Per¢eption is Reality… // Luv YA, Mean IT. Hertz to be stuck in a Geo FeaR

i have bent over back-ass wards so far….

=========52 weeks a year   26 w/ colleges==4 years===                                     =how many lies did you tell your=$H  elve$$$====

∑ ∑        FU(X$)   ………. = ~ Bil    i ain’t lion ….



 DDon’t YOU ___________ BLAME  me.

========Y u ask, ….. Don’t be a PO$. =if ====================================


i don’t see true change for 2 generations… 40 year$

alcohol free…dumb


∑very pro-capitalism microbe has been de BasED



Anyone kkknot*  remotely ¢on..troll…..ED  ?  //


wait ’til my feet hit the ground again..


walking ’round the mall today before seeing ‘Ma’

thought to myself…


thes$$$$$$$$e fuckers finally do sum adding up facts…

and they show their anger at me….

forest gump meet   forrest whitte a kkk.=====>>> err(R,D)

R&D, no science , big bill oWE.

no contract..?  give politicians a contract ?


Yeah, so bought some expandable waist jeans ’36’

at Wally World… @3$ bin of DVDs

In my ear, , i hear..

=========. that’s the problem.<<<====

I have never even thought about a collection of all movies on one disc…. or a ‘BBoxxxEDDDD Settttt.’..Boxed Set.

they have that MO…m Ending to my dealin’s



Orlando Police Dept did the same fucking thing to me….