must disrupt heir bottom line not mine to move the Pile /shite\


==sat aft==2/10/18===Sacré Bleu=====

pretty french / ?canadian, l bet i pissed them off now canada hates me 3.. girl flipped me off…. topped it off by telling her the greatest word in the world is……    pourquoi

========french waiter on LIS …..pop=============

now if i can get you girls to call me names to my face…PROgress===>

====?==v-day in t-minus 7:15====chris rock special in 10:16=review? no!!!……,ok?   yeah, nothin’ special==

==============close=============lol,…..not chris rock below  for hhere eye only…

daddy wants hi$$ college daughters to /book/ all3ways weeks in advance for testing and security check matez../wear the belatest technology…. ‘LockEDandDEvoted’ A Chastity-Svelte Armor Apparatus...yup exactly likee princess vespa

Daddy doesn’t haunt 2 tank abutt his little dolls butt being bongoED abound… I C…but they can knot blame me >……FU …3 inputtS… DDon’t attack the Me$$$enger… I’m probably not allowed near dorms…little trumpie trophiez… ⇓ on ….∀ ÷ (L/D.ongggggg Division)………. and ? blame the smart old guy in the minivan [witty]…who whipped yo-use upp and…… Lore Frenzy Cannot BLAME ME….WHere does this @NGER pivot towards ? …….

Great for Therapy, Just Say’in !

As if, Ignorantics, would Ever look outside their bubble, that’s T…


ouch…… there hoes my 15 minutez… of hoEZ?.. oh liberty b/feL,L

  ⇑         on my way to jam with,…  busy shhhED …UL

no worriez                                                              …. i see myself as da gatekeeper                                                                                                                                                                      

       updare who gets to choose.\…Aye Aye $kittlez \

[btw, young ones aren’t we as “Adults,” Just Fuckin’ Peachy !]

I Try..loL

Love Ya,…. Demean wit!


. Sucks                                                                                                                                                  when everything doesn’t go your ways..   iez. U                                                  or  Anything ……….meaningful    ie_. 411 and my perfect 10 

411 ….silly\brilly


=====meet me @ =====

corner O’ ….Ang….St      and       421 GoaD

======have 2 forms of id ====j/k======

the darkest hour movie thoughts…   Good +


imagine tower $mug faced politicians..yes you droopy..

mitch rider and the dc wheels……./  \ are coming off

having to be Parliament-Hairy ?


talk .interruptED...tttalk   debate..on to see that!.  PPV

key was interrupted and fluster ring ring goes ppv numbers



are borders  /walls/ as obsolete as marriage monogamy?


C Me, Heel Me

=====don’t throw shoes or anyswing @me====



how many weeks of “winter” remaining ? 5+ 

=====imagine this rain was snow!===Yes===





the Greatest Thinker of the Generation.?..non-scientific..A…Philo..?


Me, Me,.. a Corrupt.Able. A$$                                                                                                       U have me confused w/ hitherr…..—>                                                                                                            —–>                       the High Fa..loot….4Win  of                                                                         ————–>   H……….H      —> ……  $y$temica…

My ‘criminality’ is Pea=fucking NNuTZ. compared to one hour of congress/pez in CHarge          [Wit !]

$and  long passed..kinda like stories told by John Dunsworth on his cd……………………TalL.distant memoriez..hated authority..                                                         til i EvolvED MyFair\$/pace        ( 3rd Stone )

============news hash pipette====

==keep your eye on Hat ~loot~ cuz your team playerrz just handed tRump ~billions~ of petty cash ~unchecked~cash~..=Dump=FuckED =Bright A$$under Bauer Nosez


If athletes are “avoiding” local colleges for fear of being ‘tain-ted’ by my…………/           H  ~ _    istrionics  …∀ $mear…

His (me,i) Story Wins …in 4-DD


———Regret is ………..——–cya abound…obviously not gonna go into clubb[$$X]—-i’ll Be There.. No Hoes,   Please,                                              btBD               i wouldn’t give rhianna…. $=wift a second look,                                                                           Chris..t      ….     Mr.  Rock.. . yuck.gaga.ish..-


separation of church and money..

every town has universal theater for use by  all religions that are sanitary…rock groupez

freely provided

no taxes.. no prob…


Bubble Goe$…… try to push thru that “NE–>Wi$H…[lol]” Jewish Agenda — ZZZ.You…SuperBowl Losing POS.zZ ! (damn, you are relentle$$ !…#Fuck’M.!!!! !! !)


 I’m gonna wait out myAyear…. (

cuz I Believe the/Art …..Death $tar (thump wants a NK like war march    DoTard   )                                                                                                                                                      will finally send Red                          ⇐    ⇐     …….  (r)  over !

every fiber in me now believes that this Year (’18) the (a) Judge will have a Decision in my fav/\our


then i’ll be driven……..C   no that isn’t the papal wave, lol cuz i thought of it…B.C




=====lots of tids to bit later=============

Choosing instead to use S&M (Society and Media)                                                                                                             to do heir dirty biz..

=====non-liberal edumachination===⇓====

=Ladies of ‘Mon ‘key”-LiberaLL EducationzzZ’===

===by tor 3rd tyr of Booty Camp us …,,,21.  ===

===did my writing cause a stir on a close to my heart campus?==========Purr-speck-t-live=========

Armored, Hardened, and “Battle Ready”                                                                                                           give trump 4 more… no more quotations

=No Tanks , CauseChange Like that is Not Naught Knot GooD==

Xena, (coll. grad of isenhoweLL ???) hey now!

you’ll probably “still_feel!!!”                                                                                                                           … .Used, ABused and Bready to fight …EAT.!!..

[used, abused, and ready for harvey wallbangerZ]

all those ‘”Chad” decisions around ’18 – faced ‘friendzZ’ of


future employment…Suck Cup……..p.?..mmm?                                                                                   ∑  f(x) = (L)iaR,R,R,D…zzz. 

//         sum affects/effect$ = SSDD….

School peRps in a new place ,  m/just fit …

==⇒==cyclic A    ====/   360°   \======= L L==⇒=

An 18 yo……. 9 or a 10,   after 3 years hear……6zz and 7zz (brit slang)

Nobody here except me maybe…goes UP  for yearZzz


ABillion.. … $toREreZ in the NakkED City, Ya Think ?!#

============need good ones besides all the cumbies  cocoa dispensers into drinks are way below OK levels, inspectED ???[Front Page]==Hadley Rules w/ Toffee ..spoiled afta theirs=======

So glad i kept blogging cuz of one crypto-brilliance that summed up what i could never put my eyes on… cuz they hide from the Sun (me) like V amp ire$$$$$$$$$$$$$.00    yeah those cents are boobs that will be inflated when the rent gets DDue !  [$$eX]




now most guyz would have Stopped by now cuz their pussy count



To Me, this would be the reason i can “leave” (short ‘Shite’ ED)

with a clear conscience and get P...laid  (playED St. Elsewhere))

Now if everyone ie.  ∀H…..HaterZz,  had one word to describe WHY i’m eventually “leaving” would be???… Crazy, Dumb, Stupid,..                                                                                               

… Clearly beyond the schools changing shit up to counter my intelligentile/wiz\dumb=stir=up    & cannon forget                                              .. Cock-BB=LockeR==zz    

btW, “Leaving” means a cycle as the view changes Quarter-flEE==

==as you can tell..time rarely effects me==

and i bet my popularity increases hear year ta …..




you know who you are…ola.. $

==LA BounDD Hopefully !!! Them Not Me, ReRe:s=====

===Hell   P        ing with D-Tones…….. Putt$—--‘0 //,   funny crap

Cuz I know if i had already won my court case vs ‘the Man’.

you’DD Call ta be Briding My Jock…. $♥$……\($$$)-($$$)/

//  I’m looking for ‘perfection’….on some level that i aspire …….  nice abs, weight,tone, yoga, charming, you can be…, [[Fu H@er     zz ] that wanted to pounce on my perfection word….∀$$ 0    L zZz        ]

AOL = my new word….really   ∀  0    L

≈ A$$hole Losers


==========Wheel of Diss Tort Shun====

===Wheel of Miss Fortunate Son=======

===Wheel of Miss Fortune CookiEZ===

=Diss, 4 whateva I Say About my BOO==BLase’ ‘O oper=~$~=


Bottum’$ …. $upp…..

waiting on my …. Day on the Green…. in Court




who has it tougher…me trying to find a “handfooL” of babes.. or All the babes who like me trying to find me ?  [Rhett]

my point since day 1


i saw a very warm girl on a very cold day [sorry for the interruption but I, ….I am gonna make a fashion walking food stained clothing that i…..oblivious 2)]

walking…… a ‘sleeping bag’ coat   : ~

  • ……….[]……………..     Fashion…Turn to…….?




SB 52: Tower Full Deck

Jokerz ??   FooL Monte…just makin word shoop…….s  hoop 



They must be feeling pressure from All $ideZzZ  about “Problems in seam..W it     T–/  /—our Kiddz !

King Me… My A Queen seems to be ????  ?? ?

Either you know about me or not..// 2 kinds of People


their_EZ_circumventing_$_courting_Legal_G_round_$urrHounDing                                                                        (Moi)                                                                                                                     is Lonely making me (R)~itcher~

====noon checkout mime


Cards are being shuffled under the careful supervision of                                                                      Drs. Howard, Fine, Howard

Just realized that the 13 card is….the King 

=================Pats deferred on the opening cut….===== ==== =======So How L   ettuce ……..Play @6:30pm ta day….====

The Eagles Soar in hoping to  Score Often …


=====The Wall, l ….the Panties must come down to earth==

lots of fuck me outfits \/  surround with …YKH


gotta get a few winks..


i need to get my pillows fluffed by hex weak


hear XO’s

strt wtf

spread’m out run

somebody picked by 2

run and run and play action not nec. that order

big stop for only tree

f00k mei mach’in E major

cash homie !

brady @ full deck in minn

over pursuit

rb who catch everything…

no edelman

Gronk and Shine //fine

eat me

halftime..bore ?


ouch…blount, long having fun

underthrown but no madda


brady        …../……..cooks?……..\.H

hear t hey go

cooks needED

kiss my biz-mess class – a social whist….bidz, ?

==I B ==a prince w/o my schwartz Ring==

D’P”Amen”‘  //””

no penal tiez

bowling anyone ?  4 hour wait. i heard wtf pinz

anybody gone to ER with laundry pod up their …?

wow D====D=====

9/6 not 9/3 ouch


poison… eh?

MI:421: Ball ‘z Out

out …done for year/game*

next stup

stop hut your DeWin’

behind the rec was a few throws… WTF LoL

on Long 2   …pursuit ? over butter fingerz..//      huckle ..C

white slacks after November…. WTF   butler going to be elsewhere

whew ova trow…


what a p/c!


28-3 /////just laughin’


pineapple express the bunker….jazzy

chris who? //

defense betta get 3rd and 4th wind tonight.


looks hike hogan danny or dust


7;24 left half


brady drop, yup

he’z having fun

breaker breaker we got a break

So Klump, is still gonna try to move israeli embassy, build a Wall…Now

playing into the True Left… (rhymin’ nation? biden)

brian cox relative ?

Wicked  Run

Pressure not……. psi


2 min warming for smoke  Aussie…

murdoch aussie #roast #$harkTweakR

Shit… brady drop…..karma

Beast Mode



1 more STOP  oh my

21-12   // welcome to twilight zone Side 2 track 1

brady drop foles TD



poseur of himself ?

anything but listen to Diss

morris day just threw up

good thing he paid for this…efund!$~

Philly fans can have him !!




they are amazing people…//first responders

it’s the peeps they enable…

those who project heir laziness to poor….

yup. Rich are just as poor..(in totality) ?

// ? hiccups the ka..zoo …..


2nd kraft

=============darn… gotta be betta

needed hat

good start …..

getting bored  bloggin this game..does anybody care today…????  ?? ?



still hear….


TD ?

im constant lie  being framed as Bad Guy, PE1                                                         [public enemy #1 @my license plate]

if that were true,….. [ imagine #2 ]


quite the nick depalo that sports talk show A$$





==========Cool til $atan’s Pissant ..@end

3:23 left n Q3

Excel p/c

anybody out there ..? on here that iz

napoleon dyno-manning

===4th Q===Pats====down by 3

ditto what i said about first responders

====what cities am i a hottie in ?, which should i avoid b esides the Carols, Ga, Tx, Utah, ….?

need to

awe yeah field goal kick….commercial…

burke danny wood Head

really nice catch

3rd down,   danny playoff

love that footwork the OT’s been taught to get back into position against outside speed rushers

50 min until first….breather

hannibal Fear Dumb is Saul they got wept against the wind..breeze….I.I.

where are the Philly bar segue ?//    lol

chicken ?  ..cheese whiz!

4 down area ..2 early ?

great game… ypg

bellywash … my grammy used to say

4 down territory til ……not neccesary now as FG is ok

these are empty solutions.. on the whOle  donations for purchases…

bombay buys meals for poor as promo (9 cents each ?)

gotta make FG…$hite


4th 2:21

No OT !

down by a TD to W.

1 timeout ouch

Philly is about to / ! \

BS  5 years .. thANGST Good Will Punting ..frustrating these

//  prop=dumb=agenda    mickey mouse duct tape $oulful Empty=Me$$

that’s my point ..just perpetuate the fucked up system

=============look out philly til wed, if…

at least brady gets anutter      //chance


open receiver

Belicheck is goin nowhere

Lucky :13


Pats make ‘Nother Average QB look like Peyton


======it was dare…!

——ConGrats Philly!Stay Safe, Cuz  and Family











H.*….*……*….*.How about “Land Mining” the Border…

with …Pinatas

¶                              ¶                          ¶                      ¶


            [  En  Tres! ]


                                                                                   and piles of ironic sticks



~~~Dank U?

I’ll Be HearT

                                   QAll Week

==========After WHaLL=======?

the pimp

of us all



next ……


===========/soylent green is man/===========Fuck’M==


really ??

rug pulley



wow ballC  //storms


Typhoon Trump  /tyfoolin/tybuffoon…

what,,they said i look bbuff???  i do donut i?


//rachel maddow_

billionaires  frigidaires



9″19 9″20

tuition is $$$in

hard working means  interest earners

BS $$$$$$$$  poor will see cents//opine ionic

oprah / obama slip…

SNL really?  pinch me!

selling keep america great..t shirts


p ..same bs flag waving nothingme$$

Separation of state? No

demogoggle gogg gagg ing

smile hunkenstein

liberty of $

or die? //vets choice?

we are fuckED? DoD

eliminated immigrants 2

coal faced ))))) demo agaugin

good thing i got that  policy from wig glue  gonna be a windy..

9 41


how will we get rear fucked by big pharma

human rights ? matter?

tar and feather that chin //infrastructure deficit and we can it

reclaim our building heritage heart hands grits on


why the /coaster\_/ roller\_ ride/?= Socialism

GANG$ in WH?

Poverty sez…  C

==wall=========great peeps====ms-13 bad =============immy kidz badd======$$$======wear a hand condom.



socialism  eliminates the prob cuz they’d stick out

draft? drink? ok 1..

is he quitting? 4 pillars //// horizontal wall


9 58  fartED  safe

pigeons or phish  // C or R


4 pillars of $pinal Tap-ped…..

Get Smart

not the prob…the sys is bs..that is prob

Cool Story ..Great.Peeps



mousy looking guy


who will we fund ?…give rise to? who in 10 years is our ‘convenient” enemy”‘

Heck Yeah

gum chewer lol  joke perco    2late

isis, huh…Bin Laden?  ? Humane ?

finished yet?

10:16 jerusalem


make my own miss take $$$



60 plus minutes wasted

thanks JizzLspeck


nice he “blogs/audio” subversively back to nk  ?

if received?



bored dumbness

chin dynassT

approach clipping 90 minutia

fuck you, go sluR


My Dicks’ Super Bowl weak News Flash !!!!

Play Me  …or  Trade Me…!!!!  !! !


then i ask… where’s Mia?

Si ?



// groups of hotties, whose ya spokesperson?


========G…sorry butt, know your authors, Not Auth. Whore$


.fun ny games…..3 Card .Monty WHa–L——-L.. 

wynn problem , i hear… no details read by me yet,

Men aren’t Gonna Change 2 Yen$



So twitter’s debate and discourse level is  basically on par w/ HS JV athletics.. he rulez that game …he eventually gets called out…upp to Biggs….  Amba$$ or Adore.sore?…….get out !  a….> door

==========loved the mr lahey guy “pissing” his pants as crossed street in front of police station like 2am… def watched show…? was it one?=a put-on….. bin

=====i told y’all b4…the weirdest thing about my life since becoming popular is that i attract “celebrity doubles” at some precise practiced pose/angle..practice in mirror much?========

thus i’m psyche a…bcdef..g a movie talent scouting for the worst B movie since Ed Wood…haven seen hun…dreads   of people who have not passED their…. personality for dingbats…seminar

============Creepy======Fans ? or FedZz ?===




SB prep Sweet… i do anything diff..

my back to back to ……




hoping for A ….. small miracle


Yahoo Heinstein, Any Reply ???

Re:    D:     PU..$$$ and Boot  $ YYYY  YY Y


& jacksonville is where the eagles…. lost SB to Pats…little synchz


Getting harder and hatter to defend his turdfan… ban….. hat? …not a wigger?   aks like one!


Facts to Him/Re/Dem are $ugges(TIN)zzzzzzZ                                                                                              …. keep a knock’n… ==Nope




whatt it wiz fisa u?

hey u



gotta play @Champ /  Pain \


aaron > peyton ?!


mad men all of em


&and….we covered it   $up



2 EZ

2GreeZZz  y?!


taco shell ta pacific brim rye singinn

pic purr


chammie is taking upp all my cognation …cards anyone?

khanne ! murdoctrine in per riff



=====man…he’s a mmmmm Man… MmmMan look Out

adjustments but hat leaves the middle open wide.err

snifflEZ   w/ colbanks

our MEN

D====D   fence or wall between


give that guy a vacation hu ……H


—-i guess all signs point to a mystery blast from my blunderous Past

saw a stunnah from past fence last night…..w BF…..[


====great catch …28-3 28-3


crowd noise is ……..deaf

BIG team.. Jack


butler is the front door

cuter than payaton!


wtf with these pods???

Shove’m up ass seemz healthi err..don’t play with chemicals meatheadz

—head  hunt afta tripp

burnah on oh no protocall going bad??

foul in EZ ..? game play .. IDK

EZ = end zone… oooh      not…..funny wimpy midget

===============if ya got’em===========gronk, that sucks  ouch=====


tough sport but Gronk …and MEN def realize that…


==============smokin’ play ====gay commercial w/o jamie kennedy malibooze=====


===============no comment archie ?====


tough 4 yards======

caught in a drafting

i know nuuuuuuuthing ! //schultz, sgt


post gronk blues bad timing for hat brady commercial on vacation.. just….


i can relate miss ameal

cheap joke doesn’t helll p !1 I know !

Σmime gotta shake stuff up to reset emotionZzz

===========Peace and thatz what my pantz really look a light

all lefty noW

tough terrain

D========D===========enter potomac====D


biggg trucking stopp?

big receivers

playoff action

hungry hippos


short field contain.breath..mints

””just like Few



bbbbbCooKE Y open mids or sum tim

got him 4 hat

turnovers hot outta oven … huh, cold?nope


pick please….buttla

========akg====Turban GeneRALLY=======

speakeasy of a Rally




wrong foot

amend my opinion from early time..always knew he can play but so valuable and how

snl listing timbutt2’s 1st year accomplishments with an all Republican dread lock heed martin I Congress

==================MIC is Warring Tin

nice recept..huh?

broke broke or  ?

checkov old Bloc

is anybody out fair-wayz?

under cover minimal

then heirs tower covertiblez

rubberband man

BIG  Hippos





field position greeeeeat


=========amendola @4:21..catch?===========yup!======


Falling Jags..

breathe deep..or is that trademarked or Hut  WOW Danny Man Oh My Goodness

Knotts Over


should be inter-no-rest-wing geek

//never use gleek

last minute of play==spaceballs=thank you ⇐. last..pods off

vacate-shun/// my pseudo life

4 downs need 6




testy jags great team…

Well Deserved Victory !


I claim Ignorance of the NFC, weren’t the Jags the toughest of the remaining 3 potential patriot’s opp. ?

ouch that guarantee fom Jacksonvill

def Not …… JV  No’ mo

——should prob watch nfcgame ignoring it is me….


////dinner time ?


========are your hands clean for Dinner?—reaches under His chair to where  a small container is attachED…and pulls out a wipe [mumbled] ..        .saved 15% on mY water bill…..















Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!