My Quest Best..A..Sociali$t Meme .. Egg0

                ¢– Loathing 


emailed the VT chapter of NGL. aclu achu, i Hope knot

to t*ie. to avoid McD.Chi¢anery within a                                                                                                                    RepUblican governED                                                                                                                    backed with RUDE, um.P.. Rep \m(0)ni\EZ




i previously said i thought    Police should** have no Republicans  …..edit://   born before millenium…///  ** shouldR


to VET, much like  tVETo

======i’m so unattainable…unbeachable….. wow==whale====

Weird, iff i’m still here for …… The RET…B++++

===Hawaii=this runs 4 mil…(me): u takei beam me $$$$ … visa ?==

can’t look for a sprawling property without a bro-ok on my side|


t*Rue the Day, they noted ME,    RUde ….. (notch on Delt)

It*’$true, they are (r)ude money…. look around …. anger D/r udeness dysfunctionality $ubbound$    Money Talkkk$ IC



i’d like a Hindu neighbor Rather, Van  u, RESPECT


list of possible side effects:  saw small penis added lately !!  contorting the masses CON t*ole.. troll


Luv Ya, Mean IT 2.1


Nancy rew ‘ain’t’ gonna like this Oleo not the cookie …….                                                          analysis about ma   ma…

we have become a working class service industry..

w/  Oleo, Please !! !

plus Blue/Red shirt ‘collar’ED… perfect $-0iL 4

Complicit $$$ub-$$$erve-I $Ain’t $ee $HIt*


the other end of the _©®ip.t*$                                                                              …..for disobedient report’

Kkk.Hoot….ie.  $..t*riptoLockU$

 on your Permanent Record, Buckk_.00._\




anti-gang-$talking $tuff-ERRS

Tree meet Forest of your ‘in-car-sir.action’


Random Always kkkno$ where I am !

¿an You Fucking Cheer Me Now !!!!  !! !