BungkkkL $am, MaGuyV-e(R.R) Hymn Hut He QuotED…and All live Free and…WFI

Never  More Wore torn fuck’n jeans.. ?

====Eureeka, ====

Lou’$_$         C   ?? !

I’m Home from the Club < (Copacabana)..(Babalu)……ey!! fa fa flunky..

You gots some $$$plain.N  ….2…due ……Lucy…

<Lucy Cry>


Camel, you have a hunch things gettin’ a  Happy ReaL ??

=I Double Dare Ya, McFlytoy…ChickN ??=⇑=Pick a Straw any Straw..                                                                               $uckA$…$

========= Y   ?          Can It!===========

no second place…$orry


do i already have my $hark ?

==i bet my idea has already been “stolen” and being  implementED…

Anybody C Y It was not done…

they aren’t that Dumb !!

info = lawsuits not ‘House‘-EZ.Ways bye know …

they like CON…….trolls

Pa–Po(W) !——Jigs awe’s UP…now

they’ll be circlin’ Wagons


til a technology gets there first…. is the Catscan type machine …outdatED



outfront judies art ..’bah

‘Art Monk’ ..mostly to myself. i exclaimED as these guys stopped to see who the guy in the Sith hoodie WaZ

===⇓==look whose here .. Kelly Ripper Owven==⇓==$milE==

btw, they always make the next level of y’all complicit bike..sting a littL===whose listening to the radio any… Who Who… me?  >look right>   me?  look other wayCHu !

====must be Live obvthink about Weather Channel/Local Weather GirlsDMBroom======


my big pix=|¢asey| Hat the _ _ _

=====>>>===⇓==⇓===Heir’$..t* Reason =

remember Pearl Harbor ErR

.. $$$=He amended & signed  & AlignED an  I$(R)aeL Fielder Fly (R)ule$$X


It’s (R)ight ====>>>

&     ignor

Look the OthErr WAy (figuratively only ..F’n F/T-ree smuggler$)