Climate Deniers, Slavery Deny)R($_$hoe



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*trump, Falwell are

‘climate denier$’ // i’m gonna code newt crumbs L,D  ‘∇r’.’∇R’


confirmation guff outright deniaL of $lavery/Racism….?

& for $hits and thus, (∇R)acist Gaggle$$

Defaming The Word…






++–++Disraeli Moment… …movement in this country..




my point was

oh yeah Dirty, *tainted  warmongering Money

>blood all over it<

Siamonds $eZzz                                                                                                                                 DDie..mounds from Africa ..                                                                                                                         Bloody ¿$lave(r)…y?…lolol

buy weapons with tower tainted funddddddddd$

and sell for profit..?.more war ¿fair….Y!  ¢miiaw?

Stop Insulting Humanity


the point twaS

and sitting in car..

i  $purtED this gem…oh yeah Dirty Blood Money $talk$

No¢‘     No $Mell     ($hit-fest)

diamonds, chemicals cuz… seasalt, @rms deaL(R)$, Body Bag$

Jerry Fall.Wellth _ Boom Shakkk@ Lack A Comp—A$$

Hi$__ God banned him fom   @ny …Comp.

or a judge?  …ass per verse ??