whatt it wiz fisa u?

hey u



gotta play @Champ /  Pain \


aaron > peyton ?!


mad men all of em


&and….we covered it   $up



2 EZ

2GreeZZz  y?!


taco shell ta pacific brim rye singinn

pic purr


chammie is taking upp all my cognation …cards anyone?

khanne ! murdoctrine in per riff



=====man…he’s a mmmmm Man… MmmMan look Out

adjustments but hat leaves the middle open wide.err

snifflEZ   w/ colbanks

our MEN

D====D   fence or wall between


give that guy a vacation hu ……H


—-i guess all signs point to a mystery blast from my blunderous Past

saw a stunnah from past fence last night…..w BF…..[


====great catch …28-3 28-3


crowd noise is ……..deaf

BIG team.. Jack


butler is the front door

cuter than payaton!


wtf with these pods???

Shove’m up ass seemz healthi err..don’t play with chemicals meatheadz

—head  hunt afta tripp

burnah on oh no protocall going bad??

foul in EZ ..? game play .. IDK

EZ = end zone… oooh      not…..funny wimpy midget

===============if ya got’em===========gronk, that sucks  ouch=====


tough sport but Gronk …and MEN def realize that…


==============smokin’ play ====gay commercial w/o jamie kennedy malibooze=====


===============no comment archie ?====


tough 4 yards======

caught in a drafting

i know nuuuuuuuthing ! //schultz, sgt


post gronk blues bad timing for hat brady commercial on vacation.. just….


i can relate miss ameal

cheap joke doesn’t helll p !1 I know !

Σmime gotta shake stuff up to reset emotionZzz

===========Peace and thatz what my pantz really look a light

all lefty noW

tough terrain

D========D===========enter potomac====D


biggg trucking stopp?

big receivers

playoff action

hungry hippos


short field contain.breath..mints

””just like Few



bbbbbCooKE Y open mids or sum tim

got him 4 hat

turnovers hot outta oven … huh, cold?nope


pick please….buttla

========akg====Turban GeneRALLY=======

speakeasy of a Rally




wrong foot

amend my opinion from early time..always knew he can play but so valuable and how

snl listing timbutt2’s 1st year accomplishments with an all Republican dread lock heed martin I Congress

==================MIC is Warring Tin

nice recept..huh?

broke broke or  ?

checkov old Bloc

is anybody out fair-wayz?

under cover minimal

then heirs tower covertiblez

rubberband man

BIG  Hippos





field position greeeeeat


=========amendola @4:21..catch?===========yup!======


Falling Jags..

breathe deep..or is that trademarked or Hut  WOW Danny Man Oh My Goodness

Knotts Over


should be inter-no-rest-wing geek

//never use gleek

last minute of play==spaceballs=thank you ⇐. last..pods off

vacate-shun/// my pseudo life

4 downs need 6




testy jags great team…

Well Deserved Victory !


I claim Ignorance of the NFC, weren’t the Jags the toughest of the remaining 3 potential patriot’s opp. ?

ouch that guarantee fom Jacksonvill a.ge

def Not …… JV  No’ mo

——should prob watch nfcgame ignoring it is me….


////dinner time ?


========are your hands clean for Dinner?—reaches under His chair to where  a small container is attachED…and pulls out a wipe [mumbled] ..        .saved 15% on mY water bill…..















quick dump BrA$$

Our Story


421, ….Hear we go round again !


Life Ain’t Free,  …Yet


My Insulting ..snore… Consulting Analysis


Golly-WoodA, [Diss]MayBe [MSNBC white thru yayas],                                                                                         [Foxey Murdochtrine!].                ….Coulda figured out ThumpZ Israeli Gaza West implementation in time.?..the Jewish owned media would not be against it and would crucify deterrents such as me!..more mime ignorance prime time About ??! No Help There..  Pay attention!!! Missed it…Slight of Might ! … Not $oUR  Problem….in the past … We Reserve The Right To Fuck You … T&C, bitches


Happy FestiVuS…


Your Help allows me to air my grievances ~~WHaley~~Whatley~~





’64 Bit Character, FU HatERRZzZ!

I thought that was Kidd Rock not Timba….whatz that?…

Justin.. case W..Hut…


Know Fake KnewZzZ  2WHite

–F=Lip F(L)op… ERR——-it’s only Bad in  HI$ $Kkk..ool-AID – ——-


======Lettuce Romaine on Topic … Will YA ??? H……u………H        ]~~


No broke brokes there…2nite //alm0st

===Tuna and Guac sub  on my menu…blah….cancelled each otta out

// run….2 win and perfectly timed play action..===norv turner is NO // dick lebeau… usfl…nfl foreva


//  sorry heard norv hired agin and tonic pleez….for knew teams fanniez


how is stuff? tuff? $, h…..u…..H’


mr pibb

jack black?

WBB game today…umass  band played… toto ?? ….In Africa?…and my thumb jumped up and flicked a talking tric bic saying …’$hitHole’… sorry

effort ….all round  good game

—-no embassy talk—-i always said thump is no diplomat, an A$$=WHole


edge check…

==========WoW===interfered 2====’damn’ sez defender on bench afta..i held as much as i could…====


Cooks  ……  turn on da Burner$

====O-town… Chi⇑ers Wed  late


wtf    down….yup


Pats needed Nothing!!!!  lol


Y..up…Desolate Off$eason Coord nerd Office≈$: OS1

So, …Hater$, do you knot trust the Youngsters ?

I trust them more than …..great movie…

get smoochy? //freudian brilliance… i bet hat was an/the original idea 4 title..or was that also a line from script 2?

// Kids, if your parentzZ R haterz and you live paycheck to paycheck…your parentzz are D/ReaLing from/with the Devil…maybe watch some old twilight zone episodes about $$$uch ? …many good options … do research B4 … doh !   Good Luck…

it might work or $notty….planet tudeZ

// watching thump operate is sickening!!! //he won’t venture outside twatter cuz he cannon bear to knot be in CONtrolL… BAN this ⇓ Bitchy Poo

—–> actual thump dix pix   2 many characterZ ….Douche…ta touche tonaL

Fuck UseRRZ

===keep the micro$cope on this his tooth$lick MFeRR ===>  IT

 [Prince of Darkness coming through MiRE ERR ]



//========D [ EW!] U C W hut I C  ????  ?? ?=============

3rd base.A&C…3rd down derived


===tenn betta close the Penn or..


//    -&—bettar get ∑ norv TurnOvers


//   pizza…6 months and …..//ovAH


nice D…

both coords are technically best candidates...mcdaniel needs Draft Assistance… no Fool control….

–gonna go toke…cya 2nd half

whut i miss 14-7 when left?

====need to rewatch to synch my hotz========

check, pleez


’64 Bit Character, FU HatERRZzZ!




darn ……pass to RB


trickle down econo…

when we win, you win


i now do a “waiter from lost in space” thing… been practicing that my whole life !!

when french guy makes a sack of …

already a few sacks of ‘Flowers’.. ahead. b


Campaign promise of a Neo Rebukerr

HD pothole exploration.on the NE Expressway 

send a Real  land rover in to check terreign… 6-8 weeks delay…you’ll be flying in your ‘car’ b4 it is D..hey …….WE didn’t send ya a fake death siren!.   .the babies /created/ ..nice bit there

usually have glass or a big see thru case covering the [BUTTs OFF] looking for future employment



// the roads around here then had me outraged a wit as it just occured ovanite… til I rememberED that it is NOW as Badd as the NE expressNay Nay is in Summer

//  ===they reminded me of looking at an apartment and discussing HOA fees…. and I, in my own Naive conversationaLLLLLLL Sway…. said..

and ITz NOT Going DOWN

[nuttin iz honey]  U?




Bill’Z Here///

i swear the check’s in the mail…

.               GOAT <==> Dante S.


then there’s Bam from JA…bam /collar full\


==FUMBLE!!!===-KJ, RIP===

Peace Stout……



top to _                 betta ∑


wassup !

gotta exercise ∑ Cream  On Z  …….  Y

also gotta go fancy ……. eat–ta–Winn




theintercept.com is to thehof…thehuffpartyposer like a Kkkick to the    ⇑      ======== CUnt




======Buffingaton’O BS==Arian..Nah?=======


questions that i have for y’all….

can i be quotED / mentioned in any papers ?                                                                          –          i  ‘tink’ i know that answer

how are you viewing my website? hashtags? videos? pix?

where the fuck’s my royalties?~ sez~mr tyler~


What I$ my REAL=W=itty  ?




thumpz doc can’t tell the tooth eiger !


the layers of bs are so outspoken outlandish right isreal. israel…..

you have to know which ones to pick your fight with…

the media can’t/won’t/ don’t care cuz the house paymentZzZ ZOO

==Ass=tute ?==   OR…….. Astute     ?












Here, Hear..the Court ..of Peers..Wishez to Hear… the $trange suit/case\ of …

                                   William  Higgins                                                                                                                                                       aka. The PunWishErr—>zZZ                                                                                                                                             akB.  421




                                                                           ….$leazzzzzze MFzz….









.                                                       truth  & B ShonED your Judgie WHo?


$ubversibly both sidez of the Case in a Kkknut$—>HeLL, your Honor


O’Day 22 where ru?



Domestic surveillance is the rare issue on which hard-right Republicans and left-leaning privacy advocates often find common ground.

-WHy ???

——omit ————————————-

WHoserrZ know where Fantasy and Reality coaLhide

send them down there to resolve shitt

==Minor Excuse$ 4 HumanZ=======sez Canary



“We need it! Get Smart!” – thump flip FlopZ hike a PUSSY     – UK


—Leave Me Alone, Slur======~


——from doc.-new drama.. Twatter Lives…..///WGAF/////?Phatter-? ———-WGAF,   the new gay radio station,—–gay as fuck

so much for using that acronym–who-gives a fuck–


———————–$ add $alt-right to wound—————

our toastmasterrs are permanently @Recesspool

the title of the roast wiz….Roasted Vegemite $andwich, MA…..cheesy, huh ?

Does cheese  play  well with Vegemite .??

===funniest $ling i “herd”,   L                                                                                                      …..$orry U are just Not WHo we’re looking for to change US

in my headroom, max…4 min F…..

BitchZ,  WHeeze, You Gots No OptionZ U R bought and paid for individu=aille$  see now douchebag would be Redundant…


====american owned media else WTF are Borders 4..? catch-22 ?

=======either they mean somethin……======imagine israel with one channel ……[…insert funny puny ]

Trump has a Woody 4 his Mentor Ad-visor for blocking the windshield from all the shit back from his ………Fans,,,,,, ..

Complains // almost  always a Huuuge Projection.  ~~-   ..[    ]                                                              about the media.as Phony

—i’m ready for real show to watch… SOTU.


117 in Sydney.. ….Silly today Hot tamales


birds rule and i’ll tell ya YYYY  YY Y    …..

they can be having a conversation flying anywhere

and one can say to otherz

this is a shitty place…

no it isn’t

yes it is

No it isn’t                    [ in unison ]   C Ferguson doing monty python

OK, give me a minute at the moist…….    there see it is shitty



Murdoch SeeR…….aka. “Murdoch here”

Long Time??? // to people unaware of my Stair..over @ Generosity


and then the//..high chide //

/anyone surf that hell and high water spoke//




gRumpC Fatt Koala 


===£ $and==




2 days ago

What do you call a shituknotnation! Swear !  The media is tasked to police them kkkeyblurr $Elve$  ?

It’s like the news bike is 2 slow, oopsC  for his majestic madd hatter…is that a FEDor.a? So U $eerr

I am  da OLive in U.S. Martini mistake

5 days ago

ICON, here………………………….. You

5 days ago

Snow, glad I got this policy fom Big Who ……knew coke was still in cola ?

,,…….. UppaH Haand Stout!CSF    bunt shite  FuCCi

,…….ITzz like Biff owns the Casino….for Real ………….Estate POW

like a Bad M Weekend in Hampton……zzZ.   ……..Beach!……….

8 days ago

Oh / by \ Bay

_–Churchill Downes Syndroaming–_

One thing describes me to Thumpfella

Crypto (White) Knight

12 days ago

You do understand that my selection is very limited and mostly feds or wannaBeezz. .\0-$$-0/

The easiest way to smear me is by putting a girl near me and let her //editude :       //get //”feelings” get the best of me…and voila..you believe her…. 1 that’s all they need  …. Don’t be fooled… I got Hand …. Not about to give it up for batty mcFed.. Or just batty and then the feds/enemies play with her mind and concoct a cock tale… I am Autistic!! How can you keep overlooking this in your analysis? Can you Try and see my side ?…. I have them..in a corner..four21 the first time…..I’m not throwing it away !!!! Even if you aren’t donating until I’m dating! WTF is wrong with …

Find me a nice single..8+/10. Female like ……. And I’m hitting hard on that!

i’ll probably delete this soon! //obviously knotty

13 days ago

No fees and anonymous…..

Do you Not believe in the AnonymightB  ????  ?? ?

14 days ago

Who will B first…?

IDK, …… 3rd Base !!!

You’d think they’d throw in a kernel just to resemble trans-parent C… Y????not!

…..once agrin.. Def  @  feD

====The XcusEZ they have abused!

Prove me wrong ?!

14 days ago

I’m writing daily… They’re verbally flatulent. .Wonderful Alcohol ? Induced Synaptic Trauma,  (Waist)ED..U vacation…

==Aussie’s Mate EZ?==Peace on the Barbie? hot topic hear ???==

Fuck Your Spouse mr M and S…leave US Alone..

Don’t Want to ghetto Personallie

NYE NYJ ….. Peace Plea..s

hut up…

5/5 funny nose honks  props   to  CS of EH, MA.. saw noon show  1st nite NoHo ’18

So, how r you all today…?

Turn the ⊕ Stage,⊗ !? oopC Me


Midnight Blues..might


no good…FG

fake boobs ….if abs nec..

games r ,,,,,,,z waitly


……………quand …C… Dem show confidence in knowing da $Hame Game…………is Power via fear transfer …..they Dew

==the hardest part was waking #empower Found/Nation $upp==

No, ho  peful …will the slipper I found be filled..?

Earache, My Eyes..


.p  drop and short…

=====blount is on philly ??

under throw can  Z  betta than over ….B

=========2 weeks. @42.1holla..parking

.i will blogg next weekend..========Train Trip=====.from ??

===what can i sway..ZZZ

=Cold Shite


D=Fencing Helmet…


Hail $hoop...insert hand ..puppet//

catching on  ?

smokey the Great $light Hope …. joint… coffee..back


BMirror  S4 ep 1 aweTreksome , 2 blah, 3 lust ok

DC both classic !! nice material…a  KicK

====guiseppe’s is now on route 421 now, correct ?  big Delic.. pizza

Big Pharma can’t say  FREE  $0 copay  bs lol

cuz you can’t write free without a        f e e


nice pile thru

A 4 F

Ditt Dat

can’t pick off/on the D, 3 points… sleepyness

harry ur up



Cake Walken


Pi Walken’s Sis

==============P.O.Wealth Club

good point ..against mia he would be on the bench…ware ? C ya Suh


games do go fast…


WBB jan 3, missed last one cuz i was there at 6pm, doh,!!,lol


exhaust  …blows …nice mask if u gotta roll phat



Ref:   #Def[Fed]



Re: Quand Re: Mei

—-waiting on my P/MassAdorED ,   Hip  app                                                                                                           from gNomeFan Security..gaza gogo



Harry and the ..fense



good football next week or boring… ?

-2 ======> Pair a C games??

tough Crowd funny ding

====Happy Ways…Ted..not you, Pete !








Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!