Republikkkans stole my money, stole my weed and Steal my LibertiEZ Daily //dally HO..$

Are they the Problem ????  ?? ?  b..Lame

  IDEAL$ vs. Reality AccepStance……$

==============WHole Lot of DEM===G.O.=====

learned to type whilst under t* /R anchore

a bre@st… arrested redevelopment , L

Gray Pride Day… FU RepukkkEZ

======Gray of Hope======

cartoon  where    [dØn’t    U  dØn’t dØn’t] and the U flies around til

====police station huddle &  break…fast…. busy ====

===DO repubs eat the most Donuts on the force ?? ?==========

Krispy Kreme Konfe$$-HUN


How am i doing ?

I knoW…..                    O’ knoW                                   U knoW.


My Lift  is Copin-e’  with the Rift (       @Rafft         )

=============  [–[   ]  —-  deal or ….?  //     oatmeal

ask me 4 …..            //     (                 . moor                             )

, A


is whatever you are doing this weekend bigger than my Dick Placey ?

t*racy …Later.


=====Real Feel …F’Real

4 More  t*€ar (inni=EZ)’



Hand in cookie bar  With Israeli F(R)iends like this



































Moe’ .. .// $ha’doh



RU Ready to Humble /  \  Hubble 


‘US’ thought about prologue


why the tunnels info….


When is


Present Day

gonna Live Up 2 Its Name ?? ??




maybe===========yogg over bridge…exerwise==



fuck’n salt intake… insanity..#processed food sucks.

=====calm neurotic  asks

RU @…

(Hot                  .                       Head?

Case……..13,  Howie.

==A===Subscription to Cases, I don’t know how many times i have censored myself from making don’t into donut, doH====

so, a theory…emergency of  bubble butty

 US-based stock exchange trading,….. is ‘halted’

for a run on ‘¢-ence’ and after we went to the beach and swam all day and nana made a stink about somethin in the air //smelt it..

tuesday move.. us ..// No KO


Let..cHips fall  where they may…[P               ]?


===========heaven to betsy chips... ty============


Hummus… kick calories.. stick to wicked tuna

now to see what goes in it..?.  give peas a chance, chickpeas. please

===== ===


the israeli’s in our cia are always looking to be on my case..NJ, ITh

gonna counter / ¢ontra Dick+ t****

Nature of the Beast* $ting(R)


Datin’ &  Waitin’ for a ‘KnockkkGOut…  







I Wish it was warmer                                                                        Info,   Infer know More!

i wish i had a collar, i wish i was your caller..


good first assumpt…no shun   notion… Motion


Folks… You Do know that your kid’s [+peep’s world] world show many reactions to an overwhelming topi¢…..\\\\\\\\\\\(R)ide t*waZzz…. @…..pee⇓

you cannot escape my ………… that’s me across a flat earth

Meteoric Ass=¢


{sending out a message to be coddled}


===O…….Mrs Gee Close’ …My GFF .seems to be the Feds.=U

=ijs= it’s a Mr. G

now ‘you’ know how   ___ feels.


diff ?? Honey ..rabbit stew tonight, again!

====miss you !!     8——–>> >     ~GC      ========


ReRecap my gold nugs…sin returnin’

//        ctrl U = ctrl


No Buddy Justice

ok, ok…..

No Confidentiality Agreements.

===what a novel concept==

no, the other one….

\\my ding a lingo\\

@sshole, the other one.

NetanYahoo (R)

it’s almost ... drinkin you shouldn’t be reading this meshugganah last time in ‘paris’ it was like anne frank’s….. dream.

@$$≠OLE = WHole OGranted,


HeiR HeiL …Shit-Lore D..??


…frack back check. ||     G.O.       5 minutes

ThiRD WORLD                                                                                                                                           $HIT-LORE DUMB


=====’get ‘r’ done.=====Vaccinate Your …========arm





last time in ‘Paris’

i saw people running from homes under the train station

at 12am sunday morning… down towards the bars ..’tunnel’,..


assumption junction… ‘anne frank’ wynn escaping in a dream…

===reality junction…peeps.======

binge drink much…. ]1 hour, GOd[

Annie$ ……head back to hi$  ‘ta(r)ea

Hole in the Wall

==~fertile~ water$ —-‘anne frank livid dreams of being a JAP.—-

so proud of her people’s @ss.¢ent tell of hole$ in their wall$… Huuuuuuge……WALLs of DissMissL


Never Let Religion get in the way of Prog..I Digre$$..  De©aDen©e.

.                                                      – Pope Pain…..   //Pope Bain (dark knight)





Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!