aflac Justice

stay SAFE , …..a Security Analysis



i  ever tell ya about my ‘mind meld’ in AMS  i thought hard about a girl who just spurned me in a co-dorm…. 5 minutes later alone in the dark diff bunks maybe 8 foot apart.                       she said…. ‘Stop It’… weird both stoned


===A==Banarchy=????  ?? ?=======



====⇑====nicest people in utero==⇑=======


Get ab Hernia Surgery  ( with 2 week recovery)..

Get a Housing solution  ..                                                                                                                            with indoor salt water pool..<dolphins with ‘lasers’>

Get living arrangements  Ready for weather change  RU

Christmas  ….. future…

Get Total Scan… <data>


singing lessons

what about my fish bait idea… Tool.. Comment ?

lawyer talk$ … complicit chicanery, charming  chats

girlfriend(s) …….⇑⇑ ♦ ⇑

self defense classes