NPR… playing //// wed 4/10/19 //tel aviv…viva let ‘m $$$_u_ffer…no gate / Fuckkkin’ $avage$ !!!! !! ! @#$un City

Net Any Yahoo NAY, NAY


Haim-less Disciple$$$ ‘ADD’

Can you make my job any fucking EZ-ERR ?

===Human Resource$ won’t return my calls==

commercials for prime ribbing miniStiR candidates and other…..$


perfume add”

turns to read bottle ‘Fascism’….

……huh huh……..smells like Democracy…    [cartoon]

candidates superimposing over                                                                       cool hand luke / clint eastwood                ?actual movie?

  to shoot an Israeli (duel) citizen

kkknow ZEN

ERection…sorr E

Election time in $$$on City Bank\kk…/k

hold it on saturday so mainly  only dual citizens vote,

lol 4 Apall the  ¢enturies.

Fucking Queen$ of Savage(R)..Y





they love to get you to bait and switch but not Invoice Ver$@

   (Re)¢ognitive     Dissonance


Netty Confetti ‘$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    Party …En    trance

Can’t A Nigga Get A LapDance ?? ?



is it,

They Believe Hitler was a Hack ????

They   (R)    $uperior Fascists    ?? ?  <R is dyslexic)>