ASS IFF Pat’s Fans Need A PeP[e] Rally !! /¿¿¿¿.¿¿.?/ASS IFF Pat’s Fans Need A PeP[e] [[R]]all]]e[[y !!

Next Sunday, the Pat’s opening playoff game is the

4th Anniv of my Mother’s passing.. k

21 days later is … feb 3, 2019




==========       ¢ ¢ = cents  ≅ since

Rude Money, Can You…….¿ $$$mear ME  HOW now brown no$e

==⇓=tom hanks flick===                                                                                           The Burb‘$ is beginning o feel alot like The Purge …deHeil$ @ 11


Repukes even Hen in ..                                                                                                                                   (Total…. CONtrol), I meant.. (KAØ$)

they still have Minority Report’ Tissues !!



cuz they are #RUde to seemingly everyone they meet                                                     ……….     except oth(R) Blue Ribbon$   Pub.$t*?


if you get to see my dashcam vid and notice people out of nowhere running cross the street… this “i$” a person looking for attention and $$$……. Douche HellBogg Baggin$t*r$

they know i’m coming                                                                                                                            ‘Bus’   (computer)                                                                                                                                    in the back hind pocket.bookkk$$$ !!!



best interviews about me are from people who have converseD                                                               not (r)ehearsED       eRR$

===⇓==npr kinda radio show==⇓==

hear that gang stalking of blacks    by FEDs is getting ear play….


dissidents, used to be if they didn’t have a file cabinet just for you …                                                    ¿then you’re not really trying?

now with digital itty…  ?? ?

==========still they abound my ears… less talk…============

======except sundays===whenever i go to my computer they… make loud noises.. i forget alot that way !!!===

=this is WH0 we (R)… no sugarcoating the Turd L Wreck … & his band of ‘Neckkk$=======

©apitali$m is DeFaultED….$-Alt




I Have offspring on to …….  fly freak flag W,hi?


=====JustWin, YaBaby==========

Once A….gain, Wait    <==.== [tissue]


Lost and Found Hate-$hUN  ADD |sand and h2o|


MOney’$ Talk$kk




Greek Yogurt has upped k__it’$ Attack model…

so, supposedly i’ll get ‘a million’ if they succ cede…

what do i get for just being ME ????  ?? ?

million must be …. Gravy

are the knat’L p(e)(e)p.$ iNVolvoED in this Greek TragedY ; ….Conspiring to Commit Gay & Great Bodily Harm….                                    Threatening a ≅ Sr. ©ity…Zen.                                                                                             Threat$$_ and collusion…. Hate ¢Hime


i told ya about 4 cc this past semester…

my active intuition sez lik_ke 20 peeps gave up a number…

my name is known

======weave that fiddle, coppers!=====?irony?=========


as  ..ISRAELIS sez…

May Time 4  RE-NeGoat We.Hate.A t³Οn

Anti-Sem..blance of Morality is on the PRiSE ,

===|=====|~~          ~\_____________/—    …………………


Now,  supposedly,

   I’ll just be tl¢een @$$..

eh ,  MON$t.i..(R),.a cook/plumber?                                                                                                    ..[always been a Kind Velociraptor]

]Chuck[…..L Please!

==⇑==brow beate(R$)*=== ‘green’ eggs=¿ham?=


My Quest Best..A..Sociali$t Meme .. Egg0

                ¢– Loathing 


emailed the VT chapter of NGL. aclu achu, i Hope knot

to t*ie. to avoid McD.Chi¢anery within a                                                                                                                    RepUblican governED                                                                                                                    backed with RUDE, um.P.. Rep \m(0)ni\EZ




i previously said i thought    Police should** have no Republicans  …..edit://   born before millenium…///  ** shouldR


to VET, much like  tVETo

======i’m so unattainable…unbeachable….. wow==whale====

Weird, iff i’m still here for …… The RET…B++++

===Hawaii=this runs 4 mil…(me): u takei beam me $$$$ … visa ?==

can’t look for a sprawling property without a bro-ok on my side|


t*Rue the Day, they noted ME,    RUde ….. (notch on Delt)

It*’$true, they are (r)ude money…. look around …. anger D/r udeness dysfunctionality $ubbound$    Money Talkkk$ IC



i’d like a Hindu neighbor Rather, Van  u, RESPECT


list of possible side effects:  saw small penis added lately !!  contorting the masses CON t*ole.. troll


Luv Ya, Mean IT 2.1


Nancy rew ‘ain’t’ gonna like this Oleo not the cookie …….                                                          analysis about ma   ma…

we have become a working class service industry..

w/  Oleo, Please !! !

plus Blue/Red shirt ‘collar’ED… perfect $-0iL 4

Complicit $$$ub-$$$erve-I $Ain’t $ee $HIt*


the other end of the _©®ip.t*$                                                                              …..for disobedient report’

Kkk.Hoot….ie.  $..t*riptoLockU$

 on your Permanent Record, Buckk_.00._\




anti-gang-$talking $tuff-ERRS

Tree meet Forest of your ‘in-car-sir.action’


Random Always kkkno$ where I am !

¿an You Fucking Cheer Me Now !!!!  !! !



How is Season Trois ???? mole’ mole’

F    Cables Simul¢astanet$k$ of ____

Look Away, Look A#ay

===========VFD, ??===============

Today is the 20th Anniv. of    ?? ?


2020 minus   a ¢    =

====¢ouldn’t Resist=’Ex$t*‘======

WHeY     *&’ is Trump gonna take late rent ???                                                                                                                       at his flop houses..$t*acky

==========      °                     /+/+/+/+\+\      \_



both have Way Weight*above average Power Play$..

WHo has more …..  Molesters..

Israelis or the Church ….?



WH0 said Randal Backtracks ? WAI



Randal is an Honorable name…

Randy …… leaves 1 with question marks for… hors d’oeuvres..                                                           ¿Dandy Randy? NNWWYKWIM ??


Being / playing COld will make you OLd



Didn’t Think I Needed to Say This… get a few Beard ‘mocks’ … dinkin

I probably pi$$ed Dem Off !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ZZ Top ® an American Landscape..

Moo !  ..did they have a cow  on stage ?

(Ø)=(don’t mention me)


NYE NoHo, MA 2018/19 ~6pm 12/31/18 in between stormy see… clouds/

AWed & 0dd  firework finale.. was it weather related.. the lack of volume or a planned… change up..?.  or..or…

angle DT crosswalk thorne way..                                                                                                        was amazing as it fell ‘directly down



couple of quips…


i did my audio from my studio… van… of

gene wilder and partner walking to train station….#silver-streak

thousand peeps and it needed some funkk_

============that’s right… we bad we ….==============

next the rain had started and lotsa folks were lined under the bank overhang…. i can’t see faces as the rain was blocking my view.. enjoyable …

i R…say…

Up Against the Wall,,, All of Ya.. that’s it… I’ve Had Enough___…

=====fun in my nog of egg whitey



catch any fish today ? ——->  2   ( people)—|pedaler|




Umbrella Talk…….   ‘Top of the Morning’ sez the Tallest…

+++++++++++++++        –       +++++++++++++++

====flood watch… drivin’===

===10pm how no……..w =====




Micro – tits


Micro – tits..  or       ‘Love Candles” – some bromantic

now, i sent this through a triple filter…

yes it’s derogatory…. woman to woman …

else   … you got V   handL it!

—–it is meant as a ….. way to correlate that both sexes have micro “perfection”   … woman are much, much better equippED to deal with it…..ty.!..

Get It, Gals ??!?

=======The           erve…



Che$$ vs. PHilosophy….. Bottom Line Correlation belief in chess theory erodes will to gauge philosop_i talking one while playing the other is a mind FluNNCky

Che$$ vs. PHilosophy….. Bottom Line Correlation belief in chess theory erodes will to gauge philosop_i

talking one while playing the other is a (M)ind FLunnCKy,

=======WickED TanGent===========




2 close 2 mime In$idIou$ $how

======replaY 2ND DOWN….

i ‘dream’t* a meeting with Trump and an offer to play Chess…

I always was curious as to how his game is!

==mine is terrible as i find the dissection voluminous !!! Zzzzzzz

thus… mind fuckED   like  ______________phy,   ?Cough.fee?

so he Wins ..   this has to have been unexpected as studying for this test is not allowed![which is now impossible]

greatest way to talk to him is this ?!?

======what to say then ? _________

how are you feeling?? $iR?


So my derivative narrative cresend0#@naiweavedly tookah and back pimple dr. commercial only… fuck if i’m gonna schedule that into my rollo flexx_

my Othello Game                                                                                                                                       and how it coordinates my 0ffensiVe ‘D-|===|’

self taut……. literally no ‘goal of …H’… i play educated bozo for first half….// simulating in drones hue .//..gRump.. ‘Human Compromise’

then get myself outta ‘the RaspBerry’…..

vs. best simulation games Hardest…. 47%

basically in

(R)eality’$$ Game…


// stake my platform for ViP.                                                                                                                             .. Holy water over all contra.acts..LeaRn….

sorry, foe goth this one…

iff toot.. The Columbian Truemp or (R)

cuz.. Kennedy money originatED fom  bootlegging …. but not while in 0FFice..   D-iff tea


Trump   obvi. has himself  $$$takED in a ‘corner’

I now after getting Hand have 2  ¢

======(instr.)===BS’sNT===Zombie ===========



All my SignS pointED to 2018 being Wit! //./ $Hame vs. Lame

not even micro tit. i will not foe #etanyone of age here.

-+-    HumbL V-Rap-t0r…….







$Hame vs. Lame

Take away the SHameLess’$$$       “WHite?” PowDer,   // HoeKKKain

same shit DD


lotta interaction comments…

3rd little leaguer.of hour.. doing royal walk across the NYRE crosswalk… i say…

‘Save the Queen”                     afterwards thought….  ?melania?


note to self:

never sing with both earphones in !!!!  !! !

==== NY’s Resolution !!  unless in Man Castle… you kkknoel.. that fascist appreciation society.. top 5 list… it won placed and sho_ED the affective hearts.of mass surveil  dance ..

i bet they pluckED a few hundbread .. “heart”$$$t…ring ding dong size no matter hatterS__

$-T-E-J // No Jest… tuna up time ?

you can check your ..       ¢olander ,,,,,,,

================Al Dente ! ================

¢howdy, no ,,,,,,, shrimp cocktail by elf


dubioUS not unless 21


win and a 1st round bye… Pair A  ….T


…….The   first right of my new year to Be Tap  DancED                                                                                                                                           /already a full folder\

===¢Rule=O’==Grandfather , very very badd


11 shou;da xxx      jets#


Pats special teams awesome lately


progressive should hire Bob

===⇑⇑====marriage did that dude,,,skinny 4ever====


nice logo  |2|1|    //   dominos


//./ 3 max.. loltmfn


/// ultimately WiZ????   pee pithe search history compromised.. #t&c  devilED.ham                                                       just like my donations list/=0=/ a known Bla¢klmist 

I am a target ,      PH   at  wa     H

with no security for the 420th ¢rime.

——riggED or hut ………. ToDo

talk about just-ICE  …// republicans in Blue  a know NO.. Hell NO



still haven’t mentioned my ..early march ..  locale’

======sin city===sun city, fl=orange county=or O. count(r)y?

50 points b4 brady benched agrin


fuck rule  vs  tuck rule ……..jedi 2 1…..SB

==both total  BS==Hef 60’s info search,,,ditto  (R)etro /grUmp /$==

wicked catch hogan..


This Fall,   did they tape..?……. Wicked Tuna Season 8

====not yet renewed but already happened..?!.

tyler’s new mate(s) ?    < imwtk >


banderwt o~k,,

====i spent way too much time on this…==new format


q names are qool



tough job in media’ $crotumZzz

Dick is a Hollow GRi(M)

===⇓====bottle of evidence room wine comm.====⇓===

fam        =   dr. pimple popper

===missing wahl found===(link)short of 1st down

Vets can relate to gov workers getting fucked by ‘fam’

postal employees ,,? both ways ?  we luv you !


does 6k include playoffs and all star contests


geico commercial.. i think i woulda spit out a drink!                                                                             Massage chair Dinner



(turn the $tage)

t*ripL BiLL iCon    

WHoid / taking / $tockkk

====Me?     like ¢omparing Banana$ and Fucking MonKEY$=

the same folks (Allen Klein’$__) who fuckED Musicians  ie.                          CEO/CFO/C…fU…… Record Companies… who now $cruple in..??.? defense…BanKkking… Agri ¢ontaminHatte(r)$ .. uknowus

is who they want to kkk.NOw work Proudly ALL-ong 4 (R)ide  …

or worse ….Haei(R) Off$pring

————–Stand 4 ?  @nything (trump) & Nothing (me)—————–

(R), are my fans  waving ?!? Signing  Buy the Mimes ?

—Cleese cheese please,,,-play bad in front of Them–chuckL—

=========my scene … weird 4 me as i’m not Randumb NOw===


i don’t plan et on going out much in public..flyin my Kite


i’ve spent 2 years poΔt*tyn




4      3  more games kkk.not Years


So when do i get to shoe the Gov…

now that my low views info nelson ratings…obvious lie 

has been conspirED to hide Streisand Effect



So,                                                                                                                                                  the media Blacklists me

then the “illuminimum’ for the Max AEffeCt*  

?wonders? insidiously treasoning (Me)  US.All

===12/31/18   8pm… Northamp.t*

triED to get me to rat on a plant… ‘asking 2 sell me weed from inside

the disp. in line… total image FU…. Ditto…. My Image and Intellectual Integritty is my Bullion ¢ube…Billion Fannies.

InSide U$.. insideou$ //      Con..Fe$$ to Tower Me$$


===let’em hit ya… a million dollahs is alotta money….


/the defendants are taunting the alleged victim ?? ?

/the whole town is taunting the alleged victim….                                                        ∇     #Hail Skroob   U rube$

  •   sounds like a great place to Live(R)  ty_kkN0w


i’m sure a lady will slap me whether i deserve it or knot._____




===Rich, Hindu, kNot* ¢ØΩτ(R)Γ   –   ‘The Patels’======


/////’i met the Apple of my eye… fret… i’m a P¢’   – comm. 4 underwear




Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!