Miami…. Versus<=great asian flick>

REremembahhhh,     i am the victim…. ignorance is my bars…

taint gonna cha cha change…$$$00n

===fu 2    1


tommy 2 step…

i yelled get up… he knew mucho better


3  4th hike ….. i get paid for this words..60 lbs ago…

the kingdom (von trier) series watchers…

i mistakenly caused a total hospital chaos for hitting a wrong button..

15 plus min

================== that’s when ghosts have free reign

======holy bat phone=====

sperm AC count ?


i’m $wayZ pass …. train strange

wow   pats@miami         sobt*urdfugueL


he said shake and bake….

Elron Burgundry


knew signal is peace twice……  21+


we know why lewi##$ black wants outta comedy  

dt flyer noho

=====woulda been===gillS==1st!

//   choooo ?chung? 


McClellan.//..  don’t Harm that Monica…[ or ker]  .BMW                                                                                                                                          





// viagra offices easy english news paper in india alternativa ala viagra source url side effects of glucophage metformin spanish conquest of the aztecs essay augmentin versus penicillin northern michigan university mfa creative writing analysis writer sites click here is 150 mcg of synthroid a high dose essay on the glass castle does viagra helps dick to stand homer biography essay go extended essay topic examples what is a persuasive essay answers com 570512 example outline papers research viagra en andere merken check your paper plagiarism free how to do my essay absatzerfolgsrechnung beispiel essay follow site curacne vs accutane this is tech working back $worD$$$

// Literally WTFinagling …….. 

// frustrat kkked sneaky cast

/IMH and all narcissists//

btw, i’m the smartest person 4 both Hi…$$

mic droop…2=B [grade] for tuesday==


edit was on monday ~8pm=

===1/4 …… textposED to $$$Lite

No Luck Neil Armweakkk


2?  save that play huh


mice….. n___ iouch   omg 6mille

fear factory…not your kkklmn ine  fear (walls of wealth)

// name a literal wall that isn’t of ‘wealth’ ??!!

========================nice got hip away // long live gronk

===////=weakkarm  me!===

wanna see “Kraft Cheese” take a $$hit… not reLated

i’m into the non-cookie   Lunchables…right now nacho  1/2 pizza

btw, excell vegan cookie @bread store by smith..’hill’  earlier

nano..talkkk stop scientists ”’LL think they can rule the world...dough is inn


mofoez took my palette a$Way…Zzzzz


Wow, didn’t notice that…. V   an noy

who the con.fed$ gonna call…. ?? ?  mu

======i am hear====//====

been here 3 years… makes sum bun chook badd

browbeat…affect…no effect…


I’m just ..Weighting the $.Kkk.ale         

// he will be back in 2nd half……… tape it like art at  bar

======pro bowler ,,,,,,,,,,

ladies luv c//fool PrIDe.lay

=======3 points yup


how dare you…. $$$ir inDeed


browbeating met… tech no logic 4 audiotape pre$$ PPl@…[T]Y

===yeah that was part 1 of note dump on prior post-it quo t..[.&a==]

pizza……….. lunchablez for 1.39 ….will wait still droop


agree, they plug and play betta.[.than.(windows __ )]


my dad….                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

workED the line in late 60’s earl 70’s @GM Framingham, MA… 

i got to see him work..


i could be getting……    noWWW

===============at MY  H….ome fieL..DD==================


=========win   ??? windy !!==// ground?=============

we meaning mom and i’m there got granite countertops from same peeps who did both of NE’s HOF kicker$$$

=====oh yeah…’norton militia’ behind ?? dog impalement there? ?

 Mr. Bill ??? oh Hoe it’s Luggo…. no $$$… pleez


me playing here kkkeep$$$ em.fasci$$$[t*]

=======7 db = quarter.?…=====5 nickel 6 a dime ==========

2 blocked punts and losin’


thanx Hue$$$ for $toking the Oven…. hope it don’t backkkfire

no tank [top]$ …

=====Mia====coach looks like patton…..[ oswaldt ]

LOTR/HObbit…[Colbert just got…… wood ]


idnkt   vs.   PItt


DDeal?? !     

==///=====the $y$ is obvious $=Lie=$ the PROb


(W)e all kkk-NO it !!!!  !! !


holden FIRm

=======’vinnie chase’ ….. aqua ==

===============dante …. thinner======

only 10 min ot now=============

Merry Christmad@ss


where was the band [aidd]   ????  ?? ?














Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!