More about General (Si)Thwartzz..((Cough))…

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==ZZZen==>Trophy KnifEZZ and BoarZ MEET==>                                                                                                              One Word, Bladies!!




Throw my indiegogo a Half Point..!?!

Good Fuck, GuyZZZ/Gals

2 (t)Yrs, …um ass,Trystzzz  each (L)ater …….                                                                                                    after the Glow is “KNOW” SMores

Guy====>>DOLL,(burpp)..Sorry..!                                                                                           I Bought I Did You Right ??                                                                               I Gave you ALL U Wanted.?!?..                                                                                           No, but My Divorce Lawyer’s gonna GaveHELL You                                        ========= =====

==Picky MEi=======Stop Guacc KIN=

I FREEly Admit UltiDATE Frustration…LOL..Nuttin To Cream. Sic.. (L)

So, whenever i see single ladies                                                                                                  that tACT Like tHEY don’t even like me,,,                                                                       Rummy ASSway….

======Event U ALLY===I tWINs==>>likey [email protected] JPN===



===I think of this bit alot===stop your internal infernal dialogue===

Blade Runner had me Pissed.. I held it for almost 2 of the 3 hour boreDumb..Action-Less..What were they thinking…let o..Leno.. could Save this Bland of Sighs


.Donutt, bLush. don’t blow it,   ……                                                                       Diss Covered food, alcohol, cocaine/opioids…