Minn vs NE….// stay on rail..me!


Ladies, “bored housewives” you CAN too…

Want Empowerment and RESPECT…keep THinking..knot Tinking

mr. Nader talkED about  keeping votes watch on local politics…HR SEN state and nat’l$  go HG

stats to be put online for locals to peruse..

==try and let the stats talk at first….==(R)eality tipsyZzz Left==

correctly categorize bills /powerpoint?/ votes /donors/office have a visitor logistic$

pro fossil fuel

pro life insurance for 0n employees @company option 4 profit?

pro evolution what do a (R) and evolution h common ?

pro epa


MNC break old EPA rule$                                                             at expense of your companie$ bottom ___…                                                                                                                                     Mega-Fines… Are in your 2 year future !!! !! ! _



//                        $NW

scene  LAX

jeff ross’s ts bff …. talking to jeff with the hand  z motion…

Jeff…… you NEED to start doing impressions

a) insteada leaving impressions on all /our/ furnituRe

b) cuz i wanna see other people

…………………..got in and outta neta noho in .. no time…                                    sorry peep out in lines

)Lemon weed

yesterday that woulda been an hour just for med..                                                       rec they were  musta been 4-5 HOURS


////////Big Blue/////////

oogle tree  full deck on house


i have,,, had a blind spot…

b(L)aming Comedians, To….we gotta get outta this biz(M)e$$$

Omit The Logic.. ????  ?? ?   on drugs there is know logic

OTL  over the line…. What Line.. and whose i$ Wit

i live on the other side of those tracks   … that’s for ¢rack.eRr $Oup$


comm:   A2M hohonono

fox’@#@ the masked singer               terrible








You’re Up to know good





i’m the FactorY, I        411 _ a 10



i work for figuratively a circle

====chop chop u shop=look who, manchu =who?=no he work hear to…==

=great thesis topic the CiR©rumdecision of balls Y ????  ?? $  coMEdy

                                              exceptions are few

———=========btw, i’m lemony fresh… burp


showcase live showdown


==>je ne parlez pas francais,= mademoiselle<=/    fm     /======


start a right wing blog about me,,,,

==called======the internet,,=============

is/can hair be a religous,,right for player$, ?



a… RB

// devlin rushes  2 fir 2 ?  year ?  …/// yup




3 is still duplicitous…… ?   3 faces commercia


pound per pound      11


jason    j/k    //commercall on big dock


fartED @ MccD

// divisive or sieve or $ignor?     ⇓

keep an eye on them churchfolk they been known to….  ______

did i miss something ?? ?


ping pong // pass play perfectly punctuated..

========/====king kwong===//==eclocktic=====


silly yellow shoes … you can call me ray, you can call me ray j

//rj …..rj jr ..rjj you can call me ….

—–scandalous,,,,!!   // ?



and JR i had a cup of dose moments in that show 2

the saget thing was a gold medal  $..Y  nch



howard the fuck

=====1001001==grace Under presSURe======

news division and i’m ….___ regulated?  ;

gasssY   fiber 1 2 many

==holiday by video home hum==kkkeep the PIEce


Farmer$$$, my steer


kreep away pickL // td celebdate


we sold  @LL kKklaut to (german engineered apartments) lover$

dodgED one to covet anutteR

======my gym is a pool,,===



chris elliot’s younger bro… dentist

ReMinds Me 2 GAL,L


who data ?

aaron rodgers / erin roberts,  SIAT,chuckle


pass this, duty

====he was behind all dbZzz  #31  = avg.



plans for ……………(). scoop

==========btw, Teddy Bear.. am I     TGWB?

B,,, is one of my nicknames..


2 close @Home


PG/r  ®⇓

wrap my noodle in sum waffles the ridgEZ  pancake comm


foggy outta ear.,,pats …are in ∑…




mcd’s goes from haters to whateva to haters…..

bk is like White Castle—-not the NoHo.. White/Castle / CityHall


0uch,, career shots cortisone


joke fun chimE~Z


untie me mofoe$


justice is on the upside( Ø )round

=========================>>>>  >> >

peach is a cheech and chong joke  ,,,,brought’m home!

=========hooker knows the…,,===========

=i am not a socialite ,,,,i am not aquaman but horns + mid finga..

=====ψ========sorry TB12.0====hut,,,diff?====




whut 1st…


i said it yesterday again poor ie no fucking WALL$ asshole!

& Famous at any level..insanity.mine

t*(r)eason   i’m tony first play TE out..

==========howL can ggg==oh yeah……=Israelites======saddam

btw,    those are heatED german engineerED  apartments


——smok’em if you waited in line …

——-gonna fini S1&None of Crossing Guard$..creepy boring…


wake will keep your sleep lively this week..no suh dough

<methane ass> hear

========the start,,,unedited but moved======/


—–Subway made a Jared Joke –(insert seahorse emoti ewwwwww) –??kfc motto…. FLG—–


hotttheir not even 21 …. prob play DD, coy….. gotta get …



commercial b4 turnED sound OFF:

kkk(R)eep……. your hands busy ?beeZzzz






////Good Morning Viet,,ham please.