1 confirmed show.. tix bought

The Old Man…… Down the Road

do you realize the whiplash change that occured from

no bullying


we r (R)ascist Bull shIt


============’kids’ No, k__ More …. school shootings no response to (cent cymb@l) ,,GOlaws.. madda madda who WH0 WH0 ?



+++++++++number 9, numb nein++++++++++



//===Lord of the Jelly ./.KKK is is….is…..InfraRed..




like today….. got ‘Flexed’ by a ~fanatic

Jackyl...no  …   Jeckyl__$ be o

====Netflix on the Ritz ….. Cracker said ‘LOW’

Wild Wild Put in to pro Test the big brother like laws clamping down on hard working  smokestacks across this great divide…um…..

United Nations  DesignatED  ¢ounTrY


if i hear one more ultra conservative dick haney .. say the liberal colleges are blocking RIGHT WING .Talking Points, .., .YADDA..

FU, i _ it today and i say…. Sir, .What REal itty D0 U Live in

Pales  Libotomy  tine

1 incident outcry.. 1 _illion against No UN Resolution


celebrate, celebrate, dance to the @Bus∑ sic literally where this happened as the buses emptied over time … more and more off

=ty, tyvm==note to self.. change smoke break…fast==

Gee, i didn’t get any tosh tix sent over.

Mirage went Lite $lite


<=Hard Rock has No Security for Neo N. Sign Pulver…

// Mister Roberts


my eyebrows were wild,

so i shaved ‘Dem’

=======no comparison==========

//Weekend/… See Me.

Smokin’… Talkin’ Stuff,, PUffin’ $tuff.. F_ee Maxing

===Hard Rock and i go way back to K¿W¿=====






Like @ Lesbian..!. um.





I can’T   mako   (cent).(cent)..                                                  PennyWise a_ound H….e…..R……e…_

Did you know…. ^

UnderCover Brother had a (T)wynn ?

****Re_Re_No_Hoot ?     -****

÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷×^FU.    Where ‘x’ is tapeface?.

Popped the Cork……brut

/_/_______ DA…… inn force field

Successful Day.

==’I love you gay boy’…. overheard walking by===


I told you ‘posh’ is 3 down….


Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!