aic cia PO$[?] A[2]Mazonal Bezo$~125 billion, huh ? Close Enuff?? // T&C vs. Under_Dure$_$


/Bezos/ /A2M/ wants omniscient info fishing permit  @  |Wall St.|….|Pentagon| and every heir between and around except trump casino/hotel$/newark tanning spray saloon$..

he walks in take 1 of his commercial



..shot of Bronze 18…. leave the mirror

(inner thoughts being  heard )                                                                                                 …. less than 5 billion..bezos is.. my itchy ball’sic’…He irritates me..

oh yeah……..         /  CUT ! \



Ass å Ω  Mouth Θ            ( åΩ Θ) and the horseshoe you rode in on !

1+ Billion should go to……..                                                                                                 You(R) Workers xmas bonusEZ 

B00$t the local e¢noMies                                                                                                          around existing —————————————————————————————————————distribution center————————————————————————————————————————⇔———-shoppes

Think  of (W)It* A$$A  Re$et of DA ..Tax Break_k(R)  

=============================================humanity ideas ring hollow in empty boughtL==

Idea~$ is Hut U FEE (R) !

hut kkk(R)out =(L)out a { [bout ny]   Bounty} ignore$…. ¢Harmin Sling tied behind my back….

…. give me a chance to _ue amazon/bez0$ for ..domestic surveillance on my kindle and on everyone else.alexa mic..                                                                              T&C vs. under_Dure$_$    ie. unintelligible

C  my my if everyone started with same monopoly $… i’d be ….funny


you see heir i’m going win this

Kkk…Han !  He Do It      ?  ??  ?

you want to know the number ..up stairs…corporate problem is …


my socialist lawyers whom i personally put through best univ.$$$


¢©an u  ®(R)ig it™ !! was the Warriors, I  saw them…Right?? uh Yeah the Warrior did it Sir…


food stamps payback…hike walmart


Corporate Malfeasance…. covered up by merge(R,D)

=====LRO===>’Cocky Bastard’..Reply;  bark tuff on diss route tree

Who will get 5 bucks for tellin me the meaning of LRO ?


=====aic cia …AIC CIA … ..Alice in Chains or Pregnant

aic—— is where dartmouth scanVeiL coulda been quietED

whose really ever heard of it ..?!!?

=====notice snl used taint that explains the search engine tread on ‘TaintED’ this month…lol=Puck ..scoreD============



Where TF is my Fund…raisin whine gripe grape…//// // \



 front row [[b]al-coney …cuZ

I’m a  W_ _ _ _ _ _ ??!




// see the 3rd below


then sold to

Poof….all my info.. Gone(R)

now  GoFundMe   i wasn’t told ??!??


They Really Thinkkk They Deserve                                                                                                         R-E-S-cue the Crimes of Capital iZzz.$&M

==Oops…my facebook link worked…0 for 2 today a bye pass___\o __=


==========  burr bank =======

if you know law like i donut, ?

i will be ~5 layers away cuz

I’m TaintED  with @ FunnY, I >— ∑outh

<i blew a kiSS at the tv monitorium.@>


my tink tank


civil wart  Ø heart deep blue bloodED


SNW; Drug Test the Politicians. M.Intel … \d\ro\p\.. and give me 100 mL

WE ‘R Litekkkrally….(Re)Fighting A ____  ___  ?


Civil War ||: Acid ReDux     starring *Honest A.L.    circa$$_2001

Divide us to ¢onquer… ? or forget 12/7/17


PearL Harbor-ERR Day !  – Mel0 GabSon


That’s Commentary……                                                                                                                                    I feel good about Donu. Don’t Hate AitiansASIANs either==============


Globally Live from Harlem… it’s WashED $up Nat’LS…

edit interview clips…

BOBama:  Roberto

                        I got Gamey

Clare(Gin)ce Thomas Howell.. Lovey ????  ?? ¿:

$Tone CCold Look… BBall $pinnin on Finga


Diplo…..M …R[.]acy

1st:   a Hungarian Journalist asks:

Why do still use a vhs tape in ‘cyber’ ?

A: i see a grilled cheese going into the vcr                                                                                                                                 when i write it…klmnoPPQQ

=======i’ll ink of a dvd tray__  funny==========

MEDs BigLou have a 50lb.!!.. they don’t like me to go to…not a bar, lol

i go near there and they LIberate me abit…

thus, They want ME 2 R-E-S-P-E-…

C Ware tHat leads……

?=C the Dichotomy of Hippo 2 CriMinimi$ERRPot-a-MeMEME__=

==flagg===>|~BWR|~ ⇑====BRW====BRW==BRW_!==

so many thoughts when i finally have battery power…. and “quiet”


Wow, Thumbellina must be looking for a corner to powERR

======Gold $Poon Round Jr.’$.. collarED=?==hookers,cocaine, photos,cam, ..DiploRacy===

Line just got bigger…………………($.$.$niffL)

This brings back  Hairy TurtL Pace …cocaine connect..

Wells Fargo brought in sum connections HArd…cor… puni$H..Dement

coal wanna be delivered by military airplanes

all this clothing coming from columbia….

We Care E alot of Know; Know

=======connect backwards forwards…======

J(R).!!! !   We Gotta Caution…LLClayers. Correc


ICyou Little wang dang ramen noodL $

keep tab or dr pepper on the gf4wife, js u protest 2mucho


——kids …hid underwear..? ?? ?..

see i want to put up my donate site but i can’t be like them and use  innuendo=======>donation ploy…..        


funny guy!












Whoa… Quakkke Me … My Skills Speak ..Loud ‘n Proud….

So Surreal…. that i still haven’t had a PoW-WoW..

i [ad]…just  keep’mn the gravy train on time ….                                                                                                       but out of comfort zon..AL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the Columbia Connection is

we have Alcoholics and CCokeheads at the highest levels…

the cocaine part of the Dartbored case… openED

Sun Shine…..Y

Do[e] Big Biz/ GOV once Again Attack women By Policy…


they believe that they can cover usa with only guy  agents…Gays of every hoho star… guy dub….

it almost workED.. Short Story, LOL ….Cortez Cortez


they know any female can pull double duty   … seducED


Guys (R) Inferior…. Guy agent has small (package) of “¢allERRs”

now with every almost literally guy be Bi-Cure-i-guess

trying to beat back the\    \ Wave of …\ No Dicks.   \..\ LOL

=======they still won’t Question t*hem$ elve^$=======                                     ∑=Empathy of Constituent… C.. Y   not, really !?========


mel gibson  <insert mugshot>

Melo Gabson   <Me no Mug>

A$$ tink Martini Pro—-\Duckkk\—$Hun—>



knit ….


BALL$ OMG!! Game Set Match…* )boom( \\Implosion\\ Generation LMN SqueeZZZ=AH

Dartmouth students sue over alleged sexual assault by professors

cocaine hot tubs exams ..,impropriety, LL…See Me After Class

i wanna CRY…. for MASSachusetts…nice job i bring attention.. u Fuck IT Up.. every witch way with a whimsical wanTonic & WaG(R)in




// ‘Cept after 30 minutes ago getting to read it all…

OOPS,  according to the girl i lip read as i took the corner onto boltwood.… That’s Why i didn’t get acceptED.

kidds, remember to put a return address on your college applications to impotent imbecilic schools


Seriously, Who knew… Brown stands out…RI

yale ?  ?? NJ?

dartmouth ?? NH

columbia ???

cornell  ??

princeton  ??

u penn also … PA




Jackets at Dick’s and Walmart with     Columbia logo ??

Dick’s stock pride  went limp…_

Why that ‘brand’  child labor ???  ?? ?

Shirley not the gas company ??

country ?? banana$?

Record sales ??   went dario


killing some 170 unarmed Palestinians and wounding thousands more

Get ¢^K(R)AUT

we don’t associate with                                                                                          $$$ ou…(R)    Kkk in…………Dark


get out of our business… Media

Ba Ba….. $$$hueY

the Bell Tolls 4 … LIBerrTY

You are hurting usA llC?



Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!