Generation _ _ _ !! !

unbelievABLE – Dice

====Generation ___====




KKK butt can’t use !! !

KLM  nice but an Airline,,, whose stewardesses synched to on board film...ew & mcgregor   



======We Have A Fruit !! !

Strange Day;Zzz, In Deed ………

Most Pec.u…liar      Momma


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\        /////////////////

Hell Yellow… Hott

The Bubble’$…… P$I       ⇓

===============Vote yEarly

======jog in place..water-aerobic=====

Pool ………………’Marathon’…ius

clear thinking.. toke..avail…new \Wave\

with maintenance and generator..  ? Winter-Proof?

forgetabout it, me ForgetaboutU


Sorry, J,Deep

You’re Cover Boy    Agin


Keith R.ecommends yearly voting and blood transfusions.. did Hunter do dat… Aye thought kkknotta   (Pats on Back):

==⇑=J.D. is in Rehab NOW Correct ????  ?? ?=[

sorry, i am betta than Hunter S.T… he was Brilliant for his Generation…k;;now Doubt…a Republican.






thanx asstrolLoG // erin? not andrews!


Pushhhhhhhhhhhh H

===yeah construction guys are gonna be constructing forever..

what and why ??

<bryan cranston comm. in my head>



deft footwork !            //  for injured knee Rodgers

2 catches avg for top receiver against stephon gilmore  last 6 weeks…radio stat from earlier

===lemmy  music in comm. Disgusted

hendrix music in comm. feel shame

==scenario imh..sorry

…if japan ok…usa ok sleight?

=balance==gotta……… Run      ==stats check

archfoot drivel  Trump’s Excu$$$e .?? ?.he $caliaED himself

$$$calia has KNow Concept of Impartial..a.Bully of B$A




manifesto hear me know


How are we… whose tare ? _


miralax……..rrelax after B$ digesting days ago..


you’ve tied my hands with your tort u re4me…

stablity …..ieZzz  F’n foundation                                                        …. ally


expecting me to get ‘F’ru$h 2 t*raitor  ……\  ‘F'(L)ush  /

u B …….  $hIrley TemplEZ of Treason


10 up    // 10-10 /// 10’s

‘quickest’  1/2 evah…

I, I, I TKO’ED,’em,, $$$TokED




i saw alec baldwin do it

not fun to make a whitehead pop tart joke


Cancelled my A2M everything,,,my choice


will i get notified of my Votes Nationwide…Imagine me winning sum tin.roof.rustED area



talk is not cheap….federally$… no other opt….

can we all agree you/GOv are out of …touch & know H0W


1 7up

kurt russell means …action,…christmas? need more info

==did you=see that gel after gunshots demo on 60min ?========


gronky missD

====nose plays noise not smooth jazz===

stay low know…mattress?


does gronk get __ in offseason after nixing DET trade ?


wowsa catch..

another fun guy   nine nine brooklyn

=======4th quart==========

fumble   …2 ne

=========a==puck…gets passed around and scores lotsa goals for other people…back 2 fridge…

you read

clayborn @280 lbs almost went 20mph on mccourty last week




smoke beakr

=====service members overseas phonecalls discount

=====free is Heroic di$$


brandon cook vs. josh gordon ?

stat !! !


===== ==Peace Hype==

lookin at my game comments…hair few

——-fun 4 y’all ?__ _



an Astute Observer Might DDuece

Alec took one for that fun guy who just got Dumped

data same observer might DDeuce my Bit is

=in car passin by====∑.. =Girl keeps giving me the ‘mitten  Superfinger’…  why dane cookiecuddLer  boring..                                                                                                  Cereal insight__ _b.. .la..pathy.ise

===she mida  =gave it up toe’m




============= =============

)M(issing …… the ¢(H)………(ain)(G)


I know i have dues to pay on e stage fright fleft

=====’empty’ ‘]              Blaim   [of t*=====

i’ve always ‘feltAmherst’s Iconic Maple tree to be



===========¿===every restaurant i go t*aggEing me$$ w/ my order don’t refuse service…just be a

   (t*) (R)=0


Do.. spanish speakers get riled up about my IDC attitude ¿¿¿¿  ¿¿ ¿


====Bueno stick 2 nachoEZ====back 2 Hock…?=chuckyL==

Whut is My, I StyL   _


in jail cell dark coat …staring…

Storm O’ Century Guy or Alec

//Alin Guine@$$

===What did he have 2 lose..? charges b droppED=

A&E // Hei(L) RALF // (F)arts & entertain[.D.]ment







A & E

The Difference ????  ?? ?   [The World !! !]   

P.$.  4 Reichs A( L )ay Fom amother

Hei(L) RALF !!!!  !! !

The World… Now KKKnoWse


I have one comment from friday night…

i have never been more afraid of gang s

since i saw this crew$ mode…..  Karoake

Terrifying !!!  Disturbing !!!!

======INSERT bAD _____ VIDEO, FANS…========


⇐===26.2==IMH  or Pool=⇒




// Who Am I, H……..u…………H !!

Brazil on lines 1-666,  Chief Petty Off.



Technically… My God



18 months in…….Has it EffectED anything … ? Affective for $ure!

It’ $$$$

the 1st of the Monolith……18th of lith


no CureRent. $900 a Wonth Nyet…. Can You (D)/(R)-igg        IT ? <Code 305 aisle 18>



=IJA==where are the karate beauty and ledzep stairway =type=???

after the first of the year abun   y’all start turning  ….2…….pAGE  #21


=====made up complaint…========

Am     I    too   repetitive ?? ?   – Thanks Paul  ‘Bunion’  j/k


what time on the tower clock did i say… Double Down.?... kids don’t bet f’real !!! 

===i heard someone say …. A&W got… TaintED ersHelf =====


West Wing : Breast Wing makes no sense

hey,……. LADY !

==any up data..lotm

Bigg   Y

can’t I find an “individual” with discipline and a soul @21+

Who Am I ???? ?? ? Live…..[D]….eviL

The nucleus of his support — as per classic studies on fascism — is a middle class made up of small business owners and independent professionals, plus members of the police and armed forces. Though $ections of the poor have also voted for ‘hymn’ — mobilized by a worsening public security situation — the rich and educated support him in much larger proportions.



The_Mass_Psychology_of_Fascism     <classic studies source>


==⇑===Blame it on Rio t* or L‘$===⇑==

Browbeatings ?? ?…. talk is cheap dare ?? U.RI ??

What are his $tag Partie$ Jeru$alem?

Religious and $ex Freak … bet ya a dissident ?


=========Curious if he has a Pee Feti$H Al$0 ?===========





Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!