[(D)=] Progressive$, Weave[(R)] $eeN “It*’ … They’ve CoverED ‘#IT” [$$$]UPP


 (D)=  Progressive$, Weave (R)  $eeN “It*’ … They’ve CoverED ‘#IT”                                                                    $$$ UPP

it was like Taunt*ing me and I rarely watch tv any $’More$ ?

=============radio this time.. no pic to distract.moi   Fuckkker$=====>Whitey Bulgerr$=====expect this to be a (taple) 4   21============


how would you like me to prove to ‘ you  all ‘ that ( Gov== =>Bigg Biz ) is thwarting PROgre$$…ie….¢ontrol against (L)osing@ny   c ?


@ heir Religion       $$_

I am PrOgress


=Welch(R)$$$=====$/0\===billy connelly’$ humour ‘got me’ in trouble with some Welsh/Americans.. Sorry !.. We Are Noward $turn 2     1  or a Country of Bbbbacking each other up to a ¢liff and waiting for the great recoil on2 1’$$$-Dick..that’$$$ Amore !!!!  !! @


Welch(R)$  your Honor,

I am clearly capable of changing the $hip’$~head~ing when given my due dilligence income from my ‘inverse blacklist’ of donation$

Your Honor,

Zero donations for the MosT Popular Person in the Galax……Y

——Can I Getty A Witness—-   ?? ?

< Planet Ultimate Frisbee >


are they getting h/lair shit eaten G’(R)in’$

———> $’Moral Ga$$, kneadED…….===>  ‘F‘=ED

jackkk   ? ??