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Howell Cough

RU ?

                                                                                                             R&Dem ?

k, y, you’ll ©

when i got to 41st street and @chtung..

i had seen my second yarmulke .lele@.


i by then verbalizED diss

Religions no matter how goodly they begin..

always end up doing the opposite of what they should…


So, the y@rmulke is supposed to bring them closer to ~~~


Isn’t that like putting on a condom to Increase your ¢hances of



ever since i saw the guy who was in front of me in line [big guy] he hopped up on the huge scale

i said the first line the second fitswell

Heart a tac ack ack ack

you outta know by now

Si   now the song sits in  my noggin for awhile

then the guy on the way home…wearing a


you can never argue with @


from ‘Don’t you…forget about me .. .up your p∅ØPshute



how many days til 9/11 II:  Druidi@ ? att@ckkk me0 ? duckkk