kung due.



AAA bank:    check logical pattern  // earlier commercial


the family guy.. i mean mccarthy / ‘X’ show funny fat couple… K

‘X’ — what do you think of his must ache

just sayin’   …   he’s no tom selleck


say what u …..




what is next, //first..sinus cold.//



God Save, the Queen



======$6.97 at Dulles.. Trump TP========


===chinese guy in passing  called me a nigger=straight faced====

I ¢ut in line    @TT his ownED ©ountry

==never gonna happen on my..===clock==





israel GO

China  GO  of our ‘Jockkk’.. we enjoy your company…

============PreZ # 4~    sooner than i thought?

my (World Tourist@). meeting the people for future support.

not yet …………….. ?      ‘pressing the flesh’


i know 1 that will ____

with No $__upport Beam$

and $$$




that kid can ‘ThroW the Rock’



outta here ‘morrow

going   ??   ?    thinkin’ i need my …….P

// money on me:  170k in bank ¢ougher

//enuff short term…… fu money


who would you rather work 4:


Lorena Bobbitt

Ari Shaffir

Dr. Evil


See the [image] of these future checks is …. Reputation.

=====names/companies/……infraguard? $MAC==

====to me:===Proof Of Deniali$&M======>

\=/==then moveon ovah dot com just saying $2$   …#’$ less than 421 mf$mokkke DaT



place to stay for 2 more

no sweat.. relax. uber.

Verizon ? get a Cali number here ?

food  W.C. ?

think of all the LV-ians who see me and know ?

Who’s Bad.

i’m shy and not a threat to anyone…// ok, i have Fire Breathing.Speak

avoid trouble, kind to strangers.

===sounds religous ! ok, only agenda, we are all equal, in theory.

thus  a Standard of True Living.

they won’t admit THAT !!!!  !! !

Please, no Sniping!<<<=============|hotel garages|

as a hot car goes across the top of a garage.


Btw, Vegas is small.  i’m 3/4 down the strip and the airport is a long ‘daly’ drive

over the Westin bouncing off that parking lot ..&..kroll, right where he likes it, as he walks the last 2 blocks.

& Mulaney: Once Again: Go Fuck Yourself.   -Great Woods, lol

Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!