Fidelity Investments Just Broadcast a Commercial $pell.


========Pattern…. //////


Guy walking with family thru Airport.. stuff Y… looks

>>>>Aack<<.< [[[Loudly]]] thanks, dumb!


kid 3 or 5 was doing the Benny Hill salute across his tired face

my bit being ‘whitewashed’ by

     subtle levels like anaesthesia

i feel ……. empy  no ‘t’ nor ‘ath’


Madison Ave, CIA ¢on©ocktion

#Bad PointERR$,     $urr0und ED B


Regulator$, IR

===do your ⌈ info feeder$⌉  agree that i have turned the burner up higher than heir eye—-level…whilst continually Stirrin’.. 220° via BOH

Media, IC(R)ONYgress,   no more lookin’ <¢lown>.. Down.==

under My ©®Θ∏ scope …afta mouth cleansing

We Got One That Can See!! Ye$ U DO

==i see/saw  Dark_∏_∏_CitY..∏. nightly adjust cement__



CIA Man  ≅    Maniac [Deft Conman]



i’m a hinty person

/Resort\Casino X   has a Top 5 _

i figure you’ll kno spoon enuff


Sun vs. Edmonton Oilers

======isn’t it Just Weird..

noticed noho  sat  ~11:58 pm

‘people’ leaving residence to run to bars…

they live.

crazy lady driver  like the sun was burnin’ burnin’ her


trying to phrase it    ok.

mashugana      like


no doubt, good peeps around.. hopelessly  silenced by mixed nuts & ca$H_ZooZ