Note to self, Stay away from Tunnels [and [Nazi kkkRaut’$]]

yeah, baby Yeah.








aft night drive along

I-5 Thru Burbank…. ‘—-5–‘  0/10 today





======btw.======exxxplicit thought waver=======


IKEA    has a statue out front of a

            ”Bowling Pin  topped by a protruding clit.


get it


  no wonder that lady got  ….  .. Horny,

”She Had No Chance.’

&==Jim Morrison mural 100 yards away from statue. // conflating locations ?.\\


Shoppers, Mopers we gots another  Blue Light Special:

now…….. Ladies ‘Scissors’

for the  next hour and nine

                                      {Buy 6 Walkout With ? }




















//Purpose ?