me with a budget… and lawyers

have you ever seen  Radio Days’


recreate those waves ways- less bourgeois

=====podcast distributed====





Painting with   Doors  Open

Persecution Perception prosecute f’real prostitutes

3 to 33 % interest increase.. inseems


do you account for my fever-rash ‘fans’..? HAteR$

tempted to make a bet at -3 points tonight….maybe minimal $….


bet 100 to make 90 is standard bs…

Pats is one of a few games with a bigger Resort2Referee.juice

bet 100 make ~86

============here, all i’m stayin’=======no bet yet==========

see this is where i could use nfl pass to watch game/all-22 of Ravens previous games/’new?’ qb.. like i said..catching up to the FYIre

not a gambler….doh! savor the game#






by the way…my homey haters…

i keep asking them if i have to go back to hartford/mass

//see they know every keystroke i write and delete….

or can i move on ?……akkka……Hey Realtor$$$

stop blaming me!


Well, i guess by now.. .

everyone you ask can tell you where i am ?




S’more coverage than _ _ _.




©om¢ast         dome_©ast a net$

cox cable


breaker, breaker…we got a tangible tangle in blue   ‘immunity’

Foci… big brother is quasi-owner of cable company… domicile, $i¢







yeah, so i have an unwritten agreement not to

smoke on the property even the sidewalk out front….


i am civility.


balance no 51 50

==peek at king of balancing wayward frigate

====Fires be damnED====

moat sharks with ‘lasers’

======Future huge taxpayer there asks… pre emptive drastic measures..restructuring the irrigation system thus sectioning off areas… …==out of the ..//.pre burn?__/==ideas?

Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!