||B|a|r|r|| =====—>O²J

||T|r|u|m|p||  = O³J


if you can’t see the difference i made/make in the

Info-Les-Nessman-Rage ==——>======> ¿?

think of how st/¢  -upid you’d look ((    ∞      )) .. aliens watching…?

& that defines me Ass:

the Messenger

 &                      DSTM

=====looks bad on your ‘permanent record’=======

that would be my theory

aliens show up…. ‘obey’,…. wanna talk 2 me<—?_.

pointy is

maybe they are watching to see if we can work it out..

b4 they


Marvel US

with their  Astral Knowledge.





















[||B|a|r|r|⊥||(L)….   (R⊕le)




just got a copy of latest 2 volumes of mueller report to in_fu__$€

my mogul exist.¢



the public is showing an alarming amount of concern about their pi slices.

sumo amounto oo biting unanswered obvious questions

slyly manipulated out of the view of Da/AG Discuss-$$$hun.


always amazing when warden’$ss, co. o’ kkkidZ

are celebrating getting away from

the talent..

HogaN !!!!!!!!!!!!¡


cagey dino.. bam bam



===heard from ‘above’====’my terror reign is ovah…’ $$$========

Huh,  <staying afloat during perfect ([(dorm)])>


i’m keeping my brand extra relevant.. #1



===i’m the nicest enemy ever..  ===with 1,0’s but no Double Digits




enjoy life graduates…

========kkk………& noW=====

Pi am fraught …   the terrorizer,… (bubble) $$$~~>Pi  boyZzzzz

aware you are young …..

weight……./till, u sign-$\\in & meet your ‘next’ ThoughtMast(R)


LATE means Latee$ on you…. all around

in ‘(L)oo’, I.G.