an Astute Observer Might DDuece

Alec took one for that fun guy who just got Dumped

data same observer might DDeuce my Bit is

=in car passin by====∑.. =Girl keeps giving me the ‘mitten  Superfinger’…  why dane cookiecuddLer  boring..                                                                                                  Cereal insight__ _b.. .la..pathy.ise

===she mida  =gave it up toe’m




============= =============

)M(issing …… the ¢(H)………(ain)(G)


I know i have dues to pay on e stage fright fleft

=====’empty’ ‘]              Blaim   [of t*=====

i’ve always ‘feltAmherst’s Iconic Maple tree to be



===========¿===every restaurant i go t*aggEing me$$ w/ my order don’t refuse service…just be a

   (t*) (R)=0


Do.. spanish speakers get riled up about my IDC attitude ¿¿¿¿  ¿¿ ¿


====Bueno stick 2 nachoEZ====back 2 Hock…?=chuckyL==

Whut is My, I StyL   _


in jail cell dark coat …staring…

Storm O’ Century Guy or Alec

//Alin Guine@$$

===What did he have 2 lose..? charges b droppED=

A&E // Hei(L) RALF // (F)arts & entertain[.D.]ment







A & E

The Difference ????  ?? ?   [The World !! !]   

P.$.  4 Reichs A( L )ay Fom amother

Hei(L) RALF !!!!  !! !

The World… Now KKKnoWse


I have one comment from friday night…

i have never been more afraid of gang s

since i saw this crew$ mode…..  Karoake

Terrifying !!!  Disturbing !!!!

======INSERT bAD _____ VIDEO, FANS…========


⇐===26.2==IMH  or Pool=⇒




// Who Am I, H……..u…………H !!

Brazil on lines 1-666,  Chief Petty Off.



Technically… My God



18 months in…….Has it EffectED anything … ? Affective for $ure!

It’ $$$$

the 1st of the Monolith……18th of lith


no CureRent. $900 a Wonth Nyet…. Can You (D)/(R)-igg        IT ? <Code 305 aisle 18>



=IJA==where are the karate beauty and ledzep stairway =type=???

after the first of the year abun   y’all start turning  ….2…….pAGE  #21


=====made up complaint…========

Am     I    too   repetitive ?? ?   – Thanks Paul  ‘Bunion’  j/k


what time on the tower clock did i say… Double Down.?... kids don’t bet f’real !!! 

===i heard someone say …. A&W got… TaintED ersHelf =====


West Wing : Breast Wing makes no sense

hey,……. LADY !

==any up data..lotm

Bigg   Y

can’t I find an “individual” with discipline and a soul @21+

Who Am I ???? ?? ? Live…..[D]….eviL

The nucleus of his support — as per classic studies on fascism — is a middle class made up of small business owners and independent professionals, plus members of the police and armed forces. Though $ections of the poor have also voted for ‘hymn’ — mobilized by a worsening public security situation — the rich and educated support him in much larger proportions.



The_Mass_Psychology_of_Fascism     <classic studies source>


==⇑===Blame it on Rio t* or L‘$===⇑==

Browbeatings ?? ?…. talk is cheap dare ?? U.RI ??

What are his $tag Partie$ Jeru$alem?

Religious and $ex Freak … bet ya a dissident ?


=========Curious if he has a Pee Feti$H Al$0 ?===========





Election …i (mean Erection) Day is 7 Days #$Way

we got s a great show tonight….sorry..andrea mitchell later that day made me remember the timeline clearer. post fu Rachel PO$ … msnbc stuff… alex wagner.. stay tuna ….


during my second..joint

i memba hitting on alex at Alex Wagner’s msnbc noon roundtable show..   the interns were the ‘stars’.

..alex, son of russert,.,snarky (b@ )s..turd        .,

now it was my  I..missunderstanding that Alex Wagner was also gay…jeez female anchors all gay….always wondered about andrea mitchell married to world’$ biggest asshole or sue i’ve hearDD …(drum)kitt toot a Loot.. Lout… Left .get Out !?

now we know she’s ‘bi?’ married to then president obama’s…. second chef

l apologised via ……. the next day thinking she was gay””’


she sez… when i tune in    …[i’m trying to think if i just wrote my answers on just my computer like in word or online….

the interns knew every keystroke…

she sez… the taint

and the interns giggle when i ask did she just call me  ‘Taint’  ?

O  ; it’s ON   btw wicked ___ as i will reference this

i get the interns roaring when i reply like 45 secs later with …..

Is the Pussy Good !?!

Alex Wagner ‘when told’:            oh.. that’s a well kept secret!                                                                           but i got under her

she was filled with em0H!… 

the tape needs to be rewound.. pre$$ play

now we go back and forth about who won..

i give her crap cuz she just lost to a stoned los-err

yadda yadda..she didn’t lose.. a disputed tie

——–surreal  ————


ed sgt. schultz probably motivatED hymn…. seemed morally correct


what about that Socialist?!?

i read his bio…gonna check it again

off top of my head… kid, would fight often…

gonna check

 I like writing TV drama best’

Say ……..Know More ??? !


=======Fun CCrimEZ$$ ComCast a $hadow over Democracy==========


So like i said things got frantic about 12:24..loltm…as liquID LunchEZ

got…..’inter-ruppert’  Bevel..ed

==========tired, and infused … #tatter thoughts…


whut a  War……………………….M   achine


tangenting to sleep happy halloween, sugar

BS morr…. Hunch ~1:30


[(D)=] Progressive$, Weave[(R)] $eeN “It*’ … They’ve CoverED ‘#IT” [$$$]UPP


 (D)=  Progressive$, Weave (R)  $eeN “It*’ … They’ve CoverED ‘#IT”                                                                    $$$ UPP

it was like Taunt*ing me and I rarely watch tv any $’More$ ?

=============radio this time.. no pic to   Fuckkker$=====>Whitey Bulgerr$=====expect this to be a (taple) 4   21============


how would you like me to prove to ‘ you  all ‘ that ( Gov== =>Bigg Biz ) is thwarting PROgre$$…ie….¢ontrol against (L)osing@ny   c ?


@ heir Religion       $$_

I am PrOgress


=Welch(R)$$$=====$/0\===billy connelly’$ humour ‘got me’ in trouble with some Welsh/Americans.. Sorry !.. We Are Noward $turn 2     1  or a Country of Bbbbacking each other up to a ¢liff and waiting for the great recoil on2 1’$$$-Dick..that’$$$ Amore !!!!  !! @


Welch(R)$  your Honor,

I am clearly capable of changing the $hip’$~head~ing when given my due dilligence income from my ‘inverse blacklist’ of donation$

Your Honor,

Zero donations for the MosT Popular Person in the Galax……Y

——Can I Getty A Witness—-   ?? ?

< Planet Ultimate Frisbee >


are they getting h/lair shit eaten G’(R)in’$

———> $’Moral Ga$$, kneadED…….===>  ‘F‘=ED

jackkk   ? ??

Browbeaten,,,,, all over NoHo // today wearing earphones H..tin lizzy catalogue

you will leave town,,,

they just missed me getting out for walk,  a 3 carload full 12 guys/ team? waiting on me @ judies art bah after my post yesterday,,, i noticed ya & that the cctv didn’t cover that area well cuz pick up trucks in way….FU,   ~DT~== => ,,U  <== =~@~DT~*~   4  $$$(H).e(r)(r)

=⇓=storm of the century guy at bus stop in NoHo this week=⇓==⇓=

i am going no where soon….. RESPECT


haymarket……..……et gonna ……..T.-40 min


slept from about 6pm til   9:22am   Oopsy

1 more try…today……. clean and “shaven’   .

no more comments cuz there A,L,L piss and moaning !

where’s my ______ ?


The Funniest Iron…….Y

of all this Police OT, drug use contraband (Kkk)ickbacks ….                                                              and (all round) (W)hitey Bulge(R)

it is EX-pensive to (L)ive hear me now and believe me swoon emuff

In Conclusion….. Capitalism has some deep deep hidden …. @hole$

BungkkkL $am, MaGuyV-e(R.R) Hymn Hut He QuotED…and All live Free and…WFI

Never  More Wore torn fuck’n jeans.. ?

====Eureeka, ====

Lou’$_$         C   ?? !

I’m Home from the Club < (Copacabana)..(Babalu)……ey!! fa fa flunky..

You gots some $$$plain.N  ….2…due ……Lucy…

<Lucy Cry>


Camel, you have a hunch things gettin’ a  Happy ReaL ??

=I Double Dare Ya, McFlytoy…ChickN ??=⇑=Pick a Straw any Straw..                                                                               $uckA$…$

========= Y   ?          Can It!===========

no second place…$orry


do i already have my $hark ?

==i bet my idea has already been “stolen” and being  implementED…

Anybody C Y It was not done…

they aren’t that Dumb !!

info = lawsuits not ‘House‘-EZ.Ways bye know …

they like CON…….trolls

Pa–Po(W) !——Jigs awe’s UP…now

they’ll be circlin’ Wagons


til a technology gets there first…. is the Catscan type machine …outdatED



outfront judies art ..’bah

‘Art Monk’ ..mostly to myself. i exclaimED as these guys stopped to see who the guy in the Sith hoodie WaZ

===⇓==look whose here .. Kelly Ripper Owven==⇓==$milE==

btw, they always make the next level of y’all complicit bike..sting a littL===whose listening to the radio any… Who Who… me?  >look right>   me?  look other wayCHu !

====must be Live obvthink about Weather Channel/Local Weather GirlsDMBroom======


my big pix=|¢asey| Hat the _ _ _

=====>>>===⇓==⇓===Heir’$..t* Reason =

remember Pearl Harbor ErR

.. $$$=He amended & signed  & AlignED an  I$(R)aeL Fielder Fly (R)ule$$X


It’s (R)ight ====>>>

&     ignor

Look the OthErr WAy (figuratively only ..F’n F/T-ree smuggler$)




Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!