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denial or insanity…….? YMT¢


first i fought the civil war agin. @uma

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Respect for the Journey…No Rush……

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Marty_  McFly  &     Biff   //  ie,,, gotta the sportsbook/


does trump have a warm  glass of ovaltine in his office ????  ?? ?

collared green$$$ ?  GleeFuLL NegliGee   & Pence   minus pee


how high is your wall of INNdifferFence


So, i hope young Liberals heed my warning……..

Stay Away.

cuz the funniest word downtown is spring break.. ijs


if you have anything to lose…… they’ll bug ya….ijs  unincorporated area not in Vegas…. HaLo

Deny     ∀

10 years

no income


the most powerful person


American DDiscourse

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so, they would have spent weeks discussing trump’s comments…

3rd World Talkkk fom

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Libby’s   Now they have to prove they are kkkknott*** Watching!