Thin girls: 1/7+++, //// // treadmill of $sigh$ ///// thin guys: 1/3, thin israeli: 1/3. ‘Dead inside|±|ious”( #(See of Salt): they kkkno have) ie. “Feelings”” and they believe they $hould still be Task..ed 2Wit 《 integRity》LoLLc. they want {haven} Woman only for; && youRr Allow & ¢ = angst. #1/2 population, ⇓1/5th: §ay§0



Favebookkk kkknewT names:

Preytty World


Smiley Face




××÷÷÷×××××!+÷÷÷××÷×+÷÷×=[>Male Ego  ===> G.0.


Can you NO₩ s$ee to Sea,   [(   the Callous Fallacy   )]

They En. Vision,. TAil ‘goodness,







÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷you cannot Trust Politicians with:      INTEGRITy


Insidious Institution:  #WatchHounds to  !dog them!

Uneducated or Incompetent Elect…



Give US more Time………nyucKkk





Ladies, you have con⊥rol of your man,son,, if kkk.ot,  You R thee EssentiaL Problem.00


Ladies, donut seam to Want to takkke Charge.

@@ HAPPY PLACE 2 $how













Me:     I Don’t Want to $aiL witH tHis Ship of  ,,Tools,,,,

Missed f’ED. Trial of the storm of @n a/e ffectual Centurion Barge: #naming name(s$] ; [(precedent…kkkNOtt)]……ed adminSs jading back to bush, ©clintonSs,




Pay the Pip    $s Que @^kkk

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I made a dream to be….  Hugh LeftnerDD

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CuZzz,  Rues TTru.

Time X is PASS∃,   Evil LIvE $watchband

Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!