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HeYyyyyyyyy Lo……W // shun the sun, huh ? DDeny Pro$……..∑

at what point do ya  Check the Books  bookkkkie?



this is about deniers made a choice to also know.c.what ur denying.. ie you read my prose




pioneer valley


0- for- the coolest wittiest bach u lore o,r ign


pattern of bubbling ‘F'(ru)sssT ..ic  fuT (ure)

Tic Tac…. TTover


I’m prying to find Genes, Field of



oppon wet behind year


ab                        ©                 #1


fido              code for nimby


cog needs his bone…Y



Fan Y I….nter/ reaction\

fans can do

anything bling //ling (R).\\. where? ‘wear’


rug held the room together……/ (pulley}}\            <<======

// ==then saw geico commercial reply from Maddy $Hun Ave.

==============play cough.. arena jai lai,,,,,,,,,,j/k/l


can’t trade him

sorry beard..

15 years sez a  huuuuuug


kicker has to ride ‘recumbent’ bike on plane home


EliDante times 32 my ¢ream

==offense only  gettin betta

OL ..

WR $$$ynch

Fenway Follies // can’t be real sez rationalites.. billionaire can’t get laid with a spoonful of luckkk…//they deal in good days…. idiotic tac. Ti¢

I am the Betta Human

==video please from stands?==@==Triple==right out of the crib==

my seat

(third base)

Peeps, they had browbeating at an all time high..

think about it..


=@mherst=Huge neg. React shun to me wearing johnny cash shirt=

i didn’t even

wear the johnny cash shirt  forwards for e ven an hour..


Peskkk...Y   … wow, the browbeating….    even had some humor as they referenced an odd role by Billy Connolly


safety said… get the fuckkk tout’ my calmness @bsolute batshit


billy joel was fine.. fenway staff was nice except an asshole manager who .. followed me back to my seat cause i forgot my ticket…

i;m just saying…  this was   Saturday.

who’s missing….. and it was top to bottom haters in denial…



what’s he gonna do. [who has the genes?]

$ervice industry $tates

….blue collar // colored t shirts_ Red ‘turtle’*-∏eck ©ReDo

…… are puppets to wealth.

My Mortgage is more important than some HigH FalooTin ∃tho$


MA is such…


*’every turtle needs some mud’ said a gay college roommate.


is it cool they send you to college burden with debt

and then

limit your knowledge….

Burned By Both ‘F’ear$



4 TD……….. Win

.         _/   |   \_


_/                          \_

The Whole Scene is..

Bananas Prunes and small fries , chili

====i felt nothing like the actual gal who ran…===now==anticip–

so yesterday 9/10 i only had my big 10 inch... gram stogie left.

i smoked 20% .. just b4 it started to t …..torch

==⇓===9/11===Liberty=Fuck the NCAA=

noon, i awoke to go  walk DT Amherst,  City hall, the tunnel, small alley…

sat in the park til 40% gone…… watched the flow ……ers ™


later that day,

DT NoHo the Remainder @CH, it’s a #’white’ castle

=====truman show..with    #ReRe Mo’@.T ….. ‘Contro\_ \_’