Bumping Mics: S1 I wanna say Thanks for the Shoutout howard the AFFleck duck… i mean Jim Norton..100 pounds ago….Gilbert …[ILY]

ep 1 .. Funny, ¢ruising but Attell is a Hardened Road vet   … that farm squash thing was WTF!

i wasn’t thrilled with all the mic taps… too back shoe tappy [ykwi’ms]

ep2… Gilbert like wtf..vegan… jim norton after a hooker sucked coke off his dick for a week and all that protein loss had him down 100lbs…wooo got thru that….

so then jeff does a back mic…..

This is Now in $paceBall$  the Taint of @ Giant.

======inspirED by====

Ben Bailey at the  Amazing ….Patrice O’Neal‘s ………..Roast

====R.I.P. Patrice…Massachusett’s Own Funny F=======



OMG...15 min into episode 2 now….they did back kick like move

the Hooker was    Bob$aget

– a bonus scene from  #Half Baked 2

====WTF======back to saget/gilbert interview in ep.#2==

weird…. .vil war today’

===x==jeff got in a fight friday night after the show ? aye?? ?

ep 3…blahhh

so….. ice cream truck.. job,next  jeff  ?                                                                                                       Good Cover for a pedo…. petal such as You

luv ya, mean it!

===jeff needs to adopt hasan’s beard ………… and health regimen



======no adopt yoke—





War(M)ongers with Young Kidd$…..and they Don’t Even Know It…/YMBAR/!

American InGenuity !!! !!!



-the quality of  being fair and impartial.uknow-hike¢Rap$caliaN-

From our ‘No eQuity Zone’  a Fudge DepoRt  picking up                              …info about uMA                         FIne arts building being desecratED.       .and Spicey and the Girl$ .. t*wa$$appearing @.IT…

Damn Commie T/Free-Huggers !!



===(R) daze..=the only one saved ==AIG ? =Oh yeah…. alotta rye bread,…$182 billion bailout of insurance giant AIG=Goldman and his balls will be close!!!!======   We All Laugh..

————-&– then all the 2Big2Fail Banks–                                                                               got no interest mega “Loans”  …  yup…                                         NO  USURY.   now that’s Rich ! FU sez Average Joe                                           (i Always use the original definition.  $(L)eigh\t*
*of hand-ERR$ )

===$(L)eigh\t*====⇓======SNW skit

<$$$, a Loot>

Tyranny is All Present..Sir !! no accounting for skullbuggery

Guess those 2nd Amend. Arms had kkKNOW BEARING

tbc…a Hoot*

===if only ch 22 had an Eye for …. $$eeing Ting$ for 1$t*I,me

in town cener asking questions of people


All onion or union of $nakkke$ can be contextualizED by the orgy pit in

                Anaconda$$: t*Hunt for Blue OrchID

Racism & South band2hand

Overt Northern Racists                                                                                                            are  usually in ‘lost’  Confederate ..truckkkS

however, t*owe(R) real Hate Dealers (R) deeply rooted / layerED  in                                                                      War ….

and $will always find room to Hate Another                                                                  Generation of Guilt-le$$ Non-White$ in need of peace


Obama’$…’G(R)ift’..                                                                                                                         Washing  ton of (+) Black (J Sedi-)$enti-ment outta America..

‘Legitimized’ Heir (R)acists views of  ‘good ole boyZzz’ Blackeys………  Slave 

Just a $lave.2 Tower $y$te(M)….  PuRRfecta…

Don’t think alot of Democrats aren’t Racist also.                                                                                                       butt 99.99% of (R)_R.


Rich Blacks have a  Huge Burnin’ ¢ross to bear !! !

=====step fo’=cuz=>you’re Deer….. Fr0nt Line 0f Battle\\=======\\

Divert attention

Israeli’$  @ Cable Call 

,,$will til’     Netwerkkk$…/CNN / MSnbc

chaim‘ IN


oprah ———–Harpo marx 

=====getting antsy now decades into Wealth … or Lackey B U

Fight or Flight to Your  Compound of FracturED moral=itty




======¢How many Israelis work on factory lines ? JC!=======           =                                                                                                                                      Still trying to Figure out what an Israeli SocialisT would be good at¿ =


if poor, vote with your (W)allet.. ..or..B….((M)allet steW)…



$till Waitin’ for Bezo$ to Help the Twerkers hat coverED hymn !

====$1 Billion to your workers and their/your ⊂ommunitiEZ. ==  === Merry Holidays & Thanks For Caring $0 $0 (m)uch !===

Coloring Book of Revelations




oh btw, was I  kkknott supposED to mention                                                                            Mr. Whipple’s Store…chore                                                                                                    And My       Charmin SwayZ ,    eH ?? ?

====Crass Act or ?===He k_knew?!!.? & Did Hut* ????  ?? ?====


==Check ?  Check ??   Check this KLaut ==meep, meep, got your 


“The first is the idea of getting total information awareness. That’s always been the key linchpin of counterinsurgency theory, is to get total information on the total population.

And that’s what distinguishes it from just getting good intelligence. It’s that you have to get total intelligence on the total population, not just targeted to people who you suspect, but on the total population. So that you can make a distinction between or you can identify that small group of active insurgents. And you need the information on everyone so that you can make that separation, those fine distinctions between someone who is in that active minority or someone who’s just [in the] you know, passive masses. So that’s the first strategy. The second strategy is then that you have to [GET Smart] rid of the active minority that you identified, just that small group of individuals, the insurgents, and you do that through any means possible. [¿Hello¿]And then the third strategy is to win the hearts and minds of the masses, basically. [I pin-point ..hot air pop wit]

And I think that starting after 9/11. We saw that way of thinking become the dominant way of governing abroad particularly with the war in Iraq, but then more generally with the use of drones outside of war zones et cetera, use of total information through the NSA in the way in which everything was captured about everyone to the most minor detail. And then also trying to pacify the masses in Iraq through kind of some provision of services or just distribution of cash. But then eventually, when this way of thinking comes back to the United States through different forms of pacification of the masses. Particularly right now, I would say through forms of distraction, really.”

  • https://theintercept.com/2018/11/25/counterinsurgency-us-drone-strikes/

Bah Attendance Downtown is down by alot (Rye Bread)!…not Restaurants !@! (doh)

Totally my ‘fault’ ”

Time & Crime BLinED

me bloggin””’all through decade with mediocre success…all.ways// Rising

b.o.B had the ©enter happy as$ ””

whilst [Ex-squeeze] me[, but the mostest safest place would be .. . ..]

making leeway against  happy days player$ (dem$)

// ¢H@d me turning a corner at some point

//      $whEAR$  how many chapter 11’s  now thumbellweinerrr ?  ??

the (R) saw the writing and threw out the ¢(R)ulebook and ”’

[SS (german),Confederates,& Union oF Onion$..//.um.. $nakED                                   my my sucH……….@                     H ….allowed  Team


fascism…tyranny…union of $neakeRs to keep women at ba by                           // no more prego weather gals they don’t want to be there!////

//[she] is proppED for a stereotypical (R)eaction… [checkmark.it]

jig$ up Assholes…. Woman’s Turn

i affect females who then, in effect, demand truthful outlook from $uit.or…s””‘effect

armed citizens… who piss J.D….will $TOP .deuce..faggot TyrannistS

===Did the Tyrannist$ have Reservations…. ?? ?======              ====Guns to stop Tyranny....====no How======// yup they musta // changed out of their Team Tyranny  clothes into …..guest                     // clothes===> We was at the Hotel’$6.66 buffet …..boss hog=

//    Darn  Hazzard’$,,,,, DukkkeS !




– hear ye, here we lettuce ..pickle onion…

⇑ Cheesy

i….wait for the Drink…aH’$ to …. Opening $tatement*

==&===after dinner goal$=?=

=====A2M’$, a Veil. in LobbY========B(R)ushYTA========>


===@=fine arts building …at least the bricks didn’t go thru a window. B/right/ ===



Hello, 411, Who’s the Fairest of Them All          ?∞?



(L)otto tix help educate yourself

=======Mongo Fart*============

54 degrees my age°  exactly…pay know attent..hon?

21 pt predict  //13…

======obv Pats >

—————rb with extensions….,,,,HC should be fired

flake….Columbia inda House of Cards…. Brazilian Whack job  .. waxing ‘moon’


40 11

late behind

by that muc…H

high honor Diss


??  gotta throw to run   jNYett$  usual otta way


Gotham    NY eta…..


drug test politician$$$  ie.. WH  b4 pay

we should have subway competitors….

Excellent subs at mike’s, btw


Pat’s Patterson with extensions…nice comeback..pats //ur fired also


what a catch beauty re Hired ..Him

grandma pa if you HAt*eee Me.//.. you hate yourself much amore’


========>T&C are under attack..nucleus   Zeu$   duress def. ie…compulsion….gettin somewhere?

we ALL feel ¢ompellED and Helpless …

\\not just ice ..duress—–\ on                                                                                                                                               thee                                                                                                                                            (R)0_kkk’$0$

                   Duress                          CompellED

Rent, Mortgage ….but Rent I$ Worse



Time Related



other side….legible to whom…… test for readability.. by high school grad, college levels, ged, disabled……


———legitimate class action suit against  SSDD

T&C ‘coverage’ should be ..optional and not yes/no

========== future socialist lawyers

=======Balls, Ladies ?



god will you be my first donor ? loltm.fannies

=============t&C are out of f’n control

=-=-=-=don’t wanna say..ext. are bli..-=-=-=

close game not good !! !


===================coke  pure cane===can!====

“pearl’ Harbor ERR day is $$$a(L)00n

tough catch hits


gotta go up 7 by


what a week…of decisionary bored.mon

=========mint ….york or jr mint=====


musta bee mo$$

———few like it  buddy  being Polite===

dummy almost sacked doh tough..//.hike a punt

===========not a fan of fake news hair=================


allig arms



=========55 freedom 55=============


======Road Woe….. Kno——>W‘s====


who farted?  -$anta to reindeer

====2nd half======

a2m,  can you feel it… prob not with bezos butt i $mel hymn

open up.   ======>∑   TV..guide.(R)


will i ever gel P&L aid ..oh wearin wit wow

whateva yo choose      choo$e Wafflin’


==1313 mockingnerd lame   Maher, PO$


21 or L/R/Bust=Y==?

======educatED beauty …………Leafs========

===========4th quart,,,,

C I _and Coke Cane Connect..ton$

generation of talkative coke can  cane chronicle$$

…back to its root”$…real ting…import cane  @s  Columbia’s $pouse                                             fo (R)ecord Profit$


nice catches

cool a Road Schwinn ?



==umass ladies… good lush luck==


U Can Only Blame Your…. ___


am i just talkin 2-or-4 my health ?? ?

i hear about     change   and it looks like mr. whipple and company  squiDwishED my CHARMINs

firin’  will they dock ihis salary guaranteed or knott

no completions for …Boss and HogS

======they’ll     pay ..=ola==


taint’$ hell mats  ∏baggit∏




made it 2 and 1/2 hours before F’Real…G.O. and then after discussion of taping family members so contextually.. “disshonest” can be stewED

the point being after explaining my 900 dollars plus to LIAVDBTR  it would cost me double to have residence and i have no income…….interest at 0′?…. i then heard…the constant revival of the Phoenix of my…’Existential  Embryo’

Get A Job…..!!!!!

I knew this was my finale….

==The===Literal WALL of DENIAL=======

You are the only ones who are supposed to care

and you lastED …….?….

A pointED ucation

Resume‘ ...critique



Tough Crowd when you can’t get a nod of acknowledgement about   .. any thing… constantly losing the whitey indulger$


the other thing was …. the second amendment stops us from Tyranny

=========guess who flankED Dat…… you are tyranny when you expect NOTHING of your kingdumb2

====heard this.afta saying ..HuuuGE following……..                                             i’ve had 3 gofundme$ and Zero the Hero Donor$

if you are so smart why aren’t you Rich?... talk about Rich.!..love ya,……


now on to the key kicker…. american flag… i scored a HT..winkle

The American Flag….. Would i ever burn it….?


i had answered this b4…after consideration i said YES !

I have a good imagination….  wouldn’t need to i assume with the reaction… why ?

they had just all within the last 30 minutes laughED off how their cellphones you talk near it with 3 random items and check some list and it’s there as a “possible purchase”…. huh huh…oh well

That Liberty lost is alot more important than the F’n Flag



∏ the Pearl …………..Room 222..[Post#]

a (L)

after which he uses his Ear s for more than a cig holder

Earl for a few years or a decade… waggin’ starts ..


any astute listeners.. who said… he’s trying to say.. gay mafia. union of snakes…and 


__________ = HRC Ha$ Less DConnections

it is a Global Security …t*issue, Please… ACHU !!!

————–knowS no borders——————-

just sayin they have pull under radar… cia asset? containable? cia?

Operation Anti-Implosion../    /.. .Operation AutoCratic Re-Inflation


note… B$Deli now took the french outta croissant..bread like nowshit. or they have a secret code… speakEZ HEiL

=========p(H=ill)andering..puck =spot=========

i knew i had a betta tag  i went to vehicle to check notes:


                            WHitey INDulger


the dollar store & crowd. from across street are  irate __


=====take a number!=========


‘andy gomes’ next tuesday  IH northampton

———————biggest accomp…no more bling….






$hamus …the dog knows betta….than most.\\.would you belieVe ? // Hand $um J[oB] PeterMan

the )M(ilitary $ta[[L]in]te is  Cone’$ Dome of CI_  (of $igh-(L)en–¢ )?

Puck = (L),… Pick a Puck of ________ Pepper$

south otb.. no..? know hockey ?

=========Don’t be a Puck======

Those search engine results are also from / for other countries which might kite need to explain in CS classes..analysis., technical reports,   ieioeu                explaining deer OOwn

=====Hague CourtShip… Can You Bear Me lloW !?!!??=====




======Drinkin ‘Tang up here, Peeps====Windy? ==

===oh Wendy…                                                                                                                                  so in a BIG Hoser InterGalactic borde(R) high–>=T                                                                                                                    (wrap around tongue)   Y

=i respect.fully.... my job as a So….Might.I’ll    WatchMFrogg ..

I ……pibb-ET, ==ramble..===< Dave Thomas was…… THE MAN !!

we can sum… HOW learn to Accept that ouR views are baseD on the action$ of people in insTintuitionAl chaIN—-<$….

shamus …the dog knows betta

Trading Places is a better outlook                                                                                               …SurroundED Bye chaoS..Kkkao$$$

Yeah   or   Nay, Nay, Nay… serious diss—-¢u$$...H…

==here?==heil FUhrer….. EUrorr… FUrorr<<==o==breakaway=

//                 \yachtzee/ …. \nachtzee @C/

Happy Indigenous People Lamenting !! ¿


The old ‘Balm in My I’ trick… second time this Week !!

=================acting trick..====


slaybells.. doinkin

Tokyo..? BbD?


what/who is the #1 systemic problem in courthouse justice…

   Court Clerk__$__ Randomne$_$..


2018:   [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[i]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]told ya




$outh  backED sly Israeli $emi-Citizens


Carpetbagger from MA  …Honest ape  Abe Link .missing anyone?

========Civil Wart* of..that is Trump==============

====Commercial Take route 666… ¢ome On Down to Hell and Boch

i think you get the driftwood… i not fonda males


——–gay closet-baggers———-

they All have a Masters DegreeF in Self-Preservational Behavior

Easy Pray …………..prey … Malcontent-U & US

===why i get alot of foreigners hanging aboundary==


=where was that coal going on military planes…AND

….. What’s in the ‘Trunk’…?” of F’n Plane—-                                                                                             —MP …b4… Home $t———-retch, if cot


I C Cenarios

====just not age identification

Who’s  21 ?? ? …..

Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!