irks me, they would abandon Salman Rushdie as well ?

Puritanical, fu i’m that Descendant not any of you FUckkk e(R,R,$)

Ignorance of Others.

never left the country, we’re actually…… #421


Religion eventually turns away rational disbelievers…[incest ]

I love rational disbelievers… we need to hear from all sides b4 making decisions…

They muffle me.   No TV Time. Agenda @djust…..  KKKnaughTTT

We can;t hear you… nah na nah na. literally

Childish Constitutionalism

from a $uperpower

banana re: pub….crawlerr$


challenge your parents views daily. // @ college entrance exam

be brad pitt at ‘World War Z’   // I AM